Sacramento Suburbs Guide: Best Places to Live in the Capital City

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Finding a neighborhood that is just perfect for you can take some time, so we decided to shorten your search and help you find your new home in one of the best Sacramento suburbs. In this article, we explored some of the top choices for relocation in the capital city area.

Living in the River City and its surrounding towns has plenty of benefits, as this area is rich in beautiful scenery, great job opportunities and is known as one of the more diverse places in the region. The quality of life here is excellent, but not as expensive as other California cities, with the added perk of getting anywhere in a short time. There is something for everybody, so all you need to do is decide what kind of Sacramento suburb you want to reside in, and we can tell you which one should be the destination of your upcoming local relocation.

What Are the Best Suburbs of Sacramento, CA?

Get ready because we will show you seven of the best neighborhoods in this area. There are many of those that are close or well-connected to the downtown and have amenities that will make your life amazing. What’s even better is that you don’t have to give up on great places just because your expenses checklist can’t support moving there. So, before you get to packing shoes, start planning all the details of your efficient move, pick your favorite neighborhood, and then hire our movers in Sacramento, CA, to help you get there. So, where is the best place to live near Sacramento?

  • Folsom,
  • Elk Grove,
  • Davis,
  • Rancho Cordova,
  • Fair Oaks,
  • Pocket,
  • Natomas Park.
A view of the bridge in Sacramento
There are so many lovely neighborhoods that it’s hard to choose where to move

Folsom – A Heaven for Outdoor Activities

This is a family-friendly neighborhood located 30 minutes from the downtown of the state capital. If you can’t live without many open, green spaces, this is the place for you. The proximity of Folsom Lake allows for beautiful views and opportunities to enjoy water sports such as kayaking and paddle boarding, and even Lake Tahoe isn’t that far away. Hiking trails are also available, and if you’re a fan of bike rides, you’re in luck, as Folsom has many routes with lovely views. For those moving with pets, this should be one of the top options – furry ones love it here because they have plenty of parks and open spaces to run around.

Folsom Is One of the Best Places to Live in the Area

The town’s known as one of the most desirable cities in the whole region, and it comes as no surprise that there are many families here. When you combine great public schools, green scenery, and safe, well-maintained streets, you get the perfect neighborhood for raising kids. There are also plenty of young professionals here since the area started developing even more than before, and the town is suitable for commuting to the city. It is a bit more expensive than your average neighborhood in this region, but it is well worth every penny. As if all the amenities listed above weren’t enough to make you wish to organize a moving away party, this suburb has more extraordinary places to visit – check out the video below to see which ones!

Elk Grove – Top Choice for Families

Compared to average California cities, this town is pretty affordable, and families often choose it as a destination for their move. The public school system is among the better ones in the region, which adds to the appeal. Safety isn’t an issue here, as it’s one of the safest neighborhoods around. For parents commuting for work, this is a great suburb – the capital’s center is only 20 minutes away by car.

In fact, everything is accessible from here, and you can even take your kids for a trip to San Francisco anytime since it’s pretty close as well. Here, you can find everything you need – lovely parks for kids, restaurants with many international cuisines for a night out with friends, or coffee shops for a quick break during a tough workday, and there’s even a historic district suitable for relaxing walks.

In Elk Grove, You’ll Find Welcoming and Diverse Community

Elk Grove is a diverse, close-knit community, which is more than necessary if you are raising kids. Many local events will make sure you quickly get to know the neighborhood and find many new friends among your neighbors. Once you settle down and look around, you will soon realize that all the moving stress was worth relocating to such a fantastic place, and all the things to do after moving won’t even be hard for you.

Parents and two kids sitting on the couch, surrounded by moving boxes
For those moving with children, this the perfect neighborhood

Davis – Lively and Eventful Town

This ever-developing place is known as a cultural center, with many galleries and museums and many residents with higher education. It’s one of the top neighborhoods in the whole state of California. The community is big on taking care of the environment and is one of the most incredible spots for those who love biking, as there are countless beautiful bike paths. Of course, you won’t have trouble finding a restaurant with good reviews and top-quality cuisine. There are also many coffee shops, bars, boutiques, and book shops, plus one of the most famous farmer’s markets in California is located here. It sounds like a place where you would move in a hurry just to get there as soon as possible, right?

Davis Is Popular With Young People

This vibrant and cheerful neighborhood is home to one of the largest campuses of the University of California, which brings many students and makes the community a young and diverse one. In addition, there are many young professionals here. The real estate market is not very affordable, but that is expected in such an eventful and energetic place. Davis is rich with events and fabulous nightlife, which is usual for college towns. According to Niche, this is the greatest suburb in the capital’s metro area, and its location allows you to easily visit San Francisco, Lake Berryessa, Lake Tahoe, and many other beautiful spots.

Six young people smiling at the camera
This is the place to be if you are a student or a young professional

Rancho Cordova – Affordable, Yet High-Quality Suburb

If you don’t want to spend all your savings on your local moving, you should definitely add Rancho Cordova to your shortlist. This lovely suburb is one of the affordable ones, but still a top-quality place for living, and it will only get better in time. Since it’s one of the rising areas, it’s expected to become a hot spot for the real estate market soon, so you better get yourself a home in this paradise before it’s no longer one of the affordable areas.

Rancho Cordova Is a Charming Place With Plenty of Amenities

Rancho Cordova is a favorite among families and young professionals as well. It has excellent public schools, and it’s pretty safe, which makes it kid-friendly. It’s one of the areas where you have all the amenities for an exceptional and peaceful living – open areas such as parks, enjoyable restaurants, lovely coffee shops, and many stores. Commuters often find a home here since it’s located only 20 minutes from downtown, and on top of all that, the weather is always pleasant (one of the things to do before moving is checking if your new home has good weather most of the year!).

A plane view of the suburban street
Rancho Cordova is one of the affordable cities close to the downtown of the capital

Fair Oaks – Historic Town With Lovely Housing Options

Fair Oaks offers residents the unique mix of suburban feels and historical vibes that are going to make you fall in love with the place pretty quickly. Old Fair Oaks, the center of the suburb, has been around since the late 1800s and has the impressive architecture to add to the list of its perks. But, that doesn’t mean you will have trouble finding new, modern homes in this suburban region – here, there are both options. All that beauty and well-maintained, tree-lined streets are located only 17 miles from the capital center.

Fair Oaks Is One of the Small Towns With a Soul and Charm to It

This place is exactly what you imagine small communities to be like – supportive of each other, kind to their neighbors, and always ready to lend a hand and help. There are many local events and festivities, and you will hardly get bored here. You can spend your free time enjoying nature around the American River. If you prefer a bit more active pass time activities, there are many beautiful hiking trails and bicycle paths around.

The view of the American River
Enjoy the view of the nearby American River anytime you want in Fair Oaks

Pocket – Safe Suburb and a Popular Spot for Retirees

If you are wondering what is the safest part of Sacramento, one of the answers would be Pocket. This little piece of heaven close to the river that shares the name with the state capital is one of the sweetest, quiet spots in the region. For those looking for safety and comfort above everything else, this is likely the neighborhood to move to.

Pocket is a Good Choice for Retirees, But Also Families as Well

Besides safety, Pocket can provide you with plenty of open spaces for an everyday walk, beautiful parks to walk your dog or play with the kids. It is a popular neighborhood for retirees, but there are also many families around here since the schools are good, and the environment is very kid-friendly. Here, you will find one of the kindest communities you can wish for. Knowing that residents will welcome you with open arms is way more important than learning how to pack fragile items or researching the essential moving hacks, don’t you agree?

Four senior citizens sitting on the bench and laughing, a young girl behind the bench
Looking for a place to enjoy your golden years? Pocket is your answer

Natomas Park – One of the Pricey Family-Friendly Neighborhoods to Live in

Diversity and acceptance are some of the essential characteristics that mark this suburb. That must be one of the reasons why families come here in huge numbers. Both children and pets can enjoy many lovely parks, and there is always a sweet coffee shop around the corner for the adults to catch up and relax. Local festivities are not rare, and every resident can tell you that there is always harmony in the neighborhood. Quality schools mixed with a good atmosphere for sure explain the appeal of Natomas Park.

Natomas Park and Its Economy Are Always in Development

Natomas Park is located only 15 minutes from the center of the California capital, and if you’re asking yourself what is the richest part of Sacramento, this suburb would be somewhere around the top of the list. The median house value is $419,000. But, the good thing is that according to California standards, it’s not extremely expensive, so if you’re moving from The Bay, you will find the prices around here quite refreshing. This beautifully maintained neighborhood can compare to little else in the region, and it is one of the developing ones. Still, it’s very safe and peaceful, an essential trait of a family-friendly type of suburb.

Little girl chasing a foam bubble in the park
Natomas Park is full of beautiful parks for kids to enjoy and play

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