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Hiring movers seems like a pretty easy and straightforward process to complete, right? You might be wondering about the ways different local movers might charge, different things they might include or not include in their rates – and what your potential moving fees could end up being. Add into the equation that some moving companies have hidden fees and tons of fine print that is easily overlooked, and you might end up with a much expensive move than you have originally budgeted for. In order to avoid any hidden fees during your move, and book a reliable moving company with transparent pricing, you need to know everything about the different fees you might encounter when shopping around for the best movers in Sacramento.

What Are The Most Common Fees Movers Charge?

Fuel Fee 

One of the most common additional charges you will encounter with local moving companies is some sort of a fuel fee. Usually calculated based on the distance between your origin and destination address, the fuel fee you can encounter is not necessarily always a flat fee. Some movers even add the fuel fee to the hourly rate – and these are the types of movers you should try to avoid. An additional fuel surcharge is completely fine, but there is no reason why it should not be a flat, fixed fee for you to pay in the end.

Travel Charge

Some people might think this is the same as a fuel fee. However, travel fees are usually reflected in added time to the total time for your move. Another key difference is that the travel fee is usually calculated from the warehouse of the moving company in question, and doesn’t depend solely on the distance between your origin and destination address. Movers can add 30 minutes or 2 hours depending on where their warehouse is located. Have them explain this fee in detail and give you an estimate of how much that will end up being in the end.

Truck And Transportation Fee

Used to cover all transportation expenses, a truck and transportation fee is always a flat fee added to your total balance upon the move’s completion. The fee can include all the little things your moving company would otherwise charge you separately for, so make sure to have your moving company of choice break this fee down to you in order for you to understand it completely. We at Sacramento Professional Movers include all truck and transportation fees in our existing rates.

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Double Drive Time Fee

The law of California Double Drive Time has been passed in order to protect the customer from being overcharged by their moving company for transportation. The law defines that the moving company shall not charge you for the time it takes them to get to your origin address, or to go back. Simply, the time the movers spend driving from the origin location to the destination address will be doubled and added to the total time for your move.

Service Charge

A service fee can include absolutely everything and anything you could think of. It could cover furniture assembly, packing services, truck usage, or none of the above. It is important to ask about the specific fee, how much it will be, and what is included in this fee so you can understand it properly. Moving companies can cover tons of different fees with this, so make sure to get a service fee in the form of a flat, fixed fee before proceeding forward with your reservation.

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Stairs Charge

If you live on the fourth floor with no elevator, expect to pay some kind of stairs fee. Having stairs disrupt your relocation can slow down the entire process, risk our reliable movers getting injured by moving heavy furniture up and down stairs, not to mention the huge risk on your possessions when there are stairs involved. Our reliable movers need additional equipment and a lot of concentration to complete your move quickly and efficiently, which is why a stairs fee is present with some moving companies. This is not the case with Sacramento Professional Movers, as our trained professionals could move up and down stairs in their sleep.

Heavy Item Charge

Some special or heavy items like safes, pianos, pool tables, gym equipment, etc. require additional caution and care. In order to move these items, your reliable movers might need to bring special tools or even provide custom crating services to protect your valuable possessions. This might result in an additional fee, known as a special item or heavy item fee. Always let your reliable movers know about these items beforehand, so they can provide you with the most accurate possible quote and let you know if they can even move the item in question.

Furniture Assembly Charge

Most moving companies, like Sacramento Professional Movers, offer furniture disassembly and reassembly services with our own tools completely free of charge. Some moving companies might charge for this service additionally, or perhaps for using their tools. Ask your potential moving company if furniture assembly is included or expected to be done by you so you can avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of the move. You don’t want any hidden assembly fees popping up on your total bill.

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Packing Service Charge

Professional packing is always charged additionally in some form. Moving companies might have an updated hourly rate or a fixed flat rate for packing assistance. Others might simply require an additional mover on the job, like we at Professional Sacramento Movers do. Either way, you need to know what your options are if you are looking for a full pack service completed by professional packers and movers, so you can prepare accordingly for the day of the move.

Packing Supplies Charge

Packing supplies are never free. They are compensated for in one way or another. Some moving companies might provide you with a flat fee for packing supplies, but keep in mind that they are probably calculating the worst case scenario when it comes to the usage of the supplies. This is why we at Professional Sacramento Movers charge for packing supplies only per item used, as our reliable movers will bring more than enough to complete the job.

Long Carry fee

When your entrance is not located near the closest parking space for your reliable movers, it will take a lot more time to complete the move, and probably more manpower than originally needed. Some moving companies might apply a long carry fee in this case, to simply cover for the time and equipment used to get from your entrance to the truck.

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Additional Stop Charge

If you need to drop something off or pick something up from an address that is not the origin or destination, some moving companies might have a fee for this additional stop. We at Professional Sacramento Movers do not have an additional fee like this, as you are already having a longer move due to the fact that there is an additional location. The move will simply last a little longer than it would without that additional stop.

Additional Truck Charge

Don’t expect an additional truck or van included in your moving price, there is always an additional fee when you need an additional vehicle during the move. Even the first truck might come with a convenient truck and transportation fee. Ask about your options with your moving company, and if possibly renting two smaller trucks makes more sense than one large truck. You need to know ahead of time what to expect when it comes to costs and fees so you can organize your budget accordingly.

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Overnight Charge

If you need to move out on one day, and move in on another – you might need to store your items overnight with your professional moving company. This almost always comes with an additional fee as your items will be left inside a truck of the company that would be otherwise used for another relocation but is now unavailable. Your reliable movers will probably charge a minimum fee to store your items short term or overnight so you can move in easily the next day.

Storage Charge

If your moving company also offers storage services in Sacramento, expect a fee for this if you need to use it. Your reliable movers might complete your move into storage as a complementary service if you are moving into their storage facility, which can be a great deal. However, always ask about a cost breakdown especially if you are planning on moving into their storage long-term and leaving your possessions with them for some larger amount of time. You want your items to be safe and sound inside the storage unit, which is why you are renting it in the first place.

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Most people forget to pick up some cash for their move to tip their movers upon it’s completion. It is important to remember to grab some cash, as it is a very nice gesture to tip your reliable movers for a job well done after an exhausting day. If the moving services provided to you were fulfilling your expectations, tip your reliable movers accordingly and make their day. You will be extremely happy that you did. Hand the tips to each mover individually.

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