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Relocations always mean new beginnings, and that can be scary sometimes.

However, when you’re relocating to a beautiful neighborhood like this one, nothing will be complicated for you.

If you choose to move here, you can be sure our professional Elk Grove movers will be happy to help you relocate. Based on our reviews, we are more than suitable for the job. Check out some basic information about this neighborhood and see if it’s a good fit for you.

What Makes Elk Grove a place for you?

Besides being one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento, it is also one of the best places to live in California. 

Elk Grove and its outlining areas were rich in plant and animal life, and it was common for indigenous peoples in the place to supplement their acorn diet with edible roots and fish from nearby rivers, such as the American River, Sacramento River and the Cosumnes River.

That says a lot, considering there are so many amazing cities and neighborhoods to choose from. Here’s what you should know about your potential new home before you contact us to book your move.

💡Did you know? 

Elk Grove’s climate varies from low temperatures of 34 to 46 Fahrenheit to highs of 60 to 110 degrees.

Cost of living in Elk Grove

Before we tell you any numbers, keep in mind that we are talking about California. Its middle name is practically “expensive”. 

Even though this Sacramento suburb is expensive, it’s actually affordable by California standards, and some might even say cheap.

 The median home value is around $406,000 – that’s over $100,000 lower than the average home value in California. That may explain why almost 80% of residents own their home. If you decide to rent a house, expect the rent to be approximately $1,700. Not bad, right?

 It is agreeable with the expenses checklist in most cases, especially when considering the median household income, which is way above the national average.

Elk Grove is for everyone

Reviews for this neighborhood are more than positive – they are practically making you organize your local move and move in a hurry to this suburb. 

It’s one of the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento, and it’s perfect for families with kids. It might be a calm and peaceful area, but don’t let that trick you into thinking that it’s unsuitable for young professionals and business people. In fact, there are plenty of them around here. 

What’s the appeal? The suburb has excellent access to anything in the area. Sacramento center is only 20 minutes away, and even the Bay Area is quite close. Additionally, the airport is easily accessible. Everything is well-connected because of the quick access to two freeways.

💡Did you know?

The most prominent event in Elk Grove is the annual Giant Pumpkin Festival, held in the first weekend of October at the Elk Grove Regional Park. 

The Giant Pumpkin Festival attracts thousands of guests each year.

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It has everything you need to feel safe and comfortable

The school district is excellent and well-organized. Most public schools are above average, so you won’t need help finding a good one for your kids. 

If you’re moving with pets, it will be fantastic for them as well, since there are plenty of open spaces and parks. You can also find many coffee shops, excellent restaurants, and numerous grocery stores.

 There is a historic district as well. The community is known as a very diverse one, which means they are welcoming to anybody. You won’t have trouble fitting in. The residents are kind and friendly, exactly the kind of neighbors anyone wishes to have.

 If we were in your shoes, we would already be planning and writing a moving to-do list.

💡Did you know?

During the month of August, Hot Summer Nights Concert Series is held each Friday at Laguna Town Hall. 

Voted Best of Elk Grove in 2010, this free music series returns to the outdoor amphitheater with summer party tunes aplenty.

Local Elk Grove Movers will meet all your needs

The key to an efficient moving process is adequate planning of packing and hiring a company for moving services in Sacramento. 

You need local movers who know what they are doing. Our company provides exquisite moving services in the Sacramento area. We have many positive reviews, and many satisfied clients.

We commonly encourage our potential new customers to read those reviews – there is no better marketing than that. Not only our local services are praised in the reviews, but our movers in Sacramento and their dedication. 

Local moving is our specialty, and we are very proud of our results and reputation as a company. Whatever you need, we’ll help you get it – from packing to loading items on the truck.

Check out the services we provide

We know how packing can be exhausting and cause a lot of relocation stress. There are so many things to take with you that you feel like you’re losing your mind. Don’t worry, that’s normal. But, there’s a way to fight that stress – let us help you. 

We can do all the packing (especially fragile items!) and relocate your items for you, as our services cover all that. However, you still have to keep in mind there are items workers won’t move for safety reasons, and that’s the only thing our company can’t assist with.

What service is the most suitable for you? Our company will gladly assist you with anything. You just have to choose the service. Take your time, and then contact us.

  • Residential relocation service – Relocation doesn’t have to be stressful. We can make sure that you get to your new place without any glitches. Why struggle on your own, when you can have us be there for you every step of the way?
  • Commercial relocation service – Worried about damaging office devices during transport? You should let professionals do their magic. Hire us to safely move anything of value from your office.
  • Packing service – Everybody knows how time-consuming it is to pack your whole house. Let us assist you and speed up the process. In case you want our professional packers and movers to do it all for you, you can call us.
  • Labor-only relocation service – If you are confident that you can pack everything on your own, but don’t know how to lift and carry all those heavy boxes, we can help with that as well. Our workers will execute the job professionally, and you will be happy the work is done so quickly and smoothly.
  • In and out of storage relocation service – You’re finally relocating to a new, bigger home and now is the perfect time to empty your storage unit? Give us a call and we will transport your belongings efficiently.

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Once you get your quote, take your time, and we will be waiting for you. Let’s make history together!

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The manager is great - on time, responsive and makes sure you get what you need. He'll work with you if you have specific needs. And the doggie is so cute! That was one item to check off my list with ease.

Nick Hsiangon 20/09/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Elk Grove, CA. Source: Site

On time, quick and efficient. Very professional. From the office to the staff everyone is focused on helping you.

Michael Kimon 02/11/2018 from Folsom, CA to Elk Grove, CA. Source: Site

I've used them twice now. The pricing is very reasonable. The first time I thought that they did a nice job. The next time I was scheduled to utilize them to get a small job at the end of October but they have busy and I had to reschedule. If you do not have a full day move I would recommend you get an early appointment in the event the initial job takes longer than anticipated. When we did eventually move they did a fantastic job. They're very fast, strong, careful and efficient. Never had any issues with harm. I recommend you try them if you require help with a move.

Francioson 31/10/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Elk Grove, CA. Source: Site

They are clean cut, courteous men, whom work very hard and provide the best customer service there is! I will definitely recommend them to everyone I know!

Ilan Deneniaon 03/10/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Elk Grove, CA. Source: Site

Fantastic service, Fast delivery and a great guy to do business with. You will pay a portion of what the other guys charge.

Somyaon 10/10/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Elk Grove, CA. Source: Site