If you think that the relocation process must be challenging and exhausting, you’re wrong. 

With the timely help of our trained and professional Rocklin movers, you can relocate wherever you need around the local area in no time with zero effort and stress. 

It might sound too good to be true, but we assure you that our amazing services won’t leave you disappointed. If you want to find out more information about these facilities, keep reading the following article.

A place for everyone

If you want to live in one of the safest places around Sacramento while also enjoying plenty of exciting amenities and nice shopping places, this location might amaze you.

Known for breathtaking mountain views, pleasant weather conditions throughout the whole year, cultural buildings and exhibits, attractive parks, many amazing cafes, and restaurants – this place has it all. 

This place also offers plenty of options for career development, so there is no need for moving stress if you are currently not working.

Rocklin is expensive, but worth it

When it comes to living costs, this place might be more expensive than some of the neighboring areas, but higher household income can cover the difference in prices.

According to statistics, the cost of living in this place is 36% higher than the national average but still about 4% lower than California’s average. 

The median home value is about $480,000, so you should check if this price fits in your moving expenses checklist. You could also rent a place around here for about $1,600 per month, but most of the residents own their homes. The median household income here is approximately $99,000.

Perfect for families with kids

If you are looking for the safest option among the best neighborhoods in Sacramento, this place might make it to the top of your list. 

According to FBI reviews and crime rates, this place is constantly among the safest in the country, so it’s no wonder so many families want to relocate here. 

If you’re among them, you should consider hiring professional movers in Rocklin, CA, right away to relocate efficiently and quickly.

You can never get bored here

One thing is certain – you’ll never get bored if you decide to relocate here. 

You can enjoy visiting the Rocklin Historical Society & Museum or playing a round of golf at the Whitney Oaks Golf Club. Quarry Park is another attractive location for a relaxing afternoon walk. 

Wally’s Cafe serves delicious food if you decide to treat yourself to dinner, and Michael Doyle Smith Art Gallery offers eye-catching and inspiring abstract artworks.

💡Did you know?

Logan Webb, pitcher for the San Francisco Giants comes from Rocklin.

If you are looking for reliable movers, we are for you

You can say goodbye to relocation scams and unpleasant surprises now that you have found our company.

 Years of experience in the industry made us aware of customers’ unique needs and requirements, so we’ll always try everything in our power to provide you with the best quality services. 

Local Rocklin movers can show you how to pack plates for moving, remind you of items movers won’t move, and teach you many other moving hacks. Everything that’s on your moving to-do list will be accomplished quickly and easily if you hire our professional movers in Rocklin.

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Our services

Apart from showing you how to pack fragile items and assisting you to pack to move in a hurry, our team of professional Sacramento movers can offer you many attractive relocation services.

These services will definitely speed up your relocation and turn this experience into a much more enjoyable process worth remembering.

Judging by Reviews, Services Our Professional Movers in Sacramento Provide Are the Best

No matter if you need to relocate your house or an apartment, or even a storage unit, our local moving services are tailored to suit all of these types of moves.

 Numerous online reviews can confirm that we have a team that can overcome every challenge and helps people relocate successfully. Take a look at what is in our offer:

  • Apartment relocation service – Perfect if your apartment is overloaded with heavy furniture and your building doesn’t have an elevator. It will be much easier to handle all of your belongings and carry out your move with the professional help our team provides.
  • Labor-only relocation – Great for those who have a moving truck but don’t want to carry all the furniture on their own and bother themselves with loading the truck on their own.
  • In- and-out-of storage moving service – Made for a comfortable storage inventory relocation process. Storage units often get overcrowded with too much stuff, so it might be much easier to hire professionals to transport all those belongings to the desired location.
  • Residential relocation service – Everything that you need to pack and relocate will be carefully handled and relocated to the desired destination. Whether you live in a smaller home or a large house, relocating your entire household can be challenging without adequate assistance.
  • Packing services – If you have everything sorted out but can’t pack your belongings on your own or need help to find suitable packing materials, our packers and movers come to save the day. For example, if you don’t know how to pack books for moving or some other things from your household inventory list, our team will help you with packing and handling all of them.

If you are moving an office space, call us!

Commercial relocation service is the best option for business relocations. 

No matter if you’re relocating just one office unit or you need to relocate your whole company with plenty of furniture and fragile equipment – we cover it all.

 Because of the nature of these kinds of moves, you should consider booking a date as soon as possible, so you can reschedule your meetings in advance and prepare everything, so the process goes smoothly.

Get a free quote

If you are interested in moving services our reputable company provides and want to include the potential price of desired services into your moving expenses checklist, you’ve come to the right place.

Apart from many other great facilities, we can also offer you a free quote.

Once you get a free quote, you’ll know the estimated price of your move, and apart from that, we assure you there won’t be any additional costs added at the end of the process.

Contact us if you want to check what items movers won’t move or have any other questions, and we’ll be happy to help.

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What Our Clients Say

Fantastic and professional service!!

nise C.on 21/03/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Sacramento, CA. Source: Site

Oleg, Roman, Dennis & Dimitry moved our entire 3bd/2ba house from Sacramento to Davis last week and did a PHENOMENAL job for a very reasonable price. It only took them 6 hours which is very impressive since we had a ton of furniture and they had to disassemble/assemble three beds. They wrapped everything with exceptional care and were very friendly and professional. Not one thing was damaged, including the walls/doors of either house (and they had to do some tricky maneuvers to get a few pieces out!). I can't recommend them more!!

Noelle R.on 23/08/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Dixon, CA. Source: Site

I am thoroughly impressed with this company. I called at 11:30am for moving help around 1pm the same day - since my moving plans fell through - and they were able to fit me into their schedule. I was told the movers would arrive between 2-5 and they came at 3 and were very friendly and professional.

Mariah F.on 16/04/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Redwood City, CA. Source: Site

After another moving company cancelled on my friend, this company was quick to pick up the slack and came the day of the move. They were super careful with everything and even took the time to play with my dog after we were all done.

Katy C.on 16/04/2018 from Sacramento, CA to East Sacramento. Source: Site

Mason and his crew did a wonderful job! First, the booking process was really easy and I always received quick responses for all of my questions about the quote. They ask for pictures of your larger items to ensure they can transport everything. The crew worked really quickly and did a nice job packing up a lot of my kitchen items, which I dislike tackling myself. They took great care to move everything in to my our new house without causing any damage (perhaps could use a few blankets to cover the stairwell but that's just being if I had to be picky). The totally move (2-3 bed 2 bath worth of stuff) took less than 4 hours, which was speedy. In addition, kudos to Mason because he had the very difficult and annoying job of taking apart and putting our bed back together (which has a lot of screws). Would definitely recommend these movers!

Mel I.on 31/08/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Sacramento, CA. Source: Site