Moving Expenses Checklist That Will Help You Stay Within the Budget

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Do you ever wonder how people have their finances under control during a move? One of the common questions is – Is there a checklist for moving? Whether you are the first-time mover or have already got a hold on how the game works, having a moving expenses checklist is practically a must-have. Making checklists is always an excellent way to keep any kind of tasks ahead of you in order, especially when we’re talking about finances.

Organizing a move is usually complicated, and a long list of moving expenses is not the only reason for that. Trying to tackle so many things at once is bound to affect your peace of mind. When we add to that all the emotional changes in your life, it is no wonder why people tend to become forgetful and lose sight of their finances. If you don’t want to end up with an empty wallet after your relocation, we have some tips on how to stay within the budget and have the most effortless relocation yet.

Costs Can Pile up in No Time – Here’s How to Stay Within the Budget With the Help of a Moving Expenses Checklist

The problem with relocating to a new home is that there are so many things to do, so it’s easy to get lost. You try to stay focused on the most important ones, such as paying a relocation company, and then forget entirely about tiny things, like tape and markers, or buying pizza and snacks for your friends who are helping you. Not the mention your going-away party. And what happens later is this – when you add up all those small spendings, they can make quite the amount!

How Do You Calculate Moving Costs?

To navigate through the craziness that a long relocation process is, curate a substantial moving expenses list. Writing down neatly all of your payments will allow you to keep track of the money flow. It has been shown countless times that this method brings results and helps keep you within spending limits. Don’t hesitate to give it a try – after all, this is something that won’t cost you a cent.

Somebody writing in the notebook, coffee on the table next to it
Set clear goals for your budget

The Cost of Relocating Can Vary Depending on a Few Factors

Although many wonder how much should I budget for moving expenses, it is hard to predict how much you’ll have to spend in the end. Generally speaking, your relocation expenses list can help you get a better idea, but the final cost depends mostly on these factors:

  • The distance – Luckily for you, you’re only relocating locally to one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento, right? Taking your family to one of the safest neighborhoods in this beautiful city, for example, has a lower cost than going a long way from your old home to the other end of the country.
  • The number of family members – This also affects the cost because more people means more stuff for transporting. Additionally, if you’re relocating with pets, you must think about them too.
  • Relocation season – If you plan on relocating during the warmer months, you should keep in mind that this is when the companies are in demand, so the chances are that this means a higher price. You have to consider this in the early stages of preparing for the move, long before it’s time to go.
Two movers carrying boxes and smiling
Not all relocations cost the same, there are few things you should consider

Moving Services Require a Fair Amount of Money

If you choose a reputable moving company in Sacramento, you will need to pay a fair price. Although this may sound like an unnecessary expense, you should know that it isn’t unnecessary, even a little bit. It is always best to invest in quality services for a higher price than risk being a victim of some relocation scams.

Costs of Packing Assistance

You want your movers to be the best, professional and careful with your belongings. If you have to move in a hurry, it’s better to have a company that offers packing assistance. It’s even more crucial that they are gentle with your stuff, especially fragile items, or for example, when they have to move a piano – which we could all agree is something of value. So, in the early stages of your move, you should consider if this is something you’ll need, and if the answer is yes, write it down so you can recalculate your budget accordingly.

Transportation Fees

Even if you decide to skip professional help for packing, it is unlikely that you’ll give up on moving companies in Sacramento completely. Sure, some people try to do everything themselves, but that’s not simple nor easy, and it’s just not efficient relocation. It can be done with plenty of to-do lists and help from friends and family, but why would you do that? It’s better to hire movers who will come with a truck and finish the job swiftly and without a glitch. This is the last thing to save money on because doing so will make your move harder, and there may be quite a few unexpected payments that could end up being higher than paying transportation fees to the company in the first place.

Don’t Forget to Count in the Tip for the Movers

This is not a huge cost, but it tends to be overlooked in the sea of others. You should always have some cash on you on the relocation day. It’s appropriate to thank the workers for their help with a 5-10% tip, but this is not a rule, just a general recommendation. Also, keep in mind that you’ll need refreshments, especially if we’re talking about hot California summers.

Two movers carrying a couch up the stairs
It is always polite to tip the movers

You Have to Count in the Supplies as Well

Relocation supplies don’t always cost a lot, and it’s all a matter of how creative and resourceful you are. You can improvise almost anything, but you’ll likely have to go to the store anyway. Be sure to write down in the checklist whatever you buy – as usual, there are plenty of small spendings people tend to forget about.

Little Expenses Can Add up to a Big Amount

Things that are easy to forget are markers and tape, even though they are essential. Don’t come into a situation where you have to run back to the store and then later forget to add this expense to your list. Also, chances are high that you’ll miscalculate the number of supplies needed, such as boxes or paper for packing dishes. Don’t buy massive amounts before you estimate how much you will require. Although it is good to have a few extra boxes at your disposal, you can also find them for free in plenty of places, so you should try doing this before you overspend.

How to Save on Moving Supplies?

The answer is using items you already have in the house. Various things can be used in many different ways. For example, you can use towels and clothes to wrap plates. You can pack books in suitcases, they are strong and can hold all that weight better than boxes. You can use trash bags for storing any number of things, such as clothes. Where to put all that stuff from your drawers? Nowhere, just leave it in them and wrap them with plastic wrap. This saves you time and money, it’s a double win. There areendless possibilities and countless relocating hacks to choose from.

Man holding a box with packing supplies
You can improvise a lot when it comes to supplies

Transferring Utilities and Paying Various Fees

This is boring, but it has to be done. Don’t lose sight of these costs and pay every fee on time, as they can be pretty high when considered together. Forgetting to set up the utilities in your new home can make the beginning of our life there a bit uncomfortable.

What Are Some Typical Moving in Costs?

When we’re talking about inevitable fees and charges you will have to pay, you should know that they can affect your budget, so you need to plan. Here’s what charges you will have to deal with:

  • First month’s rent, which is something you likely won’t forget,
  • Security deposit, if you are renting a property,
  • Homeowners fee, if you are buying a place,
  • Pet deposit and utility deposit are also possible,
  • Paying for storage can come up unpredicted,
  • Relocation insuranceis better to have, just in case.
A person giving money to somebody else
There are several crucial payments you should count in

Unexpected Costs Can Happen Even After You Move Into Your New Home

We sure hope that your relocation stress ends once you set foot in the new house, but things don’t necessarily always go that way. Things could be splendid, or there could be any number of problems you have to add to your already long moving out expenses checklist. You can’t predict it all, of course.

Maybe there’s a few glitches you must fix, or you decide you should paint the walls. Perhaps the kitchen sink doesn’t work? You could unpack your boxes only to find that your plates are broken, but unfortunately, you haven’t invested in full-value replacement insurance. And what if you’ve forgotten something in the old house?

This is highly unpredictable, and it causes a lot of stress to a person that has just been through a lot, having to move their whole life. On top of that, the last thing you want at that moment is financial trouble. Unreasonable spending while preparing for relocation can leave you shy with cash, so now you may struggle with those problems. It’s best to assume that there could be problems in the new house and set a few bucks aside for this.

Pile of hundred dollar bills
Try to leave some money aside for unexpected costs

Tips on How to Save Money for Relocating

Besides the most obvious tip – writing everything down in the checklist – there are few other things you can do if you are short with resources and must save a little before your move. It’s nothing uncommon, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. One of the common reasons for relocation is losing a job, so people must be well-organized to get through these difficult times.

You should think about selling things you don’t use anymore. Indeed there’s plenty of those, and you would be surprised what you can find once you start to declutter storage areas in your house. Selling can bring some of that well-needed cash which may come in handy for unexpected payments. There are many online options for this that you can consider.

Food is one of the things on the list of items movers won’t move. You should know this, so you don’t end up having to throw away plenty of it. Consider cutting down on the takeout during a few weeks that lead up to relocation day. Use whatever you can, and remember the freezer! Kids will be happy to eat all that ice cream, for sure! If you want to learn some tips on how to save money to move out, check the video below for more information.

Learn How to Stick to the Checklist

It is essential to have control, to remind yourself that this is crucial unless you don’t want to be broke for the first few months in your next home. Sure, it likely won’t be a big deal for singles, but families can have difficulty dealing with this. In any case, this is preventable.

Tricks That Will Keep You Motivated

It is not easy to stay motivated all the time during this challenging process, so you have to find ways to stay positive, motivated, and on track with everything. Here are some tips that will help you achieve that:

  • Checking off items from the list  – This is a nice trick that helps us stay motivated. It gives a little satisfaction and makes us feel like we can do it all. It may sound silly, but somehow it works.
  • Keep the checklist on your phone – Paper lists can get lost. Since notes from the phone are always with you, there’s no chance to forget to write down or check something when it’s done.
  • Research places to visit near your new home – Lastly, we suggest you do this for a bit more motivation. If there’s a restaurant you’d like to check out or a shopping mall, chances are you will have one more reason to stay within the budget.
: A woman and a man smiling, between them is a box with a piggy bank on it
You should try to stick to the checklist as best as you can

Tick off the First Thing From the List – Hire Professional Sacramento Movers

Now that you know how vital the checklist is let’s get started with it. The hardest thing to do is to find a relocation company. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place. The best movers in Sacramento are here to suit all of your local relocation needs. Whatever you need, from residential relocation to anything else, like in and out of storage services, we’ll do our best to fulfill your needs. Contact us to find out more about our services and book a date.

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