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They say everything in life is easier and more fun when you have some kind of help.

Well, the same goes for your moving process.

When moving on your own it could get a bit tricky or boring at times, but when hiring movers in Sacramento you can be sure everything will go as smoothly and easy as possible and you will sleep peacefully every single day.

The question is: how do I find reliable movers worth hiring?

It is clear you cannot just simply book the first moving company Google offers you during your online research.

So, which criteria should you be guided by when hiring movers in Sacramento?

Read this article and we will give you the list of things you should be looking for when hiring movers. In Sacramento there are many moving companies so you should make sure to follow these steps in order to find the best possible movers who will make your move a fun and positive experience.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring Movers In Sacramento?

Hiring movers is very important and very useful and beneficial for you for various reasons.

First of all your motivated movers are highly trained professionals who have spent many hours of training so that they could provide the best service possible for you.

They will bring all the packing supplies with them, pack your entire inventory, load and unload your possessions, drive them to the new home by their moving truck and in the end unpack everything if you ask them to.

Hiring movers in Sacramento will save you a lot of time, nerves and energy.

Instead of rushing to pick up your kid from school and come back home in time to pack the living room and clean the kitchen, you will be able to enjoy your free time and do whatever pleases you, whether it is walk in the park or movies with a friend.

And in the meantime, your motivated movers will be doing their job and make sure you have the best moving experience ever.

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What To Look For When Hiring Movers In Sacramento?

Check Out Their References.

There are many ways to check out the history your moving company has with its clients.

And we would always advise you to do so in order to avoid getting in any kinds of not so pleasant situations because of doing business with unreliable movers.

If possible, try to get as many recommendations as possible. Call all of your friends and relatives who have been hiring movers in Sacramento and see what they have to say about different moving companies they have been working with.

Listen to different stories your close ones told you and make a list of the companies you consider worth checking out.

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After you do so, it is time you do your research.

Google all of the moving companies you have been thinking about hiring and see what their reviews are online. You could also see the comments other people have been writing about the particular movers and then form your own opinion.

In the end you could even ask for the list of three clients your movers have been working with in the past few months and contact them directly and ask about the experience they have had with the movers you are interested in.

These are all good ways to get some extra info about the movers you are considering hiring and make sure they are worth it.

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Make Sure The Movers Are Licensed.

When moving the last thing you want is getting in any kinds of fraudulent activities some companies might pool you in.

When looking for the best movers who are definitely worth hiring you should start with double checking whether the moving company is licensed.

We advise you to only work with the movers who are licensed and are therefore much safer options for working with.

You should also try to avoid any kinds of companies with frequent name switches. This only means they are trying to avoid being assessed by the Better Business Bureau and you should try to find movers who are not doing this.

When hiring movers in Sacramento make sure that their moving company has a local address and a license number.When checking their license number you can ask any of their employees or visit verified websites in order to get this information.

We warmly advise you to do so.

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Make Sure You Pay A Reasonable Deposit.

There are people who will not even think twice once they hear the price of the deposit and will pay no matter how high it is or how unreasonable that sounds.

You should not be one of those people.

When getting an agreement on the deposit you should always make sure it is not too large.

And some movers will even demand the full price in advance!

You should never settle for this.

Reliable and reputable movers who are known for the great service they have been providing for their customers will never ask you to pay too large deposits or even the full price in advance.

If you do so you will not have any control or say in what is going on during the moving process. Your movers might be three days late, yet you will not be able to do anything since you have already paid the full amount in advance.

Just remember: you should pay the full price upon a delivery and not before that.

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Ask What Payment Options These Movers Offer?

Different people, with different carriers and incomes are used or able to pay in different ways.

While for some of us it is the easiest to pay with checks or credit cards, for some it will not be a problem even to pay everything in cash!

Also, not all of these ways of paying are acceptable for different moving companies. While some movers will be completely O.K. with paying with checks, others will not allow it.

Before hiring movers in Sacramento or getting yourself in any kinds of unwanted situations, you should call your moving agent and ask which payment options are allowed.

Some experts say it is best to pay with credit cards since it could save you from different sorts of fraudulent activities.Also, reputable movers who are known for their professionalism and honesty will not demand large amounts of money in advance, especially in cash.

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Double Check What Is Their Way Of Charging

Different movers charge based on different stuff.

Basically, there are three ways of charging most moving companies stick to:


Some moving companies charge hourly. This means that the longer the job takes to be finished, the higher your final price will be. This way of charging is therefore O.K. for local moves, but if you are moving long distance you should never agree on hourly charging or you should look for different movers. You should not be forced to pay large sums of money just because the traffic was horrible and the truck driver took twice longer to reach the destination.

Based On The Number Of Men Required For The Job.

Some moves require more men than the others do. If you have a three bedroom home with a lot of stuff in your inventory it is quite logical you will need more men compared to those who are living in a one bedroom apartment. And the more men are being taken for the move, the higher final bill will be.

Based On The Weight Of The Inventory.

Many companies charge based on the weight of your inventory. In order to determine the size of the inventory, they will send an estimator to your home to check out all the things you possess, measure them and based on that give you a moving quote.

If you wish to get a realistic moving quote you should make sure to get not only one, but at least three estimators from different moving companies to your home in order to give you a quote (of course, some movers offer an online survey). Instead of trying to trick you and charge some extra dollars they will lower their prices because of the competition.

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Be Careful With Extra Fees.

Many people talk to their moving agents about the potential final price, but instead of what they have been talking about they get stunned once they receive the final bill.

Why is that so?

Well, usually, hidden fees are to blame for this problem.

How to avoid them?

In order to avoid them, you need to be informed about what is considered as extra fees by the particular movers you are thinking about hiring.

Although moving companies tend to charge different things as hidden fees, there are some things many companies consider as such:

Before making any final arrangements make sure you have spoken about these questions with your moving agent and you will not be unpleasantly surprised once the final bill arrives.

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Do They Have Extra Storage?

Having extra storage can be very important if something unpredicted happens during the move.

If for any reason your new apartment does not get ready by the time you have left your old place you will need some space where you will be able to put your belongings.

Sure, your friend’s house or your mom’s sofa might be a great and not expensive solution for you, but what about all of your stuff?

Many movers in Sacramento have their storage units where you can leave your precious belongings under the key and come and pick them up when your new nest gets ready for moving into.

This will definitely cost you some extra dollars, but it will pay off.

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What Insurance Do They Offer?

We have already spoken about how hiring movers in Sacramento can make a moving process so much easier for you.

Still, that does not mean that your movers are incapable of accidentally slipping or dropping something.

You should never get angry – these things happen to everybody.

But, you should be prepared.

Before signing the contract with the moving company, ask what kind of insurance they offer and carefully think whether it will work for you.

It is very important you get all of your precious belongings protected when hiring movers in Sacramento and move stress-fee.

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Get A Free Moving Quote

If you are looking for the best movers you should be hiring in Sacramento, we are the right choice for you.

Visit our website and get all the information about your moving quote only by filling an online form! You can also give us a call over the phone and ask about all the details you are interested in and we will be more than glad to answer all of your questions.

We are looking forward to moving together!

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