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North Sacramento became a city in 1924 when it was incorporated. Until then it was merged into the City of Sacramento. North Sacramento, when still a city, was distinctive for being the only incorporated city immediately adjacent to Sacramento. Sacramento did not border any other city until the incorporation of West Sacramento in 1987. The primary ZIP code for North Sacramento is 95815. At the time of its 1964 merger with Sacramento, the boundaries of North Sacramento consisted of the American River on the south, property lines and the Natomas East Drainage Canal (now Steelhead Creek) on the west, Main Avenue on the north, and the Sacramento Northern Railroad (now a bike trail) on the east until its junction with Lampasas Avenue, continuing east and south on Evergreen Street, east on El Camino Avenue (with variations), and southeast on the Southern Pacific (now Union Pacific) railroad line to its crossing of the American River. All of these boundaries were also the boundaries of the surrounding city of Sacramento, except for the communities of Hagginwood and Ben Ali, which were not yet annexed to either city.

A significant issue, in the debate over the merger of the City of North Sacramento with the City of Sacramento, was the sale of fresh meat after 6pm. The Butcher’s Union in Sacramento had laws passed that forbade the sale of fresh meat after 6pm. In North Sacramento, no such restrictions were recognized as legitimate. Women, working in the downtown area of Sacramento and required to work past the time that would allow them to go to Sacramento markets in time to buy meat for their families on the way home in the City of Sacramento, would drive into North Sacramento to buy fresh meat for the dinner table. This particular bone of contention was not resolved until the City of Sacramento relented, and allowed the sale of meat after 6pm in North Sacramento, and eventually in Sacramento in general. The result was the absorption of the City of North Sacramento into the City of Sacramento. That final alteration in the law removed a substantial economic basis for shopping in North Sacramento, thus the beginning of its long decline.

After the merger of North Sacramento with the City of Sacramento and 1960s freeway construction that bypassed business districts on Marysville, Rio Linda, and Del Paso Boulevards, North Sacramento began a gradual decline. The tax base lessened and local representation in city government has historically been lacking. For the next forty-five years, city funding would be provided to maintain popular old neighborhoods in the downtown and midtown areas and to build infrastructure in emerging new communities, while North Sacramento was relegated to a position of forgotten status. Also, because of the diverse population and large area covered, North Sacramento has suffered from an identity crisis. Recently, awareness and community action have increased and the new motto of the community is “North Sac is Back”!


Living in North Sacramento CA

This is a neighborhood of residents just below 5,000 people. You will find numerous restaurants, coffee shops and parks here and that makes North Sacramento great for families. It is a historic community with several quaint blocks of older homes with classic Californian craftsman and bungalow styles and this attracts lots of tourists to visit. Public schools in the area are highly rated. It is possible to walk around the neighborhood and you will have breweries, nice restaurants and shops within a walking distance. Even though it is an urban place, there is a small town sense of community.

Neighborhoods in North Sacramento

Strawberry Manor

The Strawberry Manor neighborhood is a neighborhood situated within North Sacramento. There are only four ways in and out of the neighborhood. Strawberry Manor is an old rural area historically known for African-American small farmers, sharecroppers, and farm workers.


Woodlake is a neighborhood of mostly older homes with great character and value. This neighborhood is mostly inhabited by career professionals; it is often cited in Sacramento publications as one of Sacramento’s most desired neighborhoods. Like parts of East Sacramento and Land Park, the neighborhood employs private security. Several prominent Sacramentans live in Woodlake, including former state assemblyman and county supervisor Roger Dickinson, former City Councilman Rob Kerth, business leader Terry Sidie, and the Slobe family. Woodlake is home to Woodlake Tavern, the Woodlake Swim Club, and Iceland, a seasonal ice skating rink. The headquarters of Sacramento News & Review, Sacramento’s alternative newspaper, is in Woodlake.

The Flats/Noralto

The Flats and Noralto are neighborhoods situated within North Sacramento. The boundaries of The Flats and Noralto are Las Palmas Avenue to the north, Arden Way to the south, Sacramento Northern Bike Trail to the east, and Steelhead Creek to the west. Homes in this area range from the late 1930s to the 1980s. It is also represented by Sacramento City Council 2nd District; Sandy Sheedy.

Richardson Village

Richardson Village project is a neighborhood situated within North Sacramento. The boundaries of Richardson Village are: the Arcade Creek to the north, Las Palmas Avenue to the south, Norwood Avenue to the west, and Rio Linda Boulevard to the east. Homes in this area were originally built in the 1950s. Many examples of California ranch architecture still remain. This one-time middle-class neighborhood has seen an increase in working poor residents over the past forty years, and has endured rising crime rates and decreased property values as rental units and city neglect have increased. Richardson Village is home to Martin Luther King Technical Academy—Jr. High, The Lions (formerly Norte Del Rio High School).

South Hagginwood

South Hagginwood is a neighborhood situated within North Sacramento. It is an established neighborhood with older homes with great character, mature oak trees, and oversized private lots. It is informally known as one of the city’s hidden gems. European Americans and African Americans usually populate this neighborhood. Elevated crime and lower property values still affect this area. The boundaries of South Hagginwood are: the Arcade Creek to the north, Eleanor Avenue to the south, Rio Linda Boulevard to the west, and Del Paso Boulevard/Arcade Boulevard-Marconi Avenue to the east. This neighborhood is near the Marconi Avenue RT light rail station, and the Regional Transit Light Rail Metro Headquarters.


Gardenland is a neighborhood situated within North Sacramento. The boundaries of Gardenland are: Silver Eagle Road to the north, the Arden-Garden Connector to the south, Northgate Boulevard to the west, and Steelhead Creek to the east. Homes in this area were built on river bottom farmland beginning in the 1970s. This neighborhood partners with Northgate to provide residents with great access to public bike trails, fishing, and boating on the American and Sacramento Rivers at Discovery Park. Gardenland, and its neighbor Northgate, are neighborhoods that have moved from middle class to working class as the population of Sacramento has shifted and as original residents have moved to newer suburbs built outside city boundaries in Sacramento County. Gardenland has recently been noted as a gateway to newer neighborhoods in North and South Natomas.


Northgate is a neighborhood situated in North Sacramento. The boundaries of Northgate are: San Juan Road to the north, Garden Highway to the south, Northgate Boulevard to the east, and Northgate Park to the west. Homes in this area were built beginning in the early and mid 1950s on river bottomland previously sectioned off into large farms. Builder Artz and Cook built single family homes in the neighborhood. The Northgate area is fortunate to have ready access to the beautiful American River Parkway and Bike Trail, as well as very close proximity to Discovery Park for fishing and boating opportunities. Northgate is historically a middle-class neighborhood and is another under-represented neighborhood within the City of Sacramento that is battling increasing crime rates and working class poverty.

Swanston Estates

This small neighborhood was built in the mid 1950s and was the first suburban housing tract built in the area, although older neighborhoods had developed previously in Woodlake and along the Rancho Del Paso arcade (now Marysville, Del Paso, and Arcade Boulevards). The neighborhood is named after C.S. Swanston & Son, original owners of a large livestock industry which operated on the land. The Swanston Ranch area included a dairy, cattle ranch, and meat packing plant situated next to the railroad tracks near Arden Way. Sheep grazed on the land now belonging to Cal Expo. The Sears, Roebuck & Co. acquired a portion of the land along Arden Way in the early 1950s and for many years was the main store in the area that would eventually become Arden Fair Mall. This is a very diverse neighborhood with a rich history. The neighborhood also has many rentals and historically has provided some of the city’s most affordable housing, leading to a diverse working-class population.


This neighborhood is home to the recently renovated Dixieanne Park, which includes a new skate park. A unique neighborhood with hidden charm, due to the fact that it is very close to the original Del Paso Boulevard, which was completely revamped from four to two lanes, with parallel parking transitioning to diagonal parking. The boulevard is full of Art Deco architecture, and is classified by the city as a redevelopment area. This neighborhood is walking distance to the Arden/Del Paso RT light rail station and adjacent bus stops. There are many fast food chains and mom and pop shops on this boulevard and nearby El Camino Avenue. This neighborhood, like most of remaining North Sacramento has an increasing crime rate. It is known for its Dixieanne Apartment compound which was condemned by the city because of high crime rates; with the intent of clearing the area of unsightly eyesores as part of the new redevelopment plan. Old North Sacramento is the new description of Del Paso Heights. This area still struggles with high crime and gang activity. The new name does not change it’s unfortunate origin.

Moving to North Sacramento

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Moving commercially

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