How to Throw the Most Epic Moving Away Party Ever

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Preparing for a relocation is always stressful, so it’s important to mix it up a bit and have some fun while you pack your soon-to-be former home. That’s where farewell gatherings come to the scene. If you haven’t moved before and don’t know how to throw a moving away party, you’ve come to the right place. We have all the tips and tricks that are bound to make your night a memorable one.

What better way to celebrate the beginning, such as going to a new home, than organizing an outstanding party? Of course, throwing a gathering is always a lot of work, no matter if you’re inviting only close friends or every single person you know. So, how do you throw a moving away party? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

Do You Throw Yourself a Going Away Party for a Local Move?

It may sound silly to make such a fuss about going only a few blocks away, especially if you’re not even leaving the best neighborhoods in Sacramento. Does it even count as leaving? Is it worth the trouble of the additional work you’ll burden yourself with? Yes, of course! Do you honestly think that having a party can be a bad idea in any situation? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to finish packing- don’t skip the opportunity to relax with your friends.

Farewell parties are always great – it’s a chance to let yourself be a little creative and enjoy making DIY decorations and gifts. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect thing to take your mind off all that relocation stress? We sure think so, and we hope you’ll add a goodbye fiesta to your relocation to-do list!

With Our Tips, Your Fiesta Is Going to Be More Than Epic

Of course, organizing parties takes some energy and a bit of good planning on your side. Even if you don’t have any ideas for how your gathering should look, there’s no need to stress out. We will share with you our pro tips that are going to make your fiesta splendid. What’s more, we’ll show you how to have fun and still manage to move efficiently! Let’s ensure that you’ll be leaving the old home in an excellent mood.

Notebook, pen, keyboard, and a coffee
Your goals: excellent gathering and efficient move. You can have it all!

First, You Need to Write a Guest List for Moving Away Party

Having a complete guest list before you do anything else will help you organize your expenses. You should know how many people you can expect so that you can get adequate amounts of food and drinks, and decide on how large a venue you need to host them all. Additionally, you’ll want to write all those costs in your relocation expenses checklist –  it’s crucial to keep track of finances in this period of your life. All those things to do before relocating will be leaving you with less money than planned if you’re not careful. 

Who Should You Invite? 

Since you’re having a local relocation and not going too far, it’s not saying goodbye to all your friends. You’ll still see them around – after all, the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento are not that far from each other. So, if you’re not in the mood for a gala evening, there’s no need to invite everybody you know. Of course, it’s great if larger parties are your thing – be sure to call everybody and have the best time.

You can use this simple tactic to decide who will make it to the guest list: start with your closest people, and then spread the circle bit by bit. That’ll help you not to forget anybody – and we all know how forgetful everybody is during the relocation period. There are always plenty of things you forget to do when you move.

When Should You Send Moving Away Party Invitations?

Typically, it’s polite to send invitations about two or three weeks in advance, so you can give your guests time to organize their schedule, get you a gift, and decide what to wear. In some cases, like when you’re packing to move in a hurry, maybe you won’t have that much time, but try to inform them about the gathering as soon as you can. Also, be sure to request the RSVP from each guest to know the exact number of guests you can expect. You should ask everybody to mention if they’re bringing a plus one, so you can plan the amount of food and drinks you need. 

Five people taking a selfie at the moving away party
Before you start planning, decide who you want to invite

Decide on the Venue for Your Gathering Before Any Further Planning – Your Home or Somewhere Else?

Once you have the approximate number of guests, you can start thinking about the place for your farewell gathering. These types of parties are specific because your home isn’t always available for hosting. Packing is likely in progress or already done, so if you’re done with packing plates, the chances are that it would be easier to host your fiesta somewhere else. In other cases, you can’t put off packing dishes and the rest of the kitchenware for that long, and choosing your home for a gathering is only going to complicate things for you. So, if you think that a house gathering isn’t the best idea, it would be wise to explore other options.

Where to Host Your Fiesta If Your Home Isn’t Available?

If the weather serves you, you can host an outside gathering. If you haven’t gotten around to packing clothes, get something comfy from your closet and head to one of the lovely parks in Sacramento. Some great places to have a picnic or barbecue include William Land Park, East Portal Park, or McKinley Park. Whichever Sacramento park you choose, you won’t regret it – the city has so many amazing parks with plenty of great amenities.

For those who like a bit more private setting, there’s always a backyard – if not yours, then maybe your friend’s. And lastly, don’t forget to consider some of your favorite restaurants or bars. Perhaps your favorite dish and a lovely cocktail are exactly what you need to relax after the challenging task of packing fragile items or spending days and days researching the most brilliant relocation hacks.

Table at the restaurant with people at the moving away party, eating and laughing
If you don’t feel like going for a picnic, your favorite restaurant can be a top solution

Choose the Date That Won’t Interfere With Relocation Preparations

What’s most important is that the date you set for a fiesta doesn’t ruin your plans for packing, so you don’t stress out even more. Generally, people throw these events a few days before leaving the old home. For some, this works, but if you think that’s not going to work for you, you can freely organize your farewell celebration whenever you want. Maybe you would feel more comfortable if you say goodbye to the neighborhood even before you start packing furniture and other household items – that’s one of the ideas that usually work because you still won’t be under a lot of pressure and your decision to move is still new and exciting.

Woman sitting in the cardboard box, a man standing behind her
It’s essential to choose the date when you won’t be preoccupied with packing

Food and Drinks Are a Must, Naturally

Are there any good parties without tasty food and drinks? Of course not. If you chose a restaurant as your venue, you wouldn’t have to worry about this, but you’ll have to use the DIY approach in other cases. Carefully plan the amount of food you’ll need for your guests – you see why we insisted on those RSVPs, right? Keep in mind it is always better to have more food than less. You don’t want your guests to be leaving hungry, do you?

Your farewell deserves delicious dishes such as all-American appetizers you can be proud of. Besides, you’ll enjoy trying out a few fun new recipes. So, roll up your sleeves and start cooking. But, don’t forget that food is on the list of items movers won’t move. You’ll have to eat those leftovers before the relocation day! 

Plane view of the fast food for the moving away party on the wooden table
Food is a must, whether it’s catering or the DIY version

What Do You Do at Farewell Parties? Here Are Some Fun Party Ideas for Someone Moving Away

Okay, you have everything covered as far as the organization is concerned, but what will you do at your event? What do people usually do at goodbye parties? No reason to worry – we’ll give you a few ideas!

The Best Moving Out Party Themes

You can use countless themes here depending on your preferences, but there are some common ideas that people like for these types of gatherings. Here are the most popular choices:

  • Packing theme – It’s an efficient way to speed up your packing but also relax a bit. With your crew and some delicious snacks, even packing pots and pans can be a cheerful night that will lift your spirits.
  • Movie night – If you haven’t gotten around to packing a tv, you’ll need it for a more relaxing version of the gathering, you can simply choose a movie that everybody loves, get tons of pizza and bring out some quality wine. We hope you didn’t pack glasses already, as you’ll need your stemware.
  • Decluttering event – This can be even better than packing. You don’t know what to do with all those items you have but don’t want to move with you? Good, instead of packing books, you can give some of them to your guests as a little gift.
  • Game night – Who doesn’t love a game night, right? You can’t go wrong with this. If you add some music in the background and don’t forget to fill everybody’s plates now and then, you’ll have a fantastic night.

Moving Away Party Decorations If You’re on a Budget

If you’ve already spent more money than you planned to, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fabulous decorations. The DIY decorations can be even better than store-bought ones because you put your energy into them and use your creativity. So, before you waste a lot of money, search for ways to decorate your gathering – you’ll find more than you expect. As an example of an excellent idea, you can check out the video below.

Get Your Guests Thoughtful Little Gifts

We already mentioned that gifts could be something you don’t’ need anymore, but since we talked about creativity above, how about homemade gifts? Your guests will surely love it, and those gifts will uniquely commemorate the occasion. Remember, you have plenty of packing materials around the house that would be perfect for making DIY gifts.

Your Guests Will Surely Bring You a Gift, Too – Don’t Be Shy to Ask for Something Useful

Since we all know how expensive relocation is (and those close to you know it, too), you must be hoping that any gift you get can serve some purpose in your home. To ensure that it does, tell your inner circle what would be useful to have. They probably don’t want to buy you something you won’t like, so this will help them choose the gift quicker. It’s a win-win.  

Two boxes wrapped up in gift paper
Rest assured, everybody will bring you a little something to celebrate your move

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