5 Best Neighborhoods in Sacramento to Live in 2021

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If you are thinking of relocating around the capital of California, you should know what the best neighborhoods in Sacramento are. Maybe you have already zeroed in on one of them or are checking out homes in a Sacramento neighborhood that isn’t such a great place to live. We will tell you all about the nice neighborhoods in Sacramento and what you can expect if you choose to base yourself there. But we will also tell you which ones you should avoid when house hunting… or pretty much anything else. So, if you are wondering, what is the best area to live in Sacramento, CA? – stay tuned as we, Sacramento movers, have answers for you.

What Are the Safest Neighborhoods in Sacramento?

Before you start making your moving to-do list in hopes of being able to move efficiently, you are bound to wonder – what are the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento? The safety of the area you are planning to settle in is definitely something that should be your priority when house-hunting. We all want to reside in a safe place and not worry about any trouble and danger looming out of the streets. Here are some of the good neighborhoods in Sacramento in terms of safety.

Make sure you are residing in a safe location

#1 River Park – One of the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Sacramento for Families

Located just east of downtown, this place is one of the best Sacramento neighborhoods to raise a family. If you work in the downtown area, you are in for a short commute, and when you want to travel – the airport is just a 15-minute drive away. It’s so close to the hustle and bustle of the big city and all major spots yet so quiet and peaceful. It’s mostly comprised of single-family homes and tree-lined streets. If you are relocating with pets, you will see many dog-walkers out and about with their furry buddies, and your dog may even find a friend here.

The community is tight-knit, and people really look out for each other here. They throw block parties for residents of all ages, and those thrown for the 4th of July are the most popular. Locals are very involved with keeping their neighborhood clean, and they often organize a clean-up of the river next to it. Most people own their homes around here and have been homeowners for a long time – not a lot of turnover, which is pretty good. The median home value is around $600,000.

Enjoy the Peaceful Retreat From the Hustle and Bustle

If you are looking for a retreat from all the hustle and bustle and a place where you can soak up the tranquility, this is the right neighborhood for you. The biggest gathering spot for the residents is the river – you can ride a bike on the biking trails, have a walk, or have a picnic there with the whole family. The Leland Stanford Mansion is a popular historic place to visit and learn more about the history of your town. Global Winter Wonderland is an amazing place to take the kids to, and Urban Air Adventure is also nearby. All in all, you’ll have everything you need around here as it’s the perfect place to raise a family.

 This is a peaceful, family-oriented place with tree-lined streets 

#2 North Oak Park, One of the Best Places to Live in Sacramento for Young Professionals

Once upon a time, the first suburb of our city is now a hip and up-and-coming place. It’s experienced a revitalization and a renaissance of a kind after the expansion of UC Davis medical center, McGeorge Law School, and new businesses. As per the retail market, it’s a mix of old-style bungalow homes from the 1900s and new complexes. It’s great for young professionals since it takes 10 minutes to reach the city core, where most companies are. It’s also very much appreciated by young families due to its affordability compared to other areas – the current median home value for this part of the city sits at $330,000.

Things to Do in North Oak Park, Sacramento

After you’ve finished packing plates and other time-consuming tasks such as packing fragile items, take a look at what you can do in your future neighborhood. You will definitely want to visit Oak Park Brewing Company – it’s where the locals like to gather and support local businesses. If you need a little relaxation after you’ve dealt with your moving expenses checklist, head to Capitol Floats. It’s a great way to relax – you get to float in a water-filled tank, clear your mind, and clear your body. Food is amazing over here, and you’ve got plenty of options to choose from. Check out La Venadita for some fantastic Mexican food, or head to Fixins Soul Kitchen for some amazing soul food.

Stop and smell the roses in East Sac

#3 East Sac – Best Neighborhood in Sacramento in Terms of Walkability

East Sac is definitely one of the finest places to live in the city if you are looking for a place with a high walkability score. Everything is close by – restaurants, shops, parks, the university – pretty much anything you need. Many university students are living here due to the presence of the university. But some people have owned property here for generations and established family businesses, so it’s a unique mix.

They say that if you’ve lived here once, you won’t want to leave and the number of students going to the same school their parents or grandparents went kind of confirms that. As per the vibe of the place – it’s peaceful and friendly, most people know each other, and the community is welcoming. As per homes and housing prices – the breathtaking colonial beauties are a favorite, and the median home price is $585,000.

There’s a Lot of Things to Do in East Sac, and Downtown Is Close By

McKinley Rose Garden is a charming rose garden that spread over 1.5 acres. It’s a perfect place to stop and smell the roses and just get rid of that moving stress after you’re all settled. Many events are also held here, like concerts and movie nights. Have a beer at The Other Side Taproom & Restaurant or head to OBO’ Italian Table and Bar for some great Italian food.

If you are vegan, you will appreciate the vegan options of which Pure Soul Plant-Based Eats seems to be the locals’ favorite. And, if you feel like giving back to the community, join the Run to Feed the Hungry, the largest run in town and also the largest Thanksgiving run in the country, where all proceeds go to the local food bank. It’s held every Thanksgiving morning, and it now celebrates over 28,000 participants.

#4 If You Wonder What Is the Richest Part of Sacramento, Land Park Is the Answer

A quick bike ride away from Midtown lies this safe and charming neighborhood. It is a good choice for people from all age groups as it offers something for everyone. When it comes to the real estate market – it’s mostly made of houses, and they come in different styles, like Spanish-style houses, Tudor-style houses, Mediterranean, and contemporary.

It’s definitely one of the more upscale and nicer places to inhabit, and there are long lists of people looking for a home here. When it comes to the median price for a house – it’s around $740,000. It goes without saying that this kind of money provides you with a safe place and gives your children access to some of the most excellent schools. That’s why it’s so popular, and that explains the long waiting lists of people who are determined to become residents.

What Are the Hotspots Around Here?

Let’s start with the places kids love, and there are many. The first one, of course, would be the zoo which is conveniently located in this part of town. There’s a good variety of wild animals here like tigers, lions, giraffes, and even red pandas! There are plenty of trees for shade, so you don’t have to worry about sunburns. Take the little ones to Fairytale Town and let them enjoy three-dimensional playsets that are modeled after their favorite fairy tales.

As for amusement parks, there’s Funderland, and it’s an amazing place to take the kids. As per grown-ups, there are plenty of nice restaurants (we recommend Dad’s Kitchen) and shops and even beer and food tours such as Sac Brew Bike and Local Roots Food Tours. So, as you can see – there’s fun for everyone, and there’s no way you’ll ever get bored around here. Here’s a glimpse into what you’ll be able to see at the zoo and what the safety regulations are.

#5 Midtown – the Much Coveted and the Center of Activity

The sixteen blocks around The State Capitol sits this lively and amazing place every young person wants to become a resident of. Why do young people want to live here, you may ask? It’s due to the fact that everything happens here – that’s where all the companies are, so it’s an easy commute and bikes are a very popular means of commute and transport around here.

It’s also where all the clubs, bars, restaurants, theatres, and pretty much all the hip places younger generations are crazy about. Housing options include mostly condos and lofts, but there are some cute Victorian houses as well. As per prices, if you are looking to buy, expect the median home value to be around $667,000. But most people rent here, and if you choose to go this road, you are looking at an average rental fee of $1,450 for a 1-bedroom apartment.

Where’s All the Action Around Here?

This part is kind of a melting pot of cultures, so there are so many amazing restaurants with different kinds of cuisine. Anything you can think of, you will probably find it here – Mexican, Japanese, Thai, Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean, and cool vegan restaurants. There are also plenty of parks and museums around here when you want that bit of peace and quiet or art. Midtown Barfly is one of the go-to options and well as the Flamingo House Social Club. The cinema scene is also topnotch with lots of theatres and open-air theatres to go to, so don’t pass the chance as soon as you have it.

Younger generations love this ‘hood’ because that’s where it all goes down

What Are the Bad Neighborhoods in Sacramento?

Now that you’ve heard about the good parts, it’s good to mention the not-so-good areas that you want to avoid when house-hunting or late at night. Every town has them, and our own is no different. Below you will find the list of areas you will want to stay clear of, especially when choosing a place of residence.

  • Parker Homes,
  • Gardenland,
  • South Hagginwood,
  • Johnson Heights,
  • Wills Acres,
  • Richmond Grove.
Better safe than sorry – stay away from these areas

Our Movers in Sacramento Can Help You Move to One of the Best Neighborhoods in Sacramento

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