The Only Moving To-Do List You’ll Need for Your Next Move

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According to statistics released by AMSA, an average US citizen moves almost 12 times during their life. While you don’t have to be an expert to move, learning how to create a well-structured moving to-do list could make the process significantly easier, especially if you relocate often. Take a look at how you can set it up yourself and which things you should do throughout the process.

While planning everything certainly makes the process more manageable, sometimes you just won’t be able to do everything correctly. In that case, know that you can always count on Professional Sacramento Movers to finish most of the relocation-related tasks for you.

How Do I Start Preparing to Move? By Creating a Moving To-Do List

Only someone who has never moved can ask, “Is there a checklist for moving?” If you genuinely want to move efficiently, you’ll almost certainly have to create a to-do list for moving. Usually, you’ll want to start by setting a deadline for all the tasks that need to be done before the actual relocation. Certain things will likely have to be finished before others, so make sure that you prioritize the most important obligations before going into detail with something that can be done later.

There Are Several Ways to Organize Checklists

While writing down a simple checklist can sometimes be enough, you might want to sit down and create a relocation binder that will hold all the essential files and reminders you’ll need throughout the entire process. You can also make a “relocation” folder on Dropbox or Google or install one of the numerous organizing apps. Last but not least, using a calendar will help you keep track of all the day-to-day activities, making sure you don’t get overwhelmed with unfinished tasks as the move progresses.

You can easily keep track of your tasks by creating a digital relocation folder on Google

Starting Two Months Before the Relocation Should Give You Enough Time to Do Everything

Although you can never be too early, anyone who already moved would agree that it’s best to start the preparations two months before the relocation. Doing some crucial tasks four to eight weeks in advance will give you more than enough time to cover everything, especially if you have to pack fragile items. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to learn how to pack to move in a hurry, which can deal a lot of damage to your belongings if not done correctly. Avoid a lot of relocation stress by crossing the following tasks off your checklist at least a month before the move:

  • Plan a budget – Creating a relocation expenses checklist is a must, especially if you plan to hire a moving company in Sacramento. It will also help you calculate how much money you’ll need to get all the necessary supplies, cover insurance, and any other additional costs.
  • Book a relocation company – Once you’ve set your budget, you should start getting free quotes from at least a few moving companies in Sacramento. This will save you the trouble of looking for a mover later on when there are significantly fewer numbers of them available.
  • Go through your entire inventory – A well-organized moving inventory list will help you assess the number of supplies you’ll have to get, allowing you to prepare for the later stages of the residential relocation properly.
  • Create a moving packing list – Doing inventory also helps you organize your packing process, allowing you to plan everything to the smallest of details.
  • Organize your documents – Secure all the crucial files in advance and back up the files on your computer just in case. If you’re not sure how to organize all the paper you have at home, take a look at how you can do it in the video below.

Declutter Your Home of All the Items You Don’t Need, Even if They Are Brand New

Since you’re already going through your inventory, this is the perfect time to get rid of the items you don’t need. This also includes dealing with things movers won’t move, including everything from plants and food to various hazardous materials. You can give away some of the belongings to a charity, sell them online, or even organize a yard sale. This will significantly reduce the amount of work you have to do in the upcoming weeks and allow you to save some money on supplies.

Notify Your Employer and Other Appropriate Institutions About Your Move

Unless your company is relocating as well, you should inform your employer about the move at least a month early. This is especially important if you’re relocating on a weekday since the move might interfere with your daily obligations. Take into account that you’ll probably have to take at least a day or two off after the relocation concurs.

If you’re relocating with children, check if the same school district covers your new home. Unless you’re relocating within the same neighborhood, you’ll likely have to transfer your kids to an entirely new school, meaning you’ll have to notify their current one and make the appropriate arrangements as soon as possible.

Notify your employer about the move if it’s going to affect your work hours

What Should I Do 30 Days Before Moving?

Although the last four weeks before the move will also include all sorts of tasks, you’ll primarily focus on getting all the necessary supplies and preparing for packing in general. Since you’ll need plenty of boxes, the more you get, the better. If you didn’t adequately plan your budget, don’t worry, you can get boxes and other materials for free from your local store or by looking on websites such as Freecycle. While you’ll pack most of your things later, you can start packing books and other non-essentials right away. Just make sure you’ve appropriately labeled all the boxes to avoid confusion later.

Purchasing insurance is another crucial task you’ll tackle during this period. Although Sacramento moving services provide basic coverage, this is by no means enough to offset the losses you can experience in case of an accident. If your current place is insured, you should also transfer the insurance to your new home.

Since the relocation is only a month away, renters will also have to give a 30-day notice to the landlord. Furthermore, unless you don’t mind living without the internet, you’ll also want to notify the utility companies about four weeks in advance to give them enough time to set up the transfer. This will also be your last good opportunity to hire some affordable Sacramento local movers, as many companies raise their prices when booked at the last minute.

What Should I Do 3 Weeks Before Moving?

Before continuing to pack the rest of your belongings, you still have some essentials to cover. Firstly, you should change your address on the USPS website and forward your mail to your new home. Since the preparations can become pretty intense in the last two weeks, it might be a good idea to find someone to take care of your children for the duration. If you’re relocating with pets, know that movers in Sacramento, CA, aren’t allowed to relocate them. Unless you’re planning to move them yourself, you should arrange for someone to transport the pets to your new home. Some other details include returning borrowed items, organizing your upcoming meals, dealing with plants, and paying any leftover bills.

Transfer any services you’re using to your new location

Do Most Of Your Packing in the Last Two Weeks

Most of your belongings will be packed in the last two weeks before the move. Most would agree that doing room by room is the best way to pack, as it will keep you from forgetting anything. Once again, remember to label each box, and you won’t have any trouble once unpacking starts. If you’re unsure how to wrap certain items, reading up on some relocation hacks will undoubtedly make packing dishes and other household belongings significantly easier.

Take a few photos before unplugging cables from electronics, as this will allow you to reattach everything easily once you move in. The rest of the tasks for this period include updating your documents with your new address, including your driver’s license and ID. Lastly, this is the perfect time to organize a going away party, as you’ll have to clean the entire home before you move out anyways.

Labeling the boxes will allow you to find anything much more quickly

Finish All the Remaining Preparations in the Last Week

Unless you decided to relocate at the very last minute, don’t leave too many tasks for the final week before the move. Since most of your smaller belongings are likely already neatly packed, it’s time to disassemble larger furniture pieces. You should also check in with the company that’s providing you moving services in Sacramento to confirm the deal. If you’re a renter, you should focus on cleaning each room as you empty it. Leaving the place in excellent shape will allow you to get your entire security deposit back. Whether you’re a renter or an owner, remember to empty and defrost the fridge. Sacramento moving companies won’t move food or anything else that might spill over the rest of your belongings.

Check If All the Essentials Are Packed at Least a Day Before the Relocation

Many people tend to forget about the essentials when making their moving list of things to do. To avoid opening up half of the boxes as soon as you move in, make sure you’ve packed all the necessities separately. More often than not, people won’t pack plates, phone chargers, crucial documents, and basic toiletries before the last day, so double-check that they are all there before leaving the house. Other essentials you should prepare include bedding, pillows, kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies, and some entertainment items.

Use the last week to go over everything and finish up any remaining tasks

Your Relocation Day Checklist Is Going to Be Short, but Crucial

If you’ve followed this checklist to a tee, you won’t have to worry about too many things on the relocation day. Your most important task is to cooperate with the movers you’ve hired by allowing them to do their work as efficiently as possible. Do this by clearing a path for them or by ordering some food and beverages.

If you’ve packed your stuff all by yourself, overlook the loading of the truck to make sure nothing gets broken. Once everything is loaded, do one final sweep of the premises to check if anything was left behind. Renters will want to take a few photos as proof that the place was left in excellent condition to ensure the deposit gets returned. Finally, verify that everything is listed before signing the bill, and tip the movers if they did a good job.

Keep a List of Things to Do When Moving Into a New House

Before your relocation can concur, you’ll need to set up everything around the house. This will include many things, like changing the locks, checking utilities, cleaning, setting up the bedrooms and the bathroom, unpacking the kitchen, and getting groceries. Once you unpack entirely, you’ll finally be able to relax and fully enjoy your new home.

Take a small breather before unpacking completely. You’ve earned it

Now That You’ve Made Your Checklist, Hire One of the Top Relocation Companies in Sacramento to Assist You

With enough time and dedication, this checklist will allow you to prepare for your relocation easily. If you can’t iron out all of the details on your own, don’t worry. Our company Professional Sacramento Movers is here to help by providing you with some of the best local moving services in the area, be it residential or commercial relocation. Whether you want to move a piano or you need some packing assistance, know that you can contact us any day of the week and get a free quote on your move.

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