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Residential Moving

A residential relocation is a move to a new apartment or a house. Our services include planning out your move, disassembling and packing your furniture, home appliances, and other belongings and taking them to your new place where they will be unpacked.

Commercial Moving

A commercial relocation is a move to a new office or corporate space. Planning a commercial move takes more time than a residential one because a company cannot afford to have extra expenses due to poor time-management or sloppy packing.

Packing / Unpacking

The packing process is what makes a relocation difficult. You have to handle each item carefully to ensure that it doesn’t get loose and damaged or damage another item next to it. You must choose the proper material and fit each item so that nothing gets crushed or chipped.

Why choose us?

Quality We are a company that offers quality, trust, and support.
Meticulous We are meticulous, and we will pack your items with care and store them in your trucks ensuring that they stay secure in the moving boxes. Feel free to check our customers’ feedback if you want to make sure that we are the right company for you.
Trustworthy We are a trustworthy company, and we believe in the bond we form with our clients. That is why we offer insurance for your items. Thus, even if something happens to some of your breakables, for instance, you can count on us to replace the item or reimburse for it.
Support Our team is always there to offer support during the relocation. So if you have questions related to your relocation, you can always contact our call center, and we will try to help you solve whatever problems that might arise.

Enjoy your relocation

To enjoy your relocation, it is important, however, to choose a quality moving company to help you with your relocation. You will need to plan your move efficiently and pack your belongings meticulously to ensure that there are no accidents while you take your items to your new address or during the unpacking and setting them up. This is where Professional Sacramento Movers come into the picture. We are here to see to it that your items are safe during your relocation and that your move is as stress-free and as enjoyable as possible. We are reliable, offer good customer support and can be trusted with your items. Our expert team will handle your belongings with great care, and our call center will give you valuable advice about your move.

Local moves are no less demanding than cross-country moves. You should keep this in mind while planning. The packing process is the same and time-management is as important. Our packers are experienced, and we are experts when it comes to planning out a relocation, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. Our team will make sure that your move is safe and well-organized while seeming effortless. Don’t forget that you’ll also need help with packing. Luckily, we are here for you and we use top-quality packing materials, such as duct-tape, blanket wrap, stretch wrap, bubble wrap, cellophane, aluminum foil, and others. 

Our services can cover your entire relocation which usually takes up to two days and is divided into two major parts: the packing and the moving. The first day we come to pack your belongings, and the second we take them to your new place. If you’re interested in what items we offer to handle, what services we include, do not hesitate to call us. Our customer support is here to help you with anything you need related to your move.