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If you’re planning to move locally and believe that timely assistance from our Village 12 movers is just what you need, this can be easily settled. Read this informative article to find out more about our professional movers in Village 12 and the services they provide to customers and decide which options suit your needs. You can also find out some interesting things about this place, so it will be easier to decide if it’s suitable for your new home.

This Small Suburban Community Can Be a Perfect Place for Your New Home

If you are looking for the best neighborhoods around Sacramento that are suitable for quiet family life, this might be the perfect spot for your new home. With a pleasant urban-suburban mix feel, affordable real estate prices, and high safety standards, you’ll definitely enjoy living here. It is a small community of only 7,000 residents, so most of the neighbors are very friendly, and there are plenty of walkable areas where you can comfortably spend your time and maybe even make some new friends.

Inform Yourself About the Cost of Living Before Moving

If you’re relocating on a budget and don’t want to leave sunny California, you are probably already aware that life here isn’t cheap. House or an apartment in this particular area might cost you about $350,000, which is, on the other hand, considered quite affordable if you compare this price to other real estate prices around California. Most of the residents in VIllage 12 own their homes, so finding places to rent might be more challenging and, with that – more expensive than average. That led to a median monthly rent of $1,700. You can include these potential costs in your moving expenses checklist, but don’t forget to add median household incomes, which are significantly higher than average – meaning you can find a well-paid job in the area.

Based on Reviews and Crime Rates, This Area Is Super Safe and Family-Friendly

FBI crime rates and statistics show that this area offers high safety – property crimes are very rare, and violent crimes are almost nonexistent.  There is absolutely no need for worries and moving stress if you are relocating to one of the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento with children. They will be more than safe around the area, and they can also attend some excellent schools.

You Can Plan Fun Free-Time Activities and Visit Some Amazing Local Parks

If you decide to relocate to this vivid suburb, you’ll be lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing local parks and many attractive amenities. For example, California Lilac Park can be your first stop for different recreational activities or light walks. You can also spend a relaxing afternoon at Regency Community park or check out beautiful Natomas Park nearby. It offers an extensive kids playground with many attractive toys and slides your children are going to enjoy.

Consider Hiring One of the Professional Moving Companies in Sacramento for a Pleasant Relocation Experience

Looking for reliable movers in Sacramento should be one of the main priorities on your moving to-do list. Not only can this upgrade and speed up your relocation, but you can also learn some cool moving hacks during the process. Professional Village 12, CA, movers are properly trained for their job as well as licensed, so there is no need to worry about relocation scams. If you hire us for residential relocation services, our team can help you to move efficiently, even if you’re relocating in a hurry.

Local Village 12 Movers Provide Best Relocation Services in the Area

No matter what kind of local moving services in Sacramento you require, we assure you that with us, you are going to get the best service in the city. You only have to check what items movers won’t move and comfortably leave everything else for us to handle. Our offer includes the following:

  • Apartment relocation – This helpful service might be a good option if you live in an apartment that’s located on the highest floor of your building, so you think relocating a piano or other bulky belongings down the stairs on your own might be impossible.
  • In- and-out-of storage relocation – This particular service is designed for the transportation of stored belongings. If you need to change a storage unit, or your garage space is too small for all of the inventory you want to store there, you can rely on the help of our movers.
  • Labor-only relocation – This can be a great option to invest in if you lack a workforce for heavy duties around your home, such as loading and unloading relocating trucks.
  • Commercial relocation – Suitable for small business and even large company relocations. Our team can pack your office equipment using the best techniques, so nothing will get damaged during the transportation to your new office space.

The Best Movers in Village 12 Can Offer You Additional Packing Services

If you think that packing your household inventory on your own is too challenging, you can hire our team for additional packing service. Trained and experienced packers and movers will show up at your home with quality supplies and the best packing equipment, so all of your belongings will be well-protected for the move. We can show you how to pack fragile items.

Or any other items you need to relocate.

If You Contact Professional Sacramento Movers, We Can Also Offer You a Free Quote

If you want to know the potential price of your move, all you need to do is ask – we never keep secrets from our clients. As a trustworthy moving company in Sacramento, we never break our promises, so by giving you a free quote, we help you tailor your budget and plan the rest of your expenses. Contact us for more details and our customer service employees will explain everything you need to know.