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Once you start preparing for a move, there’s no time to rest. So many tasks and so little time will ensure a lot of pressure during the preparations. When you finish packing all of your belongings, you might think you can relax. However, a house or apartment move-out cleaning is waiting for you. Do you know how to handle this demanding task?

House cleaning after moving out is no ordinary task – you can’t just dust, mop the floors, and call it a day. There is so much more to this than it seems at first glance. However, that’s no reason to worry. In this article, we have gathered all the necessary information to help you make the place you’re about to leave shine like no one has lived there before.

Why Is House Move-Out Cleaning an Important Task on Your To-Do List?

No one loves to scrub floors or wipe the dust in their home. The chances are that you will like the idea of such a task even less after you have spent several weeks packing your belongings and you are simply exhausted. You did your best to have an efficient move – we know that couldn’t have been easy. The relocation stress might eventually get you wondering – do I have to clean when I move out?

The sad truth is that this is a step you can’t skip before your local relocation. If we’re precise – you can’t skip it if you want your security deposit back, and you probably do. Relocating to one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento can’t be cheap, and your expenses checklist must be lengthy – that deposit will come in handy. Besides, it would be unkind to leave a dirty home for future residents. Imagine if someone did that to you – it wouldn’t feel good. We trust you’ll add this task to your to-do list, right?

What Is the Difference Between Deep Cleaning and Move-Out Cleaning?

Deep cleaning isn’t something you do every week – usually, you do a bit of vacuuming and wipe the dust off the shelves. However, every once in a while, you’ll find time to scrub every inch of your home, and you will put 100% of your energy into that task – that’s what’s known as deep disinfection. But, what sets apart that and the move-out one you’re about to have? It’s pretty simple – when you are relocating, all of the furniture and items are packed. You have empty rooms in front of you. That sure is easier, but don’t think that all you have to do is mop the floors. Remember, doors and walls are also a part of the room. You will want to leave everything the way it was once you moved in – or even better.

Girl smiling and holding a spray bottle and brush
You can’t move out and leave a dirty house for the new tenants

What Is Included in a Move-Out Clean?

Now that you understand the importance of this tedious job, you have no way around it. So, what to do? If you think this is too much and you feel like you’re about to start panicking, let us tell you – there’s no reason for that. We will show you all the tips and tricks that will get you your security deposit back. With our set of relocation hacks, you will be ready once the Sacramento movers arrive to help you relocate to the safest neighborhood of your city.

The Best Way to Handle This Task Is to Follow a Checklist

Just like all other things to do before relocating, this is best done by following a checklist. To help you out, we have written you a checklist that has all the tasks you need to do listed in the order you should finish them. This expert-approved list will allow you to turn your dusty old place into a shiny new spot for the next family that will reside here after you move to the best Sacramento suburb.

  • Vacuuming the entire home,
  • Wiping the windows,
  • Wiping the doors,
  • Painting over dirty spots on the walls,
  • Scrubbing the kitchen,
  • Scrubbing the bathroom,
  • Mopping the floors.
A planner, two markers on each side of it, and a phone
Keeping track of your tasks is easier done with a checklist

#1 Conduct the Move-Out House Cleaning Right Before the Moving Day

If you think about it for a second, you will realize that it won’t make any sense to clean before you have finished packing everything in your apartment. You can’t simultaneously pack books and wipe the dust in the living room or pack dishes and scrub the fridge. Wrapping your belongings will bring up a lot of dust (especially once you pack furniture that you haven’t moved in years), so it’s best to leave the scrubbing part for last – it should be at the end of your to-do list.

Labeled boxes, plants, and a couch
Clean your apartment only once you have packed all of your belongings

#2 Don’t Declutter Cleaning Supplies While You’re Packing

Here’s one crucial reminder – chemicals are on the list of items movers won’t move. However, we wouldn’t suggest you get rid of all the sanitizing supplies during the decluttering stage since, obviously, you will need them for the big day. People often overlook that, and they have to go and buy chemicals a few days before the move so that they can clean. Another common mistake is transferring your utilities (for example, when you change your address) before the cleaning part is over. How do you plan on scrubbing anything without water and electricity? You’ll agree – it’s impossible. So, let’s see which supplies you should have:

  • Mop and a bucket,
  • Gloves,
  • Vacuum cleaner,
  • Sponges,
  • Cloths, including microfibre ones,
  • All-purpose cleaner,
  • Dishwashing soap.

This is a general list – if you use some other stuff when polishing up your apartment, be sure to add that to the list. Additionally, we can advise you to have baking soda and vinegar – they are multi-purpose cleaners, and they can be of great use to you if you run out of regular cleaners.

Chemicals and gloves in the bucket
Be sure not to declutter your supplies while packing before the big cleanse

#3 Start By Vacuuming the Whole Place

It’s best to vacuum your place before you mop the floors and handle the rest of the work. Why is that? It’s pretty obvious – you don’t want to make an even bigger mess by just pushing the dust around with the mop if you haven’t vacuumed before. So, remember that this is a crucial step, even if you have to move in a hurry.

Floors Aren’t the Only Ones That Can Be Cleaned By Vacuuming

Here’s one tip for pros – save your time and energy by vacuuming more than just floors. It sounds weird, but try to stay with us – vacuum the kitchen cabinets and bottoms of the wardrobes (if they aren’t packed to move) or any hard surfaces that you run across. You’ll do yourself a service – after that, one move with a cloth, and the surface will be spotless.

Person in orange pants holding a vacuum cleaner
Start by vacuuming your whole place

#4 Don’t Skip Windows, Doors, and Walls

Remember, we are talking about the most detailed cleaning you can think of. You want to remove all the evidence of your epic moving away party and all the damage done by your kids or pets (in case you are relocating with pets). It will be easy to wipe the windows – get a microfibre cloth for this task, and make sure you get to wiping during the day so that the sunlight can help you see the dust better.

Paint Over the Damages on the Walls and Doors

If you haven’t painted the walls in quite some time, you might have to do this now, so they seem brand new, just like you would want yours to look once you move in. Let’s be honest – you wouldn’t want painting to be on the list of things to do after relocating. Also, there’s that security deposit to think about. The same goes for doors – if you see some scratches or peeled paint, fix it. If they don’t need any work done, just wipe them.

Empty room with white walls and a window
You should leave the walls in perfect condition before you leave

#5 Leave Enough Time for Scrubbing the Kitchen

If you’re not pretty skilled in the art of getting rid of grease and crumbs, the chances are that this room will be a bit troublesome for you. There’s much to do, so we suggest you set aside the whole day for that. Carefully wipe the surfaces until everything is spotless. If you have previously vacuumed the floor and cabinets (after emptying them and packing glasses and the rest of the dishes), it will be way easier.

Clean the Appliances That Will Stay in Your Soon-to-Be Former Home

In case your fridge, freezer, or oven haven’t made it on the packing list and must be left behind, you will have to scrub them. If you don’t know how to cleanse your fridge, we would advise you to use vinegar for this – it’s a highly effective and cheap way to scrub the insides of the refrigerator, and it also works perfectly on the freezer. When it comes to scrubbing the oven, that is the perfect chance to let the baking soda show its worth. Check out the video below to see how a professional would do it.

#6 Handle the Bathroom Only After You’re Done With Other Rooms

The bathroom is best left for last for many reasons, one of them being the fact that you will be using it up until the last minute of residing in the place you’re about to leave. It wouldn’t be practical if the bathroom is cleaned first. So, once you finally handle the rest of the place, get to scrubbing the bathtub, tiles, toilet (although next tenants will probably replace the toilet seat, you should scrub it anyway), and don’t forget the sinks. Remember to pack the shower curtain – it’s one of the most commonly forgotten stuff to pack. If it’s not in great condition, you can throw it away and buy another one once you move in.

Bathroom with a sink, mirror, toilet, and a window
Scrubbing the bathroom should be done after you take care of other rooms

#7 End This Thorough Undertake by Mopping the Floors

You’re almost done! If you have followed our tips and completed all the steps we have listed, the place you are about to leave is now shining like professionals cleaned it. All there is left to be done is mopping the floors. Remember this tip once you get the mop and bucket in your hands – start from the corner of the room that is the furthest from the doors, so you don’t have to step over the wiped surfaces when you exit the room. After all the rooms are mopped, you are free to relax until your Sacramento movers from the best moving company in Sacramento show up on your doorstep on the relocation day.

A mop, chemicals, and a blue bucket on the floor
Let’s put that mop to work, shall we?

Is Hiring Professional Services for Help a Good Idea?

Professional services indeed aren’t a bad idea, but since you now know how to make your home shine, such services likely aren’t necessary. However, if you’re exhausted from all the packing, especially fragile items, hiring a professional service would be understandable. Here’s our top pick of professional services in Sacramento:

  • Maid Complete,
  • Legacy Cleaning Services,
  • Maggy Maid of Sacramento,
  • Sacramento Green Clean.
Person with gloves and protective suit wiping the wooden surface
Sometimes, hiring a professional company is the easier way

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