10 Moving Hacks That Are Borderline Genius

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Relocations can be tough, we all know that. Even when you find your dream home and everything seems perfect, there comes a moment when you start wondering how you are going to relocate all of your belongings there. The convenient moving hacks mentioned in this article are borderline genius, and they will help you go through this process with ease.

Obviously, even with the best hacks and tips, there are some situations where you can’t do everything by yourself. That’s completely normal, it happens to everyone. Luckily, there is a great solution for moments like that, and yes, you guessed it – it’s hiring professional Sacramento movers. Sacramento local movers can offer you timely assistance and provide you with many great services for home or business relocation.

Follow the Best Packing and Moving Hacks for Easier Relocation

Wonder what is the best way to avoid relocation stress or how do I make painless moving? Take your to-do list and start writing down these convenient relocation tips. They can save you from a lot of potential troubles and make your relocation experience much better. These helpful packing tips and tricks will help you learn how to move efficiently and many other interesting things. Even if you wonder how do you pack to move in a hurry, you can find some convenient solutions that can help you save time, space, and money. Keep reading to find out more.

These Tips Will Also Help You Save Money

Apart from asking how can I make moving easier, you may also wonder how can I move cheaply? Some of these tricks are great if you’re relocating on a budget because they will show you how to use things you already own in order to protect and pack your belongings instead of buying packing materials. If you have trouble doing some steps on your own, feel free to contact the best movers in Sacramento and require their packing service. They can even give you a free quote that you can include in your relocation expenses checklist.

Money in a wallet
You can save money by using things you already own

#1 Use Your Suitcases Instead of Boxes to Pack Books

Wondering how to pack books? Using suitcases as containers for your books and other heavy stuff is a genius idea many people forget about. Instead of relocating your suitcases empty, or stuffing them with clothes which are not so heavy anyway, use them for some heavier items like books. Lifting a box full of books might be challenging. On the other hand, suitcases have wheels, so relocating these objects can be much easier. They are also made of thick and quality materials that will definitely secure your heavy and delicate belongings.

Suitcases are a great alternative for boxes

#2 Place Spices and Other Smaller Things in Pots

Putting spice containers and bags inside of a pot is a cool way to organize and secure them for the move. Pots are made of durable and sturdy materials, so small containers will be safer from potential breakages if you put them inside. Just remember to secure the lid with a rubber and you are good to go.

Put Knives Inside Oven Gloves Instead of Boxes

One of the cool ideas for securing knives, especially if you are relocating with pets or small children, is to place them inside oven gloves. These gloves have a thick structure that will both keep your knives safe from scratches and yourself and your helper from getting hurt.

Pot and spices
Put spice containers inside of pots to protect them

#3 Put Socks Inside Shoes to Maintain Their Shape

How to keep your shoes in shape during relocation, you may wonder? One of the tricks to make relocating easier is to put socks inside of shoes to keep them in shape during the relocation process. This is great especially for those delicate or expensive pairs, stuff them with socks and don’t worry. Sturdier pairs such as boots should go at the bottom of the box, and more sensitive pairs on top. This is also economical because you won’t have to spend money on paper and other stuffing materials. Besides socks, old newspapers are also a great alternative solution.

Use Tea Bags When Packing Shoes in a Moving Box to Keep Them Smelling Fresh

An additional pro tip, if you’re trying to prevent unpleasant odors and keep your sneakers smelling fresh during and after the relocation, is to put unused tea bags inside of them. Choose your favorite smelling tea and place a tea bag under socks or other stuffing materials.

Tea bags can keep your shoes smelling fresh

#4 Take Numerous Pictures

One of the most useful moving tips and hacks is to take pictures of pretty much everything before you start relocating your household belongings. No matter if we’re talking about bookshelves, closets, or the back of your TV, once you get to your new apartment, you will try to remember how everything was arranged so perfectly. The best and fastest way to memorize every detail is to rely on your phone camera. If you are having a going away party, you should also take some photos with your friends and family that you can later print out and put in a frame in your new home.

You Should Know Electronic Cords Purpose Before Leaving the House

Taking pictures from the back of your electronic devices such as TVs and computers is essential if you want to remember the way cords were arranged and plugged in. Snap a quick photo before unplugging them and ensure lighting is good so you can easily see everything later when you need it. Use your flashlight while unplugging them gently to ensure nothing breaks or gets damaged. Untangle and secure each piece individually and try using a separate, water-resistant container for them.

Taking pictures is an easy memorizing technique

#5 Put Trash Bags Over Hangers to Protect Clothes

Another one of the many packing hacks for moving is to put trash bags over your clothes while keeping them on hangers. These will protect them from dust and provide them the proper coverage during the relocation process. This is an economical and fast way to protect your clothes, whether you’re using tall wardrobe boxes or not. However, we do have to mention that wardrobe boxes are a real lifesaver, they are ideal for those wrinkle-prone dresses and shirts. You don’t want to spend the first few days in your new home on ironing, don’t you?

Cover your clothes with trash bags

#6 Leave Clothes Inside Drawers

Another great way to save space is to leave clothes inside drawers during relocation. You can use them as an alternative for any other type of container. Together with saving your time, this is also economical – you’ll spend less on cardboard, and save some space. Just make sure you wrap everything together to ensure that full drawers don’t fall out during transportation. Unfortunately, there are some companies that won’t allow this.

Roll Clothing to Save Space Inside Drawers

If your drawers are full and pieces of underwear, socks, or other clothing items are sticking out, you can use some convenient folding method to reorganize them in order to save space. Our suggestion is to roll these pieces and place one over another until everything is nicely arranged. This method is also helpful for later when you try to find some specific items inside your drawers.

There is no need to take clothes out of drawers

#7 Prepare a Bag With Essentials for Relocation Day

Even if you’re relocating locally, one of your priorities should be to prepare a bag or a box with essentials. If you’re relocating with children and family, every family member should have its bag containing their personal belongings. Some of the things you should include in this first-day bag are:

  • Clean towels,
  • Clothes,
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • Soap and shower gel,
  • Bedsheets,
  • Comfortable shoes,
  • Medicines,
  • Charger.

If there are any other items you use daily and you feel like you couldn’t survive without using them, include those pieces as well. This list can be reorganized according to your personal needs and preferences. This convenient video shows some more ideas on what you could prepare for the first day.

#8 Protects Fragile Items With Towels and Blankets

If you wonder how to pack fragile items, our best tip is to wrap them in your soft household belongings, and by that, we mean socks, blankets, towels, and any other soft fabrics you already have. For example, socks can be ideal for packing glasses, while blankets are more appropriate for larger items such as TVs. Once you wrap your belongings in these fabrics, you can put them in a box or some other container knowing there are small chances that something will get damaged. Just to be sure, you can add other cushioning materials to fill out empty space in – for example, old newspapers.

Use towels and blankets for protection

#9 Put Labels on All Sides

You are probably already aware of the fact that you should definitely label your boxes, no matter if you get professional assistance or not. This is not only essential for your helpers but for you as well. There is no need to remember everything when you can simply write it or tape it down. When doing so, make sure these labels are visible from all angles. This is important because in some moments, you’ll put your containers one on top of another, and you will still want to be able to see what is inside of them without needing to pull out each one and move it around to find the label.

Label all sides of the container

#10 Store Light Bulbs Into Christmas Ornament Boxes

You might already have thought that Christmas ornament containers are an excellent place for fragile objects, but have you thought about putting light bulbs inside of them? Light bulbs, in most cases, are similar to ornaments in their size and shape, and they are also fragile, so this packaging might be perfect for them. You’ll save them from getting broken, and you’ll avoid improvising complicated methods to protect them.

 Light bulbs
Store light bulbs into Christmas ornaments container

Professional Sacramento Movers Can Offer You Excellent Services and Show You More Interesting Moving Hacks

If you are pleased with the interesting things you learned in this article but still don’t feel like you’re able to go through this alone, that’s completely understandable. You can always contact a reliable moving company in Sacramento – Professional Sacramento Movers. Our experienced Sacramento movers can offer you affordable residential relocation and even commercial relocation services and can help you relocate to one of the best Sacramento neighborhoods with ease. They can even show you how to pack plates for relocation or how to move a piano. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions or concerns, and we’ll be happy to help.

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