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If you’re thinking about relocating to the best neighborhood in Sacramento, our Boulevard Park movers will allow you to have a simple, stress-free move. As one of the top Sacramento moving companies on the market, we can offer you all the necessary services you might need to have an excellent relocation experience. Contact our company today, and you’ll get a free quote you’ll undoubtedly appreciate.

Boulevard Park Is Undoubtedly the Best Community to Live in Sacramento

Anyone looking to move to this historic residential neighborhood certainly won’t be disappointed. According to Niche, it’s the best community to live in Sacramento. The sheer abundance of amenities, low crime rates, excellent public schools, and cheap rentals all contribute to the neighborhood’s popularity, making it a perfect choice for both families and young adults.

The Neighborhood Has Plenty of Very Affordable Rentals

Considering this is the best neighborhood in the entire capital, you might think that the local renting prices are some of the highest in the city. On the contrary, the median rent of $1,150 is very affordable for Sacramento. Over 40% of rentals are in the $1,000-$1,499 price range, but there’s plenty of apartments going between $500 and $999 a month. Renting is also a more popular option, as over 80% of all residents live in rentals.

However, if you’re looking to buy a new home, be ready to cash out, as properties are few and far between. The median home value of $672,700 is one of the city’s highest, with half of the real estate costing anywhere between $400k and $749k.

You’ll Have Access to All of the City’s Best Amenities

Boulevard Park’s position provides its residents access to all of Sacramento’s best amenities. Downtown is only a short walk away, but there are also plenty of shops, restaurants, and cafes in the community itself. If you’re interested in some outdoor activities, the Sutter’s Landing Regional Park and Mckinley Park are both only 30 minutes away, great for anyone relocating with a pet.

The Neighborhood Is Great Place For Both Young Professionals and Families

With all the amenities you can find at almost every step, it’s not surprising that the neighborhood is so popular. This is especially true for young professionals looking for work, as nearly half of all residents are aged between 25 and 34. An average resident is also highly educated, as 70% of all adults have completed their bachelor’s.

People relocating with children will also have a lot to look forward to. There are plenty of excellent public schools in the area, and despite being right next to Downtown, it is a lot safer than you might expect. The overall crime rates make it one of the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento, with violent crimes, in particular, being few and far between.

If You Need Moving Services in Sacramento, Our Boulevard Park Movers Are Ready to Assist You

Our Sacramento moving services make the process significantly more manageable, allowing our clients to move efficiently while staying relaxed throughout the process. Even if your current living situation is very specific, one of the following local moving options will undoubtedly suit your relocation needs:

  • Packing service – If you have to pack fragile items, but you’re not sure how to do it, it’s much better to leave the task to the professionals. Allow our moving company to handle your packing and everything will be done in just a few hours.
  • Residential move – Anyone who went through a home relocation all by themselves knows that it takes a lot of time and patience to handle all the tasks that go with the process. Sacramento local movers are especially useful when your schedule is booked, as you won’t have to worry about preparing everything yourself.
  • Commercial relocation – A company relocation requires a large workforce to handle all the necessary tasks. Hiring our movers in Boulevard Park allows you to move everything much more quickly.
  • Apartment move – While relocating from an apartment is not that different from standard house moves, handling heavy furniture becomes significantly more complicated if the building doesn’t have an elevator. The good news is that our company has plenty of experience with these kinds of relocations, allowing you to move everything almost as easily as if you were living in a house.
  • Packers and movers – Anyone who wants to have the complete package should get this option, as it will cover everything you might need during your relocation.

Hiring Our Professional Moving Company in Sacramento Will Make Your Relocation Substantially Easier

Relocations take a lot of time to organize correctly, especially if you have to move in a hurry. While using relocation hacks could make the entire process easier, hiring one of the top movers in Sacramento, CA, is the only way to keep the moving stress levels from rising. Fortunately for you, Professional Sacramento Movers can help you with anything you need. With our assistance, you won’t even need to worry about keeping a to-do list.

Our Boulevard Park Movers Can Also Provide You With Labor-Only and in-and-Out-of Storage Moving Services

While the services we just mentioned will undoubtedly make the process easier, our company also offers a few more things that you can use even when not relocating. For example, if you need to move a piano or a large piece of furniture, the labor-only move covers all the heavy lifting that goes with the process. Our in-and-out-of storage relocation is quite useful for anyone who needs to take things out of the unit they’ve rented. It allows you to store anything without having to transport the items yourself.

Contact Us Today and Get a Free Quote From One of the Top Moving Companies in Sacramento

These were only some of the essential bits of information we wanted to share with you. To review what each service covers, feel free to contact our customer support. Any one of the company representatives can give you answers to all the questions you might have and provide you with a free quote that you won’t be able to resist.