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Preparing for your upcoming move? In case you decide to move with, hopefully, one of the best moving companies Sacramento offers, the first step on your to-do list will be finding the perfect one. You’ll have a large pool to choose from so narrowing down the number of potential local movers will be your main goal. This pulls the next question, how? You’ll have to sit down for this one because it might be a longer task. 

Call each moving company that catches your eyes because that is the best way to gather information. Make sure to ask all important questions and don’t forget to write down the answers. You can’t remember everything and you’ll need all those things you found out, to compare with what other local movers are offering.

Based on these data and insider info from customer reviews, picking one among the best moving companies Sacramento is known for, will be a piece of cake. Let’s see what are the most important questions you can’t afford to not mention.

Prepare something to write on, sit down, and start dialing

Let’s cover the basics first

Before you start asking questions there are a few things you should know. Finding the best moving companies Sacramento is hiding, might take much longer than you expected it to. It’s not impossible, of course, but a little warning will hopefully help you not give up when you might be so close to the end. If you follow these three golden rules, the day when you find the perfect professional movers for your needs will get closer and closer.

Start early 

You need to start as soon as possible. The moment you decide on an approximate moving date, start dialing moving companies. Depending on the demand for professional movers at the time you would like to hire them, availability will vary. The sooner you start the more likely you’ll be able to book certain local movers at the exact time and date you want. 

You won’t have to rush and choose the first movers you call instead of one of the best moving companies Sacramento certainly has plenty of, simply because you don’t have enough time to carefully consider your options. Avoid unnecessary complications hiring unreliable movers could cause with one simple hack. Starting on time.

Call at least 4 moving companies

You’re already aware you’ll have to call more than 1 moving company and know you know it also should be more than 4. By calling multiple local movers you’ll be able to:

  • Get the feel of how professional movers do their business and thus notice scams more quickly  
  • Find the company that offers the exact service you want and is within your budget limits
  • Compare the quotes you got and figure out the average price of your move 

Scratch off the list companies that offer to move you for a too lower or too higher price compared to the average because it has a high potential to end up as some kind of scam.

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Be upfront

It doesn’t matter how honest relocation specialists are when answering your questions, if you are not upfront with what you need, it all goes down the water. No one can read your mind. If you want to be provided with the best possible service you have to know what you want and be as honest and specific with answering questions related to your move.

Only then will the relocation specialist be able to come up with the perfect moving plan and give you the correct information regarding the final price.   

Let’s begin with all the questions you can’t overlook

Find the best moving companies Sacramento has: Ask these questions

1. Are you licensed and can you provide a license number?

This is a make it or break it question. In order to legally operate in the state, every moving company needs a license. After the successful registration, the company will get a license number that will prove its legitimacy. In case you can’t find the said number on their website, business cards, and relocation specialist is avoiding answering directly and is reluctant to provide it for you, just hang up.

There are really high chances some shady work is being done and you most certainly want to avoid scammers. 

For example, Professional Sacramento Movers are a legit moving company, our license number is T-191529.

2. Are you insured?

Insurance is something that will keep you sane throughout the whole moving process. There is no moving company among the best moving companies Sacramento knows and loves, without insurance for their customers. Even though professionals, movers can still make mistakes.

The possibility is minimal but it still exists. Insurance guarantees that every damaged item or part of the property will be compensated accordingly. Make sure to inform yourself about the compensation process too. What should you do in case something happens, what will the process look like and how long will it last? 

Leaving full boxes in a few bigger rather than many small piles will keep the organization levels at the max

3. When was this company established?

One more question that will separate scammers from the rest. Some companies that are followed by bad voices tend to change their name quite frequently in order to get rid of that bad reputation. Most schemes survive for longer exactly like this. It doesn’t mean all newly established companies are bad but do stay more careful in these cases. 

Experience is also the reason you want to know for how long a certain company exists. Well-developed businesses that have more time to perfect their skills and services will certainly provide you with what they promised without any major mistakes. 

4. Are your movers trained and do they have any experience?

You don’t want to leave your precious belongings in just anyone’s hands. Making sure moving companies are providing their motivated movers with professional training before sending them into action will ensure the safety of your belongings. You want someone who knows what they are doing and is capable of handling any possible obstacles.

Experience is also an important factor in the quality of a mover’s work. It certainly won’t harm anyone if not all movers have a lot of experience behind them but having at least one member of the team who has been in this business longer will increase the success rate for sure. 

Trained movers know how to handle thigh hallways and large furniture without much effort

3. Are the movers experienced in this type of move?

This is extremely important when it comes to business relocations. They are not the same as moving houses or apartments, rather much more complicated. All that expensive machines and equipment that the entire business is depending on, can’t be compromised. Even small mistakes could cause large-scale losses. You’ll want someone who already performed these types of moves and more importantly, successfully. Endangering your workflow is not an option. 

6. Do you offer other services that could benefit me?

Besides basic services like apartment movers or labor-only movers, some companies could offer services you are not even aware of. Of course, the first would be asking for what you need and after putting all of your requests and needs out in the open, ask the relocation specialist if there is something more that could benefit you.

These could include disassembly and assembly of furniture, storage moving, vehicle shipping, cleaning services, special object movers (piano or grandfather clocks), and more. 

Find out if there are things movers won’t move so you could take care of them beforehand

7. What type of estimates do you provide?

Getting a moving quote doesn’t always mean the same. Depending on the type the final cost could change compared to the one you got at the beginning. If the estimate you’re getting is non-binding, movers are not obligated to follow through with it so be careful. You want to look for binding and binding-not-to-exceed moving estimates that guarantee the price won’t be higher than initially estimated. With the latter one, it could even be less.

8. Are on-site estimates possible?

On-site estimates are the most correct and reliable ones. You can’t give the most exact information over the phone because the prices are usually calculated, besides other things, based on the weight of your belongings. The best way for professional movers to know what exactly you plan to move is to send someone to check your place out in person. 

9. What does the price include?

You don’t want to forget this one for sure. Yes, you got the estimated final price, but what exactly does it cover. Does it include packing equipment and tools, is gas money for the moving truck counted in, what if the move is prolonged, is disassembly and assembly of furniture included in the estimate? You want to know exactly what you are paying for because it will determine if there is a possibility of hidden fees appearing.

Fragile items must be handled extra carefully

10. What can be charged for additionally?

Infamous hidden fees. Shady moving companies will use this to dangerously increase the final costs. From charging you for stairs, non-working elevators, packing equipment, to any slightly bigger distance between the moving truck and entrance. Make sure to properly question the relocation specialist about all things you could be charged for later on and don’t forget to verify the answer you got by reading customer reviews.

11. What happens if a move is canceled?

Who knows what could happen and why your move would have to be canceled, just in case, you want to know where you stand. Are there any cancellation fees, is there a time period when you can freely cancel your move, what would the cancellation process even look like?

You want to know everything you can. The more you are informed the less likely some unexpected problems will appear, you will be ready for any type of scenario.

12. Do you offer any discounts?

Last but certainly not least, discounts. The moving industry is not very famous for its discounts but why not ask while you’re still on the phone. Extra money in your wallet won’t hurt anyone. 

Never forget to tape your boxes, you don't want things falling out and breaking

Professional Sacramento Movers

Why should you put Professional Sacramento Movers on your to-call list? Let us tell you. We can proudly say our high-quality service as well as equipment, our trained and dedicated movers, and always available customer service will raise your standards when it comes to relocation.

We will tackle all the logistics and heavy lifting, efficiently and safely, so you’re able to move in without any blood, sweat, or tears. Our experience and love for the craft is what separates us from everyone else. Call, email, or visit our site for a free quote, you won’t be disappointed. 

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