Avoid Procrastination and Learn How to Unpack After Moving to Your New Home in Sacramento

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Believe it or not, more and more people are facing the struggle of not knowing how to unpack after moving. It is a modern-day delusion that the relocation ends once you drop the boxes on your new doorstep. The real struggle begins if you don’t know how to unpack after a move and don’t follow our unpacking tips. We’ll give you a little motivational speech and show you tricks that will help you finish this process before you notice!

How Long Should It Take to Unpack After Moving?

What’s worse, packing or unpacking, you might wonder? This question is not an easy one. Both of these procedures have their ups and downs. For example, it might be easy and quick to pack everything if you don’t follow any rules for packing fragile items, don’t classify your inventory in an appropriate order, or simply skip deciding what to keep and what to get rid of and bring it all. If you don’t sort your items or declutter before the move, guess what? 

You’ll have to deal with this once you get to your new place in some of the best Sacramento neighborhoods. It’s up to you to decide – do you want to spend days unpacking, or do you want to spend first days at some of the finest Sacramento suburbs exploring amazing local amenities? If you keep postponing it, something that can usually be done in a few days can last for weeks or even months.

You Should Follow Your Own Schedule 

There is no one answer to the question of how long this process takes. Just like when you’re traveling. Sometimes, you’ll unpack your suitcase as soon as you get home, and sometimes if you’re busy with other things, you’ll leave it like that for a week. This process is obviously a little more complicated – you’ll have more stuff to unbox and probably more significant responsibilities such as changing your address or dealing with mail you get for previous residents

The more things you need to handle, your energy and motivation will get lower. You probably thought that everything would magically end once you transport all of your belongings to your new place, but now is the moment to find your last atom of strength and unbox it all. If you are currently feeling down and need some motivation, this article might help you.

Person making a schedule
Making your own schedule might be helpful

How Do I Unpack Fast After Moving?

Like anything else in life we don’t find enjoyable, the unpacking process is something we want to finish as fast as possible. Luckily, there are some ways to make this process a little more pleasant and quicker. You can find different motivational techniques and advice, but it is most important that you follow your own pace and don’t rush yourself. If you put too much on yourself in times when you’re already tired and your relocation stress high, it is important to know when to take a break and prevent burnout. 

You Can Make a to-Do List to Motivate Yourself

Your move won’t be completely successful if you ruin your mental and physical health in the process. In order to stay healthy and motivated, once you start to unpack, it is important that you take frequent breaks and treat yourself after every task you complete. Make a to-do list with all your goals – a timeline can help too. Give yourself a time limit, but calculate it carefully. 

Any strict deadlines might be too overwhelming. Don’t exhaust yourself with too many tasks as soon as you get in your home, especially if you’re already tired from everything. After adding each task, add something pleasant you’ll do after it – for example, a coffee break or anything else you find relaxing. This can also be a little walk or visit to a local supermarket. After clearing your mind and stretching your legs, it should be much easier to focus and continue where you left. 

Room with cardboard containers
Learn how to unpack fast after relocating with our useful hacks

The Sooner You Start Unpacking the Better

You probably know this one already, you just have to hear it again. The more you procrastinate, the harder it gets. You’ll probably end up opening most of your boxes looking for random things, and your home will be in a bigger mess with every day that goes by. 

Don’t let this happen, and start as soon as you can. Once you gather the needed strength, make a plan and follow it carefully. If you’re relocating with professional movers in Sacramento, they can help you place your belongings inside the desired room once you get to your house. If you labeled everything properly, it should be easy to know what goes where.

Go Room by Room

Avoid the common mistake of placing everything in one area – the first step is to organize boxes by the room where they actually belong. Once you do that, you can ask your friends or family members for help. Each person can be in charge of a separate room. These relocation hacks will save you a lot of time and energy. No matter if you go through this alone or you get some help, you have to follow some basic rules to be efficient when relocating.

People bringing cardboard containers that movers in Sacramento helped them to relocate
Make a good system, and don’t rush

Once You Get to Your New Home, the First Step Should be to Unbox Essentials

Hopefully, you knew that your packing list should include a bag or a box with essentials. These are some things you use daily and basically can’t imagine a day without them. For example, toothbrushes, medications, chargers, fresh clothes, and some dog food in case you’re relocating with pets

If you have all this prepared in one box, you’ll skip having to open ten different cartons to find just one thing you really want at that moment. You should be able to survive at least that first day in some of the safest Sacramento neighborhoods just using the belongings you have there. Enjoy some quality time at your new place once you get there – unpacked cartons will be waiting for you tomorrow. 

Box with essentials
Tips for unpacking after a move start with essentials

Kitchen Should Be the First Room for Unpacking After a Move

If you knew how to pack glasses and protect other dishes for relocation, everything should be in one piece now but still in a box, unfortunately. Luckily, dishes are easy to unpack, especially if you don’t have a lot of them. Even if you do, start with something you’ll need immediately, such as one set of glasses, favorite mug, pots and pans

You should also plug in some basic kitchen appliances – remember that coffee might be your best friend in this process, so setting up your coffee maker sounds like a good idea. Hopefully, you remember to bring it from your old house, because it is one of the most commonly forgotten items to pack.

You Can Leave Some Boxes Unpacked and Get Back to Them Later

You can unbox the essentials and come back to other pieces later when you set up everything else around your home. One more thing – check if the kitchen counters and cabinets are clean before you start arranging your clean dishes. It might be a good idea to sanitize them first – even just to wipe the dust.

Kitchen inventory in cardboard containers
Start with kitchen appliances

Continue With the Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually in a usable condition even before you set up your toiletries. You’ll have fresh water to use, but you’ll probably need soap and clean towels. Later on, you can continue with the rest of the inventory. Organizing your makeup can wait unless you’re a professional makeup artist and need it right away. You can also arrange your medications cabinet later if that’s not one of your current priorities. In this video, you can see some cool ideas for small bathroom organizations.

Bedroom Can Be the Next Room on Your List

Once you find where you packed your plates, it might be a good idea to think about where you’re going to sleep. In your bedroom, hopefully. Pull out fresh sheets and set them up. Nothing will boost your motivation to continue unpacking like a good power nap. If your wardrobe is here, you can bring your clothes but don’t rush to organize them – you’ll have all the time in the world for that. This first day is about priorities – you’ll continue with less important things once you’re done with essentials.

Arrange Furniture Pieces and the Living Room in the End

After you successfully unpacked everything essential following the suggested order, you can move on. Now that you have your priorities set up, you can comfortably spend hours rearranging furniture and deciding if your sofa should stay in the right or in the left corner. You can then unbox packed books, decorations, carpets, curtains, and everything else you relocated. 

Once you pull everything out of boxes, ensure to check if something is missing. Maybe you find that some of the cartons didn’t get to your apartment, so compare your inventory to the packing list right away. Keep in mind that some of your old items simply don’t fit your new space, or you find out that you need to get some additional pieces from local stores.

Woman checking a list
Check if everything from your list is there

Don’t Forget to Recycle After You Learn How to Unpack After Moving

Once you’re done with everything, you’ll probably have a lot of different packing materials laying all over the place. These can be cardboard boxes, plastic covers, and packing papers, as well as anything else you used for protecting your belongings. One thing is certain – it would be very irresponsible for you just to simply throw everything away, even if you just relocated in a hurry. You should think about the environment and consider recycling – if that’s possible. Some of the convenient locations where you can do this around Sacramento are:

 Belongings prepared for recycling
Recycling unneeded supplies is essential for the environment

Professional Sacramento Movers Can Offer You Much Needed Relocation Assistance

Now that you found a trustworthy moving company in Sacramento, there is no need to worry about relocation scams – your only concern should be a memorable going-away party. Our reliable movers in Sacramento can handle all of your belongings. You just check what items movers won’t move. We can offer you amazing local moving services at affordable rates. With our residential relocation service, all of your belongings can be at your address in a short period of time.

Commercial relocation service is perfect if you want our team of professional Sacramento movers to relocate your office belongings around the local area. A labor-only moving service is suitable if you require additional manpower for heavy lifting. Apartment relocation is the best option if you want us to help you relocate your apartment belongings from one place to another. In- and-out-of storage moving service is great for relocating your storage belongings. 

We Can Help You Pack Your Household Belongings for Moving Properly, So It’s Easier to Unbox Them Later

We can also offer you additional packing services if you don’t know how to pack your household items on your own. Our skilled packers and movers can pack all of your belongings and transport them. We will supply you with quality materials and show you hacks that will save your belongings from breaking. Everything will get to your home in one piece. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in any of our services or have some questions, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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