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Are you moving to Citrus Heights? If your answer is yes, we will give you even more reasons to do so!

Finding a perfect neighborhood for you and your family is a challenging task, but luckily the Sacramento area has many lovely suburbs, and there is something for everybody. 

Our Citrus Heights movers have relocated countless families to this charming neighborhood with stellar reviews. Check out what we have to say about it, and maybe your family will be next to hire our company for your stress-free relocation.

Why you should move to Citrus Heights

According to current residents’ reviews, this suburb is one of the more desirable places to live and is considered one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento

If you are looking for a new place to live in the Sacramento area, Citrus Heights should be one of your top choices. 

The local community is friendly, diverse, clean, and offers plenty to do whether you are a young single professional or starting a family. You will not regret it if you move here.

💡Did you know? 

There are approximately 310 acres of park and open space-that’s almost half a mile!

It’s Affordable for California Standards

We all know how The Golden State can be expensive, and relocating anywhere inside the state requires carefully preparing your expenses checklist

However, some places are more affordable than others, and this is one such place.

 A little over half the residents in this suburb own their home, and the median value of the real estate is around $298,000.

If you decide to go for the renting option, expect to find houses with a median rent of about $1,260. 

Moving here is an excellent solution for those who want to save some money but still have a quality life according to California standards. It will surely be an efficient relocation.

It’s Very Family-Friendly and Safe 

This suburb is one of the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento

That, combined with above-average public high school education, makes this a heaven for families with kids. Indeed, there are a lot of families here, and the number continues to grow. Clean, safe streets and quiet life are perfect for raising kids. 

This cozy, sweet suburb will make their childhood special, and they will keep it in good memory. The area just continues to grow, and it will be even more developed in the future, so sticking around is a smart thing to do.

💡DId you know?

Crime has gone down 30% since inception of the Citrus Heights Police Department in 2006.

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It has everything you need for a comfy life

This suburb in Sacramento County has everything you need, so you won’t even feel like going to the city center. 

In case you do, that won’t be any problem – the distance to it is only 20 minutes! You won’t waste much time on the road. 

If you’re commuting, this is a perfect solution for you. The neighborhood has plenty of well-preserved parks, which is essential to know if you’re moving with pets. 

Coffee shops, restaurants, malls, and stores are dotted around the town, and we have no doubt you will quickly find your favorites.If you’re a book lover, you’ll be happy to hear that the public library is well stocked. 

The community is kind and accepting, and you can always count on your neighbors. 

This is one of those places where everybody knows one another, so you won’t have trouble finding new friends. 

You will quickly fit in, and you’ll see that your moving stress was for nothing. Another advantage of this community is that it’s quite the diverse one. 

What do you think? Can you imagine yourself living in one of the Citrus Heights neighborhoods? If so, we suggest you start writing down a relocation to-do list as soon as possible! We can already hear the sound of a moving truck!

💡Did you know? 

There are 2,814 active business licenses in the City, including home-based businesses.

We promise going above and beyond for you

When requesting professional relocation services for a local move, you must find a company that does everything they can to help you make your relocation as quick and smooth as possible.

You’ll be happy to hear that our Sacramento moving services are top-quality, and we are not just talking – check our reviews. It would be difficult to find a customer with any complaints because we honestly give 100% on the job. We are always happy to help. 

In addition to that, we always learn and evolve. All you need for a perfect local relocation are our movers to help you relocate in no time!

We promise to make your move enjoyable

Relocation services require hard work and dedication, not just a truck and a couple of workers. 

Not everyone can do it, and that’s why you have to keep your eyes open, so you avoid all those relocation scams

So, how can you avoid all that trouble?

 Reviews can be of great help with that. Have you seen ours? Not to brag, but they are excellent.

Our Services 

Take time to decide what service you want us to help you with before you get your quote, and then contact us to talk details. You shouldn’t rush unless you’re relocating in a hurry, of course. So, which service is the best for you?

  • Residential relocation – We are very efficient and quick, and we will do our best to take care of everything so you can stay relaxed during the whole process.
  • Commercial relocation – Relocating an office can be challenging since there are plenty of valuable devices to transport, but you shouldn’t worry. We have plenty of experience with this type of work.
  • Packing assistance – If you don’t want to do this tedious task on your own, you can always call us, and we will pack everything so that you can put your attention to more critical relocation issues.
  • Storage in and out relocation – Need to relocate some of your belongings to storage? We’re here to give you a ride, and help you declutter your home.
  • Labor-only service – Our workers will be more than happy to provide you with the most professional work. You can trust them to execute the job flawlessly.

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What Our Clients Say

Fantastic and professional service!!

nise C.on 21/03/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Sacramento, CA. Source: Site

Oleg, Roman, Dennis & Dimitry moved our entire 3bd/2ba house from Sacramento to Davis last week and did a PHENOMENAL job for a very reasonable price. It only took them 6 hours which is very impressive since we had a ton of furniture and they had to disassemble/assemble three beds. They wrapped everything with exceptional care and were very friendly and professional. Not one thing was damaged, including the walls/doors of either house (and they had to do some tricky maneuvers to get a few pieces out!). I can't recommend them more!!

Noelle R.on 23/08/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Dixon, CA. Source: Site

I am thoroughly impressed with this company. I called at 11:30am for moving help around 1pm the same day - since my moving plans fell through - and they were able to fit me into their schedule. I was told the movers would arrive between 2-5 and they came at 3 and were very friendly and professional.

Mariah F.on 16/04/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Redwood City, CA. Source: Site

After another moving company cancelled on my friend, this company was quick to pick up the slack and came the day of the move. They were super careful with everything and even took the time to play with my dog after we were all done.

Katy C.on 16/04/2018 from Sacramento, CA to East Sacramento. Source: Site

Mason and his crew did a wonderful job! First, the booking process was really easy and I always received quick responses for all of my questions about the quote. They ask for pictures of your larger items to ensure they can transport everything. The crew worked really quickly and did a nice job packing up a lot of my kitchen items, which I dislike tackling myself. They took great care to move everything in to my our new house without causing any damage (perhaps could use a few blankets to cover the stairwell but that's just being if I had to be picky). The totally move (2-3 bed 2 bath worth of stuff) took less than 4 hours, which was speedy. In addition, kudos to Mason because he had the very difficult and annoying job of taking apart and putting our bed back together (which has a lot of screws). Would definitely recommend these movers!

Mel I.on 31/08/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Sacramento, CA. Source: Site