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Moving an apartment could be a great milestone in your life.

Especially if you are moving for the first time or you are moving after living there for a very long time.

Finding some great apartment movers near you might help you make your move a very pleasant and positive experience.

On the other hand, your motivated movers near you are not a magic stick and you will need to put some more effort if you truly want your move to be successful and efficient.

Now, we are here to help you organize your perfect apartment move and keep peaceful and stress-free during the entire process.

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Take Some Time To Think About Your Budget.

Before you start actually planning your entire move and looking for some high quality apartment movers near you, you will need to determine your budget.

Why is this so important?

Well, the answer is simple: the budget you are willing to spend on the move will dictate just how the move itself will look like.

It is good to know that hiring a moving company is not as cheap and you will need to balance your finances with a strategy if you want everything to go successfully and smoothly.

If you are not on a budget when it comes to planning a move, you can ask your motivated apartment movers near you to do everything they can offer: load, unload, move, pack and unpack your possessions.

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If you are on a budget and have enough time, you should think twice before you decide on your next step.

Moving completely on your own can be quite stressful and tricky and therefore, asking for at least some kind of help will be more than welcome.

Still, in order to save some money, you can ask your movers only to move, load and unload your possessions for example and you can do all the packing by yourself.

If you do it properly, it might even become true fun for the whole family.

Find Some Reliable And Hardworking Apartment Movers Near You

One of the ways to look for great movers in your neighborhood is definitely typing ‘movers near me’ in your Google search.

But nobody guarantees you that the results for the best movers near me will be the ones that will provide you a safe and stress-free moving process.

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You need to find not only movers who are located somewhere near, but also movers who are trustworthy, friendly and professional.

So, what should you pay attention to?

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What Do Other People Have To Say About Them?

It is always the safest if you contact the movers that you already have some recommendations for. This means that just talking to your friends or relatives could save you a lot of money and nerves later. Just ask people you know about the experience they had with their movers and if it happens you learn about some really reliable apartment movers near you, make sure you contact them. The other option is typing ‘movers near me’ in your Google  search and then doing a research on every moving company Google informs you about. Check their reviews and comments in order to form an opinion about them.

 How They Usually Charge?

Your apartment movers near you could charge you based on the number of men needed for the moving process, based on the size of your inventory or hourly. Not every option is a good choice for every moving process. If you are moving locally, then hourly charging might be a great thing, but if you are moving long distance, you should definitely avoid it and opt for charging based on your inventory’s size.

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What Payment Options Are Allowed?

Not every person finds the same payment options a good choice for them. Some are used to paying everything in cash, while others prefer to pay with checks or a credit card. You need to find a moving company that will feel the same way about paying as you do. It would be nice to have in mind that some experts insist that paying with a credit card is the best option, since it is the safest option of paying.

What Are Their Extra Fees?

Many times it happens that your apartment movers near you will tell you one price and when the bill arrives people get very unpleasantly surprised. The price on the bill does not match the price they were told about in the beginning. Extra fees are to blame. When signing a contract with your motivated apartment movers near you, you need to get informed about what they think about extra fees. Some of the most common are: loading and unloading, packing, unpacking, using the stairs instead of an elevator, furniture disassembling, carrying very heavy items etc.

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Can They Provide Additional Storage?

You never know whether everything will go according to plan once the moving process actually begins. In order not to end up on the street together with your inventory (if, perhaps, the place you were supposed to move in turns out not to be ready by the time it was supposed to be ready), you should ask your apartment movers near you whether they offer additional storage. Keeping your things there will cost a bit more, but, in the end, safety and peace of mind come first.

Do They Offer Insurance?

You should not be even considering moving with certain movers nearby if they do not offer insurance. Sure, they offer their professionalism and expertise, but who can guarantee 100 percent that your mover will not slip and accidentally drop your favorite vase or that the items will not get a bit damaged during the truck ride, for example? In order not to get angry or worried in these kinds of situations, you should get your insurance.

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How Large Is The Deposit They Offer?

The last thing you need to be careful with is the deposit you are paying. It is well known that truly reliable apartment movers near you will never ask you to pay the entire sum of money in advance. This means that if some moving company asks you to pay them a full price in advance, it means that your movers are most likely not that reliable and trustworthy.

Choose The Best Moving Date For Your Move

Not every move costs the same and there are a few reasons for that.

One of the reasons, believe it or not, may be the date of the move.

To set things clear: your movers nearby are not as busy during the entire year. On some days of the week, they are more busy than on the others. The same goes for months as well.

So, how to pick the best and most affordable date for your apartment move?

1. Pick Dates Between October And May.

Time between May and September is the busiest for motivated apartment movers near you and therefore, it will not only be more expensive to move during this time, but it will also be much more difficult to book a move (meaning you will have to call much in advance). If you wish to save some money, think about moving somewhere between October and May.

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2. Pick Working Days Rather Than Weekends.

Since most people choose to move when they are not working and the children are free from school, weekends also become very crowded for apartment movers near you. That is why the prices go up and it gets quite difficult to get a weekend that is not booked already. Asking your boss for a free day might sound like a nice plan for saving money.

3. Pick Sundays!

Did you know that picking Sunday rather than Saturday for your moving date can get you a much more affordable price? If not, we are glad to help you learn something new! Most of the apartment movers near you are actually working and available on Sundays, so you should waste no time and make your reservation ASAP.

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Get Rid Of Everything Unnecessary

One of the most important things when you are moving is definitely decluttering.

And it is important for more than one reason.

First of all, you do not want to drag all the garbage you do not even use anymore to your new place and your new life.

Second, you can actually save money by decluttering. Many moving companies charge based on the size of your inventory. The less items you get, the smaller bill you will receive!

And last, you cannot only save, but also earn some money while getting rid of your unwanted and unnecessary items!

How so?

Well, creating a garage sale or selling your precious possessions on some platform, such as eBay or Amazon might be a great way to earn some dollars while lowering the price of your move.

Also, if you wish to make someone happy, you can always consider donating stuff or giving them as a gift to your friend.

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If you have asked your professional apartment movers near you to pack your inventory, then this is a task you do not have to worry about.

On the other hand, if you have decided to pack on your own, it is better to start as soon as possible by doing so.

Basically, every packing process consists of three phases:

1. Gathering Packing Supplies.

It is natural you will not be able to pack without the necessary supplies.

Things you will need the most are definitely boxes in different sizes, packing paper, packing tape, plastic bubble wrap and moving blankets.

If you wish to save some money, a good way is to get your boxes for free. Some of the places that might provide you free boxes are liquor stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, bookstores and recycling drop-off points.

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2. Packing

After all the supplies are finally there, it is time you officially start packing.

If this is the first time you are doing so, it may not be a bad idea to watch some tutorial or read articles on the topic.

Make sure that small boxes are filled with small and heavy items and the large ones are filled with bulky, yet not so heavy stuff.

You should protect all the fragile and delicate items with some protective material and also fill all the gaps in the boxes with packing paper, a towel etc.

Also, make sure that the heaviest items are on the bottom of the box, while the lightest ones are on the top of them.

3. Labeling

In the end, it is only left for you to label all the boxes before loading them to the moving truck.

Labeling boxes will make the unpacking process much easier and more organized, and therefore it will save you a lot of time.

On each box you should write what is placed inside it as well as the room these things belong in.

This way, once you start unpacking you will feel stress-free and content with your own work.

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