How to Decide What to Get Rid Of and What to Keep When Moving Within Sacramento

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A move is a perfect opportunity to go through your items and sort them out. However, relocation can get you feeling overwhelmed and turn decision-making processes into a real mess. Knowing what to keep when moving as well as what to throw away becomes harder when you’re feeling swamped. But do not worry, we are here with the best tips to teach you the basic principles of how to pick and choose what stays and what doesn’t.

Why Should You Sort Out Your Things Before a Move?

You may be asking yourself – why is a declutter a thing to do before a move? Well, if you want an efficient move that won’t break the bank you’ll have to spend time sorting out your possessions and tossing some out of your inventory. There are three basic (but major) reasons why you will want to go through this process as soon as possible.

#1 Reason: You Have the Opportunity to Design a New Chapter of Your Life

Whether you are relocating to the Sacramento suburbs because of love, to start a family or become independent you are starting afresh. Even if you are under relocation stress, there is nothing as liberating as finding the perfect home in the best Sacramento neighborhood and deciding to move on from your past daily routines. Whatever your particular situation might be, you may want to move on and leave behind all that was holding you back. But first, you’ll have to create space for the new experiences that await you. And that goes for your things as well.

#2 Reason: A Declutter Will Make (Un)Packing Easier

Whether you are packing to move in a hurry or not – by the time you reach your new home, you’ll have to have everything you own packed up – from furniture to small trinkets. So why would you pack furniture you no longer use or like? Why go through the trouble of packing fragile items such as mirrors and vases (and later unpacking them) you can’t bear to look at any longer?

One of the best tips and relocation hacks that’ll help you make these processes easier is to get rid of things you no longer need. Furthermore, it’ll take less time and energy to pack up and take the stuff to your new place. And another plus side is that you’ll have fewer things to worry about once you get there.

#3 Reason: You’ll Pay Less for Moving Services in Sacramento

If employing a moving company in Sacramento is on your relocation to-do list, you should know that the local Sacramento movers and packers come with fees that will vary depending on how much stuff you own. Since the workers will have to pack up your belongings and move all large items, the quantity of your stuff will directly affect how many hours they’ll have to work. If you don’t want your relocation expenses checklist to break the bank, consider decluttering before the local move.

A girl showing off her keys
A new house is a new chapter in your life – ensure you have enough space for everything it will bring

How to Decide What to Keep When Moving?

While we might safely agree that sorting out your inventory is a good idea, figuring out what to keep, what to throw away, what to donate, and sell might be a bit trickier. We will teach you the main principles of working out your clutter that should guide your decision-making processes. Here are the main properties to consider if you are unsure whether to keep a thing or not:

  • The practical value of an item,
  • The emotional importance an object carries,
  • How much use you have out of it,
  • How much space it takes up.

#1 Rule: The Practical Value – Are These Objects Things You Utilize Often Enough?

The first thing you should always consider is how useful a thing is actually to you. Do you use it often? Could you exchange it for a more convenient object? Is it worn out, and should you get a replacement? Will you be able to utilize it in your new home? We are all hoarders in one way or another. However, before you decide on keeping an item, stop to think how useful it actually is to you. Trust us – there is no reason to pack electronic devices, such as an old toaster, for example, that no longer works or is visibly on its last legs. Don’t hoard appliances you can’t utilize!

#2 Rule: The Economic Value – What Items Are Worth Moving?

Figuring out how to decide what to get rid of and what to keep isn’t always straightforward. You might not know how to play any instruments, but deciding to move a piano can actually make a lot of sense in some cases. How so? Well, some stuff like vintage and collector’s items, art pieces, gold jewelry, and rare objects you might not like, use, or enjoy. However, they can be a great source of wealth in times of need. If you decide to move an object solely on account of its economic value, do consider how much it might cost to actually move it.

#3 Rule: The Emotional Value – Is an Object Dear to Your Heart?

Some stuff might not be worth a lot of money, and you might not utilize them as often as you should, but if they can turn your heart warmer, you should take them with you. Stuff like heirlooms, souvenirs, memorabilia from trips, and gifts from loved ones can be said to have sentimental value.

However, you shouldn’t pile up every object from your past – only those you still find important. For example, you should bring your kids photos from their first vacation and graduation, but do not pack candles your ex made you for your anniversary. Some stuff is better left behind.

#4 Rule: Do You Have Enough Room for an Object? The Space Variable

The final variable to consider is the one regarding space. When you are going for an apartment move to a safer Sacramento neighborhood, you might end up actually living in a smaller home, although your apartment will be located in a better environment. If you don’t want to spend extra cash on in- and-out-of storage relocation, you should take only the stuff that can actually fit.

Some pro tips are in order: before you move, create a detailed floor plan. Sketch out where all your furniture and main objects you’ll build the room design around will go. Take only those things you want and have room for. For more ideas on how to approach space planning in your new home, check out the following video:

For Every Room in Your Place, Create a Pile of Old Stuff You Want to Get Rid of

Now that you’ve learned the main principles of a declutter, you should know how to actually go about it in the wisest way possible. One of the common packing techniques when you’re about to change your address is to pack up room per room. We recommend you do the sorting the same way.

Before you are about to pack up the books in your living room or box up plates in the kitchen, go through the room’s inventory first. Guided by the principles mentioned above, create two piles for each space – one of the things you are keeping and one for those you do not want anymore. Once you have the pile of stuff you do not wish to keep, you will easily decide on what to sell, donate or throw out.

What Should I Purge Before Moving? Items Movers Won’t Move, for Starters

Before you move, you should also consult the company you plan to employ and find out what items their movers won’t move. The lists of most Sacramento moving companies include valuables, dangerous materials, and perishables. So consider which of these you will move yourself and which to get rid of:

  • Perishable foods,
  • Living beings like plants and pets you want to move,
  • Cleaning supplies,
  • Weapons and ammunition,
  • Documents you organized at home containing personal information,
  • Valuable possessions.
One of the Sacramento movers signaling a person to stop with his hand
While movers can be of great help, there is stuff they can’t relocate to your house – so stop and think those through as well

What to Keep and What to Sell When Moving?

Once you’re done with the sorting out, it’s time for the main star of the show – a declutter. Since a move is an expensive endeavor, we recommend you sell anything you can either online or via a yard sale. Per Sacramento rules, you are allowed to have three yard sales annually that do not exceed the length of two consecutive days. Don’t forget to market your sale on sites such as the Garage Sale Tracker, Facebook, and Yard Sale Search. You can also use the Craigslist website for advertising your sale for free.

We recommend selling old furniture, clothes, dishes, camping and fishing gear, books, and comics. Also, do not miss out on small bits and bobs like old toys, frames, decorations, and jewelry. These objects tend to sell really well and can earn you a solid amount of cash. Avoid selling stuff like used underwear, swimwear, and socks for sanitary reasons.

Where Can I Donate Things in Sacramento After a Purge?

If you do not need the extra money, you can always donate your things. Depending on what objects you have an abundance of, you should contact one of the best Sacramento donation centers. We recommend packing up clothes and giving them to the Sacramento Salvation army at the following drop-off locations. If you wish to donate food to those without a home, consider going to the non-profit Loaves & Fishes at 1351 N C St, Sacramento. Sac has many amazing donation centers, you just have to find a cause you personally want to support.

What Should I Throw Away When I Move?

Once you have sold and donated what you can, consider throwing a going-away party so your loved ones can see if there is anything from the remaining stuff they might want to take. Contact your friends promptly, and you won’t regret it! As they say – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Most often, someone will want something you no longer want, and besides, you should try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. While throwing stuff out should always be a last resort, there are cases where no other choice exists. If a thing is too worn out, old, damaged, or expired, feel free to throw it into the garbage.

A list with options on what to do with stuff you do not want Professional Sacramento Movers to take
Think thoroughly about what to do with the stuff you do not want in your future house.

Is It Worth Paying for Packing When Moving With Professional Sacramento Movers?

With everything to consider, we think that packing services are truly life-saving in any residential move or even a commercial move, for that matter. You might not know this, but relocating is among the three most stressful experiences a person will go through in their lifetime. If you do not want to feel like shabby, tired objects you are throwing away, take all the help you can get. Trust us, you will not regret it.

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