Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack When Moving to a New Sacramento Neighborhood

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Starting a relocation without a solid plan is never a good idea, as it’s very easy to overlook even some more important tasks. Fortunately, creating a list of the most commonly forgotten things to pack will help you avoid leaving even a single item behind. If you’re unsure what to do, write down everything we mention in this blog, and you won’t experience any problems when relocating to a new Sacramento neighborhood.

With everything that has to be done before you can move, having this checklist will allow you to track everything much more easily. However, knowing what people tend to lose won’t help much with the actual work. If you feel like the entire process is too much for you, don’t hesitate to contact our Sacramento movers to assist you.

Creating a Detailed Checklist Will Keep You from Forgetting Anything

It’s not uncommon for things to be overlooked when relocating in a hurry or without professional Sacramento local movers. Instead of going around thinking, “What did I forget to pack?” try making a simple to-do list. The checklist will reduce the amount of moving stress you have to endure and ensure that nothing gets forgotten or left behind the next time you move.

There are all sorts of lists out there, and while some prefer to write down tasks on a piece of paper, others make large moving binders to keep tabs on every detail. Try to experiment with what works for you, but remember to add everything we mention in this blog.

Creating a checklist is the best way to avoid forgetting anything

What Are the Most Forgotten Items When Moving?

For starters, people regularly forget to pack personal documents even though they should have them on at all times. Considering the most crucial paperwork is often irreplaceable or very hard to find, it’s vital not to leave anything behind when relocating to a different Sacramento neighborhood. If you don’t know what to prepare before moving out, make sure you have the following files:

  • Personal files such as your ID, passport, social security number, and birth certificate,
  • Health and dental records, as well as active health insurance policies,
  • Financial records and pay stubs,
  • Real estate deeds,
  • Driver license and vehicle titles,
  • Pet records.

Avoid Forgetting Anything by Learning How to Organize Important Documents Before Relocating

Knowing where all your important papers are located is crucial if you want to move efficiently, as you’ll often need them for some of the simplest tasks, like filing a change of address request. Additionally, forgetting important files exposes you to identity theft, as the information on them can easily be misused. This is precisely why personal documents are some of the more common items movers won’t move, so don’t expect moving companies in Sacramento to prepare them for you.

If you want to avoid leaving even a single paper behind, learning how to organize important documents should be the first thing to do before relocating. There are plenty of ways to do it, too, with some preferring to make a large binder with several tabs for specific file categories. Others like to keep it simple and place most of their paperwork where it’s easily accessible, like a drawer or a box. If you want to see how you can create a complex filing system for your vital documents, check out the video below.

It’s Best to Deal With the Phone Charger and Other Peripherals a Day Before Relocating

Despite being used daily, phone chargers have to be the second most commonly forgotten item. Headphones and laptop adapters are not that far behind either, so remember to double-check your bag to ensure you have all the peripherals ready. Lastly, considering you’ll prepare them the evening before moving out, we highly recommend you keep a separate checklist just in case.

Have you packed your chargers yet?

Some of the Most Commonly Forgotten Things to Pack Are the Ones You Rarely Use

On the completely opposite side of chargers and documents, we have a large number of everyday household belongings that we hardly ever use. This makes forgetting about them even easier, particularly if they are stored in the attic, the basement, or any other part of the home you don’t visit often. They can also be located in plain sight, yet it would likely take a while for you to notice that they are gone. Some of the objects that fit these descriptions include decorations, paintings, lighting, seasonal clothing, and all sorts of tools and equipment you don’t use regularly.

Consider Placing Some of These Less Used Objects in Storage

Anyone with tons of barely used objects should place something in storage before the actual relocation. However, considering preparing an item for storing takes even more time than regular packing, you might want to get some professional in- and-out-of storage moving services in Sacramento. These also allow you to take some stuff out of the storage unit and have it delivered to your new home without going to the facilities yourself.

Don’t forget to clear out your tool shed before relocating

Don’t Forget to Pick Up Clothes from Dry Cleaners or Anything Else You Might Have Misplaced

The phrase “Out of sight, out of mind” exists for a reason. While forgetting to pick up your clothes from the dry cleaners’ or the book you’ve lent to a friend might be a simple mistake, you risk losing those belongings altogether. Tracking misplaced objects becomes much more difficult the longer you wait to do it, so try to get everything back in time for the relocation. Make a checklist of everything you can’t find at home and call up some friends to see if they have some of your stuff. Just don’t wait to throw a moving away party and then ask everyone to return anything you accidentally misplaced at their place, do it on time.

See if you have accidentally left something at your friend’s place

Forgetting to Prepare Home Essentials Separately Makes Unpacking a Lot More Complicated

While most fragile items, decorations, and rarely used large objects can easily be packed in advance, you’ll pack furniture and most of your other belongings about two weeks before relocating. This is mainly because you’ll be using them regularly before moving out, so try not to pack plates or any other key items until you’re sure you won’t need them. Besides leaving them for the last moment, it’s also important to prepare your household essentials separately. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to open all the boxes as soon as you move in.

Make a List of What Not to Forget When Packing Your Household Essentials

If you’re new to relocations and unsure what needs to be packed separately, don’t worry. We made a special checklist of essential things not to forget when packing, allowing you to set up some of the most important stuff right away:

  • Bathroom essentials – You don’t want to move to a new home without having immediate access to toilet paper, hand soap, and other necessities. Everyone should also bring toiletries and towels, as you’ll undoubtedly want to take a shower after a long day of work.
  • Kitchen necessities – Remember to pack dishes like glasses, plates, kitchen utensils, pots and pans, or any other item or appliance you’ll need in the first few days. We highly recommend you don’t bring perishables with you, as they can easily spill and ruin your other belongings. Most Sacramento moving companies won’t move them anyway, so you’ll have to go out for supplies as soon as your relocation is complete.
  • Bedroom essentials – These include everything needed to set up a bed properly, meaning you should bring some sheets, a pillow, and some blankets. You’ll also want to pack clothes for the first few days, including a pair of sneakers, some comfortable pants, and a sufficient amount of underwear. Everything else can be unpacked at a later date.
  • Entertainment options – Packing a TV and some board games will keep your entire household entertained for quite some time. While this might not be as essential as some of the other stuff we mentioned, having something fun to do will help you wind down much more quickly. If nothing else, at least pack a computer or a tablet.
Check if you’ve packed all the essentials necessary for the first few days after moving in

What Should You Not Forget When Packing for a Trip to the New Neighborhood?

Although the trip to your new home might not last more than a few hours, even when relocating to one of the remote Sacramento suburbs, you should always carry a bag with travel essentials. While it doesn’t have to be stuffed to the brim, it should have everything you might need during the ride. If you don’t know what to pack when you’re going on a trip to the new neighborhood, remember to bring:

  • Snacks and water – While you can always stop to get these at any gas station, having some water on you at all times is both convenient and necessary during the hotter summer months. When it comes to snacks, a bag with nuts, granola bars, and other dry foods are all good options. Take it easy with the food, though, and avoid anything that makes you feel bloated or nauseated during the trip.
  • Hygiene supplies – Bringing hand sanitizer is a must, but you should also get wet wipes and toilet paper in case you stop for a bathroom break, which often occurs when traveling with children.
  • Medicine and first aid kit – Always bring medication with you on the trip, especially if it’s something you regularly use, like your asthma inhaler or an epi-pen. It would be best if you also had a first aid kit on board ready at all times, as accidents on the road can occur regardless of how good of a driver you are.

Remember to Bring Some Protection When Relocating During Extreme Weather Conditions

Considering most relocations are already difficult as is, checking the forecast for your moving day will allow you to prepare for less than ideal weather conditions. Although weather in the Sacramento area is relatively predictable, about 60 days have some precipitation, meaning you might want to carry an umbrella with you just in case.

If you’re planning on moving during the summer months, be aware that temperatures regularly exceed 90 °F, and in some instances, even 100 °F. Having a hat and sunglasses on can protect you from sunstroke, but you should also apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before heading out to avoid any potential burns.

Always carry a hat and sunglasses on a sunny day

With Everything You Have to Track, It’s Better to Let Our Moving Company in Sacramento Handle the Packing

These were some of the most commonly forgotten objects you’ll have to deal with on your next Sacramento relocation. However, there are still many more things we haven’t even mentioned that also have to be packed, so you’ll have your hands full for the next few months. Even with the help of the best moving hacks, you’ll still require at least a couple of weeks, if not more, to take care of all the preparations. Considering many can’t commit for that long, hiring local movers in Sacramento, CA, becomes the best option.

If you want to have an easy, stress-free relocation experience, Professional Sacramento Movers is here to help. For starters, anyone who books our packing service won’t have to worry about leaving a single item behind, as we’ll make sure everything is packed correctly and ready for transport. We offer many other Sacramento moving services, including excellent commercial relocation and, of course, residential relocation services. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and request a free quote today.

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