5 Safest Neighborhoods in Sacramento, CA in 2021

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Guessing you can already picture yourself at your dreamy new home, getting ready for a relaxing Sunday walk with your children. The only thing you don’t want to be worried about at that moment is their safety. Luckily we made this list of safest neighborhoods in Sacramento in 2021, so you can find out everything you need to know about these amazing places.

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Is Sacramento a Safe Place?

This is one of the fastest-growing cities in California when it comes to various business opportunities, tourism, economics, and finances, so it’s no wonder it attracts newcomers from all around the world. It is generally a safe place to visit and to live in, but like any other city, it has areas that are less dangerous and those considered more dangerous, especially during the nighttime. 

The chances of burglaries and thefts are higher than becoming a victim of a violent crime. Judging by city crime rates and data, crime rates in this area are about 50% higher than the national average, but most of these cases are focused on property crimes

What Are the Bad Areas of Sacramento? Crime Rates Can Vary

Although this city is mostly safe, there are some areas you have to be more careful about, judging by their slightly higher crime rates. For example, the downtown area might get more dangerous during the night, when the working population empties it out. Car thefts are higher around there, too, so be careful about where you leave your vehicle. Some other areas considered more dangerous than average are:

  • Parker Homes,
  • Del Paso Park,
  • Midtown,
  • Upper Land Park,
  • South Hagginwood.
Streets at night
Judging by FBI data and statistics, some places in the city are more dangerous than others

What Is the Best Area to Live in Sacramento, CA?

Depending on your personal preferences, unique needs, and requirements, you can choose from several options around the city. Some are great for young professionals and singles, while the others are more suitable for family life. Some of the safest areas in Sacramento will be mentioned and furtherly described in the following part of the article. 

You’ll learn about the cost of living in these places, the best amenities, and the schools your children can attend. Later on, you can also find out how to move efficiently using our professional moving services in Sacramento. You only need to write a to-do list with all of the items you need to relocate and enjoy your going away party while we take care of everything else.

Panoramic view of buildings
This city has many safe places that are great for families and young professionals

River Park Attracts Many Young Professionals

This lovely neighborhood offers sparse suburban vibes and attracts many young professionals, families with children, and retirees. Around the area, you can enjoy beautiful local restaurants, cafes, and bars. It is a diverse neighborhood, with the best-rated schools and a high safety level. Some of the highest-rated local schools serving this area are:

  • West Campus,
  • Phoebe A. Hearst Elementary School,
  • Visions in Education,
  • School of Engineering & Sciences.

Cost of Living Is About Average

Life here is also suitable for your pocket – real estate prices are close to California’s average. For example, you can buy a home for approximately $500,000, which is the median home price, or rent a place for about $1,300. If you consider the statistics that show that most of the residents own their homes, it might be easier to buy a house here than to find an available place for rent. The median household income in this area is significantly higher than the national average – about $100,000 per household. 

 Rent prices here are pretty affordable as opposed to median rent prices in California

Village 9 Has the Lowest Crime Rates

When it comes to low crime rates, Village 9 is definitely one of the best options. Judging by Areavibes, the property crime rate here is 70% lower than the national average, while the total crime rate is about 66% lower than the national average. According to this, Village 9 is safer than 84% of the places around California. On the other hand, if you are making a moving expenses checklist, you should know that life here is about 26% more expensive than the US average. The population of this place is about 5,000, and the median home value in this area is about $330,000. 

Your Children Can Attend Some of the Highly-Rated Schools

Schools around this area are highly rated, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your children are going to get a great education if you become a resident here. Some of the best local schools around here are:

  • Heron School,
  • Rio Linda Preparatory Academy,
  • Natomas Middle School,
  • Norwood Junior High School.
Your children can get an excellent education if you start living in Village 9

Natomas Park Is Exciting and Affordable

According to crime rates, this neighborhood is safer than 67% of the cities in California. It is also quite affordable, judging by the current home prices. The median real estate price is about $400,000, and the median rent is approximately $1,900. Most of the residents around here own their homes, so it might be easier to buy a home than find available apartments for rent. Neighbors here are very friendly and welcoming, and community members genuinely care about the environment. Some of the highest-rated schools serving this neighborhood are:

  • Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep,
  • Natomas Charter School
  • Westlake Charter School,
  • Heron.

Enjoy Local Parks and Community Events

If you decide to relocate to Natomas Park with your family, you’ll forget about the moving stress in no time. You can enjoy many exciting activities and local events, including farmers’ markets, food truck events, and movies in the open air. If you are relocating with pets, you can take them for a walk at any time of the day without any worries. You can enjoy long walking and biking trails, playgrounds, sports fields, and other outdoor recreation opportunities at North Natomas Regional Park. Here you can also enjoy the local’s favorite dog park, lake, and amphitheater or have a picnic at Community Park.

Green areas
You can enjoy beautiful parks around Natomas

Willow Creek Has Extremely Low Crime Rates

Willow Creek is considered one of the best neighborhoods for a good reason. It offers urban-suburban mix feels and plenty of amenities, including exciting shopping places, bars, and restaurants. With a population of about 8,000 residents and plenty of things to do, it is excellent both for families and young professionals. The median home price in this area is about $380,000, and the median rent is about $1,500. Most of the residents rent their homes, and the median household income is about $86,000. Property crimes are rare and violent crimes are almost nonexistent. Some of the best public schools serving this area are:

  • Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep,
  • Natomas Charter School, 
  • Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep School,
  • Westlake Charter School.

People Can Enjoy Plenty of Recreational Activities

If you’re a fan of water activities and sports, this might be a paradise for you. With the river running through the southern part of the neighborhood and River View Marina on its shore, multiple water sports activities are available throughout the year. You can enjoy jet skiing, fishing, or boating, whatever suits you best. If laying down and sunbathing on the beach sounds better to you, don’t miss out on Sand Cove. Shorebirds Park is another great destination for picnics overlooking the river.

Water sports
Willow Creek offers many options for water sports and recreational activities

Hollywood Park Offers Many Business Opportunities

This could be the fastest-growing neighborhood in the city, primarily because of its proximity to business areas and downtown. Commute time for most of the people living here is about 10-15 minutes, which leaves you plenty of free time after work. It attracts many young professionals, and crime rates here are about 30% lower than California’s average. If you are planning to buy real estate here, you should know that the median home price is about $350,000, while the median rent for a small apartment is approximately $1,200. 

These prices are considered as very affordable as opposed to median California prices, so this might be an ideal opportunity to become a homeowner. If you already like this idea and want to move in a hurry, professional Sacramento movers can show you how to pack fragile items or even how to pack books and learn many interesting moving hacks.

You Can Enjoy Fun Downtown Amenities

Once is certain – if you choose to live here, you will never get bored. Downtown proximity brings out many fun opportunities and interesting amenities, including amazing bars, restaurants, and shopping places. You can always visit the local Zoo, Funderland Amusement Park, and William Land Golf Course. Some of the local’s favorite Asian restaurants are New Hong Kong Wok and Mahoroba Japanese Bakery. Check out this video about the real estate market around this area.

Relocate to One of the Safest Neighborhoods in Sacramento With Professional Movers in Sacramento, CA

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