Pros and Cons of Moving in With Your Boyfriend in Sacramento

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In every relationship, there will eventually come a moment for the next step. Before you decide you are truly ready for living with your boyfriend, you must consider all the possible pros and cons of this significant change. Is moving in with your boyfriend a good idea? You must think carefully about this because uprooting your whole life without considering all aspects of the decision isn’t a wise thing to do. 

How to move in with your boyfriend? Naturally, organizing any move is difficult, but this particular situation is even more complex. Besides packing and planning everything down to every little detail, you must think about what things will look like after the move. What if you have moved in with boyfriend and you’re not happy? We’ve gathered crucial pros and cons that will help you decide the right move for you. 

Is It a Bad Idea to Move in With Your Boyfriend – How Do You Know if It’s the Right Moment to Make This Decision? 

Every move is bound to give you some level of relocation stress – at least if you plan to move efficiently. If you are asking yourself – is moving in with my boyfriend a good idea? – we are here to help you answer that question. The essence of this dilemma is that every relationship is different, and not all romance is destined to survive the challenges life brings upon you. However, if you believe that you have found a real partner that will be with you through thick and thin, relocating under the same roof as that special someone surely can’t be a wrong decision. 

Of course, it won’t be all sunshine and rainbows immediately after you move into a lovely home in one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento, but you can get through that. One of the wisest relocation hacks that you need when you are about to move in with a significant other is learning what to expect. It’s not all about unpacking and changing your address after the relocation – there are a few things that are different from a regular local move, and we will explain them all below. 

Does Moving in Ruin a Relationship?

What to expect when you move in with your boyfriend? Can the romance go downhill after you start spending more time with the love of your life? In theory – it can, but only if you aren’t ready to compromise and communicate well with one another. Open communication is the basis of any successful relationship, and that is something you work on every day, even before you move in together. When it comes to compromising, that might be a more significant challenge than you expect. Keep in mind that you can’t always win the discussion – that’s not healthy for either you or your boyfriend.

A man and a woman sitting on the couch, giving each other a high five
What will it be like to live with your boyfriend? You should know what to expect

Pros of Living Together That You Will Love

Checking off tasks from your packing list won’t be so fun, but you will realize that it was worth it once the move is over. There are countless pros to living with your partner – it was hard to narrow it down to the best ones. After you read this, you might want to move in a hurry, but don’t rush – there’s a lot to be taken care of first. You must organize an awesome going-away party and handle the rest of the tasks from the relocation to-do list. So, what is there to look forward to after you move in together? 

You Will Always Have Someone to Come Home to

Coming to an empty home after a horrible day at work is one of the worst feelings. Once you move in with your boyfriend, you won’t have to worry about that – there will be someone to welcome you home and listen about your day. You will be surprised how good that can be for your mental health, especially if you have been living alone for a while. 

You Will Spend More Time With Your Loved One

We all have busy lives, and sometimes it can be just impossible to juggle between work, friends, family, and a relationship. Once you move in, you won’t have to worry about spending enough quality time together – you will be by each other’s side every day. Just think about how fun regular everyday chores are when you do them with your boyfriend – cooking dinner, buying groceries, or even mopping the floors. There’s a certain beauty in that, and you will start discovering that after you finish all the things to do after you move.

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You and Your Boyfriend Will Become Even Closer

Of course, this is an obvious one – spending all mornings and evenings together will bring you closer. Even if you’ve known each other for years, you will undoubtedly learn a lot you didn’t know about your significant other – living with someone is way different than dating. So, expect some changes once you move into your new home in one of the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento – but know that those changes will be for the better. This is definitely something you want to experience, as it will make your relationship stronger than ever. 

Handling Finances Is a Lot Easier When You Don’t Live Alone

You probably don’t like dealing with finances and worrying about your budget. Once you move in with your boyfriend, you won’t have to worry as much as you did before, considering that all bills will be split in two. Starting from your relocation expenses checklist, every next big spending will bring you 50% less stress because your significant other will be there to share the responsibilities with you. Sure, this isn’t a good enough reason to cohabitate with someone, but it’s undoubtedly one of the pros of living with someone. Check out the video below to see a few examples of how couples split rent and bills – this will help you in the future.

You Have Someone to Buy You Ice Cream When You’re on Your Period

When you live alone, it can be just impossible to go to the store and buy food when you’re in pain. Living with someone solves this problem quickly – your significant other will always be there for everything you need, whether it’s ice cream, pizza, or just pain medication. This is one of the excellent benefits of having your boyfriend under the same roof as you – now you’ll probably want to start house hunting for a place in the most popular Sacramento suburb, right?

You and Your Partner Can Take Care of Each Other When You Are Sick

It’s a similar benefit as the one above, but this also means that you can be there for your boyfriend when he’s not feeling well. Taking care of each other when you are sick means that you will bond even more, even if you thought that was impossible. Situations like this show you how you handle difficulties in life and are crucial for predicting your future as a couple. Aren’t all these pros enough to make you want to declutter and start deciding what to keep when you move? We sure think that this change can bring only good for the both of you. 

A man and a woman packing boxes before Sacramento movers come to move them
What’s it like to cohabitate with your loved one? There are so many benefits to this

Cons That Take Time Getting Used to 

You shouldn’t expect everything to be perfect immediately. Of course, there will be stuff that requires getting used to, but that’s not a reason not to pack books, furniture, and clothes and merge your life with someone. If you’re aware of possible difficulties and have open communication with your significant other, there won’t be any problems you two can’t solve. 

You Won’t Be Able to Keep All Your Furniture in the New Home

There’s one minor obstacle that can make your move a bit complicated. When you move in with someone, it’s not likely that you will have enough space for all of his and your pieces of furniture or two sets of plates in the kitchen cabinets. Essentially, you won’t need every household item times two, so some decluttering is undoubtedly in order. 

Here’s the perfect chance to test your abilities to compromise. For example, you can pack plates, but then your boyfriend gets to pack glasses – it’s a benign example, but it explains how compromising should work in situations like this. So, what to do with excess household items? The solution is simple – donate them at one of these donation centers in Sacramento:

  • Sacramento Habitat for Humanity,
  • Assistance League of Sacramento,
  • Goodwill Superstore,
  • Society of St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. 

Having Alone Time Might Be a Bit Difficult

You will rarely be alone, and sure, that’s what being a couple means. However, everybody needs an occasional moment for themselves, which doesn’t change no matter how much you love someone. Both of you should find an activity that you can enjoy alone, or have a corner in the house that’s just for you. Suppose your significant other doesn’t understand why couples need alone time as individuals. In that case, you will have to talk about that and set healthy boundaries that will allow for successful cohabitation. 

If One of You Has Moved With a Pet, the Other One Will Have to Adjust 

If you aren’t relocating with a pet, but your boyfriend is, you will face new challenges. Sure, you are already familiar with his furry friend, and you might love each other, but cohabiting will require an adjustment period. The same thing goes for the reverse situation – if you have a pet and he doesn’t. Keep in mind that the relocation wasn’t only stressful for you and your boyfriend – pets find it difficult as well. 

You Learn a Lot About Each Other’s Weird Habits

We’ve already established that you will learn a lot about your loved one after the move. However, we must emphasize that not all of your discoveries will be pleasant. Everybody has their weirdness and strange habits that they are used to – you do, too. You will have to embrace each other’s differences. That’s one of many lovely sides of cohabitation.

You Can’t Avoid Your Partner When You Are in a Fight

Well, that can get awkward, we won’t lie. Let’s say you two have a huge fight. If you don’t share a place, you have an option to storm off angrily, but when you live together, that is a bit more difficult. Although this can seem a bad thing, after you think about it, you will realize that it isn’t. Staying in the same room will force you to face the problem, communicate with each other, and eventually resolve the issue. So, this might not be for the cons list after all, right?

A man and a woman sitting on the couch and arguing
No one can promise you that everything will be peachy, but there’s beauty in imperfection

How to Avoid the Mistake of Moving in With Your Boyfriend Too Soon? 

How long should I wait to move in with my boyfriend? Is this one of the questions that bother you? Unfortunately, no one can tell you when is the exact right moment for this step – you will have to trust your instincts. That sounds corny, but it’s the truth. If you feel that you are ready and have considered all aspects of the situation, that probably means that you are prepared. 

Second-guessing your decision and excessive worrying about how this will turn out aren’t such great signs. You should be over the moon about the decision – and if you are positive that you are making the right decision, you will be happy. 

A woman hugging a man, both smiling
Not trusting your instincts when it comes to this decision is a bad idea

Moving in With Boyfriend Checklist – Things You Will Have to Communicate About

Have you researched the standard tips for moving in with a boyfriend? If you haven’t, you better do it soon. That is way more important than learning which items movers won’t move or trying to pack all of your fragile items – trust us on this. Before worrying about basic relocation problems, you should ask yourself – how to move in with a boyfriend? 

Questions You Must Answer Before You Move in

Even if you are confident that you are ready for the next step, there are some issues you should talk about. These dilemmas are better resolved sooner than later, and after you move in, it could be difficult to deal with these problems. So, here are the questions you should ask each other before you definitely decide to move in together:

  • Which neighborhoods are good options for the both of you?
  • How much are you ready to spend on rent?
  • How will you split finances?
  • What are your plans for the future?
  • Do you plan on having pets (if you don’t already)?
  • Do you both agree on having or not having children?
  • Do you have a backup plan if this doesn’t work out for some reason?
 A woman and a man looking at the notebook, sitting on the couch, man hugging a woman
Write down these questions, and check them off the list one by one

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