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Moving is a stressful situation, which can be extremely overwhelming if you don’t have everything together. You need a killer to do list to help you survive the process of moving, and thankfully – we have just that. Our moving professionals have come up with the ultimate list of things to do before your moving crew arrives and your move takes place. You will have an easier time of sailing through the process by having everything simplified and organized beforehand. This is a complete moving checklist for your upcoming relocation, starting two months before your moving date. The more you plan – the easier it will be for everyone involved.

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8 weeks left! 

Starting 8 weeks before the actual move, it is important to keep track of everything at least two months in advance if you want to prevent feeling overwhelmed.  You will be happy you have started early when you realize just how easy everything can be with a good to do list.

Start calling around for moving quotes

Getting five or more quotes is ideal as you will be knowing exactly what every company is offering and at what price. 

Take time off work 

You can move on a Saturday when it’s nice and expensive, or pick a random Tuesday to move when it’s more affordable and moving companies usually have lower rates during the weekdays.

Confirm your moving company is licensed and insured

You need to be at complete peace of mind when you decide to move, so make sure to verify if your moving company of choice is licensed and insured for the safety of your belongings and the end result of your move.

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Throw a yard sale or garage sale

You could use some additional funds for the move, so organizing something like a garage sale can help you take your mind off your move and earn some extra cash, too.

Think about hiring third party movers for special items such as pianos, pool tables and safes.

The moving company you have ended up hiring might not be trained or qualified to move some special items you might be willing to move, so you may need to hire a third party moving company to take care of this process instead. Make sure to ask your moving company of choice what they move, and what they don’t move so you can plan everything accordingly. 

6 weeks left!

At six weeks before your move, you should probably already have a good plan established and working in your favor. When you are moving, no matter if it’s local or long distance, you will want to throw a going away party and spend some time with your family and friends before you leave. You need to keep working on the organizational aspect of your move if you want to get everything done in time. And with six weeks left over before your move, you have plenty of time to complete everything successfully. 

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Make time for your loved ones before you leave. Throwing a goodbye party, making dinner or simply hanging out with those you love is important so you can properly let go of the old memories and finally transition into the new chapter of your life. 

Look up the best packing hacks online to cut the time needed to pack everything up for your move.Securing your items is extremely important to avoid any damage during the process.

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Create a complete list of items on hand before you have everything loaded onto the truck. Keep the list by your side and check off each item as it is being loaded and unloaded off the truck.

Label the moving boxes that contain fragile belongings. Your movers will know which boxes to load last onto the truck and minimize the risk of any damage during the process of moving your breakables. 

Measure doorways, stairways, and elevators to make sure all your belongings will fit through. If not, they might require hoisting or moving up and down stairs, so make sure to notify your movers about this.

Drive around your new neighborhood and get to know the area. Find great parks, coffee shops, restaurants and bars before you move, feel the vibe of the neighborhood and fill up with positive thoughts regarding your upcoming relocation.

Start packing a little every day. Don’t leave everything unpacked until the day of your move, because your movers will not help unless you’ve hired them to professionally pack you as well. They have their own schedule to follow, too.

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4 weeks left!

One month left, and now is the time to start packing and checking the list like never before. It is time to start decluttering, selling and donating items so you don’t bring unwanted possessions to your new place – or pay to move them. It is much easier to comprehend the volume of your move once you’ve gotten rid of all the things you simply no longer use. 

Start thinking about third party insurance for full coverage of your items during the moving process.

Start decluttering your closet, it is time to start fresh – and what better time than the present? Use or donate items that you can’t pack or sell, such as food for example.Stop purchasing groceries at least a week before your move takes place.

white closet with hangars

Confirm the parking situation with your movers. If you need a parking permit, make sure to get on that on time so you avoid any unpleasant situations during the actual moving process. If your movers get a ticket, you are responsible for it. 

Get all of your important documents and gather them all in one place to take with you during the move.

Do some research on when you need to call your service providers to disconnect your internet, cable, etc. and set your utilities up in the new location.

Two weeks left! 

That is it – you are two weeks from your moving date and it is time to be busy as ever. Start updating your records and accounts. You need to plan ahead about packing, food, medication, your children and pets. Your moving day will be a hectic one, so make sure to have everything done before then because you will be extremely happy that you did.

Update your folder on your computer with all of your moving expenses, receipts and all documentation relevant to your move and important to you. Having everything in one spot is much more secure than being disorganized about your important paperwork. Do not forget to backup your computer, because if something goes wrong during your upcoming move, you’ll be extremely happy you have saved all the important information in one place.

Remove light bulbs from every lamp you are planning on moving. Clean outdoor furniture before it’s moved and wrap it in shrink wrap.

family packing for the move

Make arrangements for someone to babysit or take care of your pet on the day of the move, you don’t want them to get hurt or get in the way once your professional movers arrive. Alternatives can be doggy daycare or asking a friend to watch them on the day of the move.

Update your documents with your new address, along with any monthly subscription boxes, newspapers, or magazines you receive. This includes auto insurance and car registration.

One week left!

It is finally time to get your ducks in a row, finish up with the packing process, and clean up before you leave. Make sure to get everything finished as soon as possible for the most seamless possible transition. That is what we are all aiming for, after all.

cans and food on a table

Donate food you haven’t eaten to a local food bank near you.

Clean your old home once the furniture is out.

Don’t forget to pack an essentials kit with everything you’ll need as soon as you set foot in your new home.

Make sure to defrost your fridge and freezer the night before your move.

Take out cash to tip your movers on the day of the move.

Prepare for a final walkthrough with your landlord. 

Clean your new home if you have gotten the keys early. You want to make sure you are moving in a clean space, and with no furniture present to get in the way, it will never get easier than this.

Once the moving day is here….

Everything you have been doing for your move now has to pay off. You have been striving to complete everything on the list with absolute perfection, and you want to get an early start to your relocation on the big day. The earlier you start prepping, the more time you will have to unpack and settle into your new home once you arrive at the destination. 

mover checking things off a list

Set up an alarm and get up early on the day of the move, especially if you have booked an early arrival window with your moving company. Make sure to set some cash aside to tip your movers.

Ask your movers to bring materials to protect your floors and carpets during the move.

Bake cookies to bring to your neighbors, get to know the neighborhood! Go shopping for groceries

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