6 Tips That Will Help You Manage Moving Stress and Relieve Its Symptoms

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If you ask anyone what are the 3 most stressful things in life, be sure that one of the answers you’ll get will be relocation, and not only because it often happens after significant life events. Moving stress is a well-known thing, and it is entirely legitimate. We all face the difficult task of relocation at least once or twice in our lifetime, so the chances are that this kind of trouble is something you can’t avoid forever.

Some people move pretty often, but not even they can say that you get used to it quickly. Why is moving so stressful? Well, there are plenty of reasons, and they affect people in different ways. Here we will try to explain how to recognize the stress of moving and how to deal with it. Get ready for the best tips on how to cope with the anxiety and ensure your move is as relaxing as it can be!

Why Is Moving a Stressful Life Event?

Why is moving stressful? Besides the fear of relocation scams and fraudulent moving companies in Sacramento, the most apparent reason, and the one we think of first when asked this question, is that it comes with a lot of changes. Some aren’t accustomed to big changes in life, so they tend to get anxious and fearful of new things that are coming their way, even if they are for the better.

Even if changes aren’t something that troubles you and you consider yourself a risk-taker, leaving a place that was yours for quite some time is bound to bring some emotions to the surface. There is always something that you’ll miss – your favorite coffee shop, a kind neighbor, maybe that cute dog you always used to see in the mornings when you’re heading off to work. For most of us, goodbyes are not easy. That’s just human nature.

Organizing a Move Is Complicated and Practical Reasons Add up to the Stress

If you’re leaving someplace that wasn’t home for very long, maybe you didn’t get so attached to it, but still, problems don’t have to be just of emotional nature. We can lose our nerves for practical reasons as well. Organizing a move is never simple. There is plenty to consider, from decluttering and packing to transporting, learning relocation hacks, and so on.

You must think even about the benign stuff like where you’re going to find your toothbrush in the evening when you finally get to your new place. Even the tiniest problems such as this can frustrate you after the exhausting relocation day, and it all adds up to what you’re already feeling. Keep reading. We have some ideas on how to plan and organize your move without a lot of stress.

We tend to feel emotional when it’s time to leave a place we called home

#1. Recognize Moving Stress and Embrace It – Know That It’s Unavoidable

To deal with it, you first need to learn how to recognize it. Some changes are noticeable and need no explanation, but some may surprise you. You could be dealing with anxiety and not even notice it! When you learn more about it, it will be easier to find ways to relieve stress that work best for you.

Embrace the Problem, Instead of Running Away From It

What does this mean exactly? For starters, it means you should admit to yourself that you are indeed stressed out. There is no reason to pretend relocating to some new place doesn’t affect you. No one will judge you for being anxious about this, trust us. Everybody knows that this is not the most manageable period. Try to be optimistic as much as you can. We realize that’s not easy for everyone, but it can be done with a bit of effort. Having a positive mindset is kind of like cheering for yourself, and it’s surprisingly helpful!

You Could Face Some Emotional Changes Because of Stress

Once the relocation day starts approaching slowly, you will notice some differences in the way you feel. A constant state of panic is not unusual, and it’s commonly associated with worrying that you won’t be ready when the movers come. As in all other situations, panic only slows us down, which means you have entered a vicious cycle. Being overwhelmed with everything you have to do can make you snap at others, which is something you’ll regret later.

The Difference in Behaviour and Cognitive Functions Can Happen as Well

Forgetfulness is quite usual in anxious people. We have to fight this if we don’t want to leave behind a bunch of items. Fear of forgetting will only make us more prone to forgetting. Some people change their habits so that they can cope easier. It’s common to have changes in appetite, some eat more than usual, and some eat less. Either way, it is not good nor healthy for you. Other coping mechanisms can include smoking or drinking, but they just bring temporary relief and won’t do you good in the long run.

Physical Symptoms Are Also Common

Physical changes resulting from anxiety are harder to spot, even though they can be severe. Sometimes, you can think you’re dying, but you’re just stressed out. We all know that feeling of nausea when we’re anxious, right? Well, relocating can get you feeling that. Not only that, your stomach can hurt, but muscles, chest, and head can as well. This can make you feel exhausted and sleepy, which makes you work slower and you think you won’t meet your goal.

Woman, shocked and holding her head
Moving stress cannot be avoided, so we must learn to embrace it and deal with it

#2. Be Organized and Have a Good Plan

Excellent organization is the key to any successful job. Ideas are nothing without a good plan for realization. So if you want to get everything packed and ready, finish all those tasks ahead of you and not forget anything in that process, here’s what to do.

Always Declutter Before Relocating

What is heading to garbage, and what will you leave in storage? We all have things that are sitting in our homes wholly useless, and now there’s a chance for you to throw them away or store them, hoping they will come in handy someday. What will you donate? This is a great chance to do good for somebody or give a little present to your friend if you have something they would find helpful. Don’t forget to get rid of items movers won’t move. There’s plenty of that stuff that can’t be transported for safety reasons, and you must throw all that out. Plan so that you have time for all of this. It can be time-consuming, but decluttering does give some sense of relief when it’s finally done.

It’s Best to Make Lists to Help You Stay on Track

Lists are always helpful for bringing some order into chaos, which preparing for relocation is. A to-do list is one of the essential relocation hacks, and virtually everybody will recommend you to do this. It will prepare you to move efficiently, and things will go smoother once you have everything planned out ahead. We suggest you type everything down on your phone, so you’re sure your list is always with you. If you prefer lists on paper, go for it but be careful not to lose it somewhere. Feel free to have a few separate lists. Most commonly, people organize their lists this way:

  • Packing list – Helps you keep track of what you have yet to pack, so you don’t forget things, especially if you’re packing to move in a hurry, which we don’t recommend at all.
  • Expenses checklist – By making this list, you won’t accidentally spend more than you planned to, expenses checklist is here to keep you in check.
  • Tasks left to do – So you don’t lose track of all the errands, such as picking up dry cleaning or planning who’s going to keep your pet for a day or two if you’re relocating with pets.
Notebook and a pen on the pile of clothes
Making lists is the best way to stay organized and keep track of everything

#3. Start Packing on Time

The appropriate organization is crucial, not only when planning your relocation but generally. Packing can be exhausting for some of us; it all depends on how many rooms and stuff you have. But, even when you’re packing a small apartment and not a giant house, know that it is better to start sooner than later. It’s common to overestimate your abilities and think that this process won’t take a lot of energy when in reality, it quite often takes more than you thought it would. So, get a new plan – give yourself more time than you initially planned to.

Decide on a Strategy and Stick to It

Of course, you can’t pack everything at once, and you shouldn’t. Divide tasks into smaller subtasks that you can do relatively quickly. Doing bit by bit with breaks in between will keep you better motivated. Start from those rooms you use the least. Naturally, you won’t pack the kitchen first, right? But there’s plenty of less important stuff you can pack way ahead of the move. The point is that you end up with everything packed a few days before your Sacramento movers arrive. This way, if you forget anything, you will be able to correct the mistake and relax a bit before you have to leave. You have no idea how much this little break can do for you.

Start packing on time so that you can avoid panicking at the last minute

#4. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help or Rest

You’ve slowly started to pack up your stuff for a move. But there’s so much more to do than you have expected! The panic starts creeping in, and you’re losing your confidence. Can you do it all? How will you balance everyday life, work, and family with this tedious, endless process? Will this horror ever end? We’re here to tell you this – you don’t need to do it all by yourself! It’s okay to ask friends and family to assist you.

It’s more than okay, we’d say it’s necessary. You will go crazy if you try to tackle everything on your own. You don’t have to torture friends to help you move a piano or anything huge like that. They can do so much only by being there to pack books or do research for you on how to pack dishes. This helps you mainly because they provide emotional support, and you know you’re not alone. There’s always someone who has your back.

Relaxing Is Crucial for Staying Productive

Since we’re all only humans, you will need to relax occasionally. Don’t feel like you’re procrastinating. Little breaks now and then will boost your productivity, and you’ll be in a better mood. No one can function without enough sleep, of course. Keep that in mind and do your best to stay well-rested. Exhaustion will only have you feeling more stressed out. Additionally, you can check out the video below to learn about breathing techniques.


#5. Try This Trick to Make It Easier to Say Goodbye to Your Old Home

Why is moving so emotional? Well, it brings up a lot of memories and feelings closely related to your home or neighborhood. After all, you’re leaving a place you called home for some time, and it can’t be easy. Especially if the relocation is a consequence of recent life events, good or bad, rare are those who can stay utterly indifferent to this strange feeling that relocation brings. Here are some tips on how to cope with this.

Throw a Moving-Away Party to Say Goodbye

Having a proper goodbye is always essential. Leaving with good memories will be easy if you end your stay in the old home by throwing a going-away party. Plus, this is a good chance for you to slow down and have some fun during this challenging period. Just don’t pack plates before the party.

Do Research on Your New Neighborhood

In the breaks from packing, you can head over to the internet and check out some information about your new surroundings. You probably already know a lot about the best neighborhoods in Sacramento, but you can find out where to get good coffee near your new home or where the nearest park is. Find places you would like to visit after the relocation. Knowing more about where you’re heading lowers anxiety, helps to cope, and gets you more excited about your move.

Plane view of a suburban
Researching your new neighborhood will help you stay motivated and lift your spirit

#6. The Best Thing You Can Do to Relieve Stress Is to Hire Professional Sacramento Movers!

The ultimate best advice we can give you on coping with everything is this – get some professional assistance. Contact us for help! Why pack everything on your own when we can offer you packing assistance and pack even the most fragile items? With our Sacramento local movers, residential moving will be a piece of cake for you. Spare yourself the relocation stress and allow the best movers in Sacramento to ensure your local moving experience is excellent!

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