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About Cameron Park

If you are planning on moving to the Sacramento area soon, you are probably looking for the perfect place to call home.

There are a lot of amazing places just outside of Sacramento but Cameron Park with its unique charm and friendly community will for sure capture your hearts.

Cameron Park is a lovely community and a place we definitely recommend for families, couples and professionals to start their new life chapter in.

A little bit of basic information about Cameron Park – it is a census designated place in El Dorado Hills County, with a population of 19.171 residents.

Cameron Park is a community located in the Northern California Gold Country of the Sierra Nevada foothills, approximately 30 miles east of Sacramento and 70 miles west of South Lake Tahoe.

Cameron Park History

Modern development accelerated in the area when Larry Cameron purchased 5,000 acres of foothill land in the 1950s for development purposes, first for ranching, then involving housing, a golf course, parks, a lake and a small airport.

In the years since then, the land has slowly been subdivided into lots of varying sizes, including ranch-sized properties and medium and high density residential neighborhoods.

Today, Cameron Park contains a mix of ranches, single family homes, condominiums, apartments and businesses.

What does Cameron Park have to offer?

Moving to Cameron Park, you probably wish to get to know the town a little bit better and what are its best features, here are some we would single out. Let’s show you why people love living in Cameron Park and never want to leave.

Moving to Cameron Park

  • Median Home Price – $465,200
  • Median Rent – $1,452
  • Median Income – $38,803

Did you know?

The original Native American inhabitants of the area surrounding Cameron Park were Nisenan, or Southern Maidu Indians. 

Grinding rocks and burial mounds serve as glimpses of the past and are still visible in various locations in and near Cameron Park.

Great Outdoors

Cameron Park has so much to offer, it has many parks but we would recommend Rassmussen Park and Hacienda Park as amazing places to visit with family or friends, and where you can spend the day with the kids.

You can also check out the Cameron Park Country Club.

Cameron Park Lake is a great location to get away to nature, see the swans and enjoy the day outside in the sun.

Also, Proximity to the Sierra Nevada naturally means plenty of great hiking.

Family-Friendly Community

Living in Cameron Park you will see that it is a great place to raise a family with safe, quiet neighborhoods and good schools. The town has excellent proximity to nature areas and recreational opportunities.

Traffic is limited to non-existence depending on how far away you work and in what direction you are traveling the highway.

Did you know?

The Cameron Park Lake is also the site of the annual Summer Spectacular, held on or around July 4th, as well as a barbeque festival.

Things to do in Cameron Park

While it may seem like this area is too spread out to have good fun,

Cameron Park is home to plenty of fun attractions for family-friendly entertainment, and excellent shopping opportunities.

Check out shopping centers nearby like the Burke Junction Shopping Center for all your shopping needs!

You should also check out some of the best things to do in Cameron Park, CA below:

  • Cameron Park Lake

A man-made like just outside Cameron Park’s Airpark Estates, this area is host to events like firework shows and barbeque cook-offs, as well as a lovely park and equally lovely trails tracing the lake’s circumference, Cameron Park Lake is the perfect place for the whole family to relax!

  • Cameron Park Community District

Less like a park and more like a YMCA community gym, the Cameron Park Community District has a large public pool for swimming, various indoor fixtures, courts for sports, and more. If you’re feeling more on the sporty side, the Community District is the perfect place for you!


Additional Attractions in Cameron Park:

  • Christa McAuliffe Park
  • Hacienda Park
  • Cameron Park Country Club

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