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Did you know that many moving accidents happen only because people forget to throw away potentially dangerous items? To prevent any potential incidents, learn more about items movers won’t move and make sure you deal with them on time. Some of these objects can be relocated with your own vehicle under the right circumstances, but some should definitely be disposed of – even the smallest risk isn’t recommended. 

Once you find out what won’t movers move and make a list of your priorities, it is time to contact one of the best moving companies in Sacramento for assistance. Trained and experienced movers in Sacramento will carefully guide you through the relocation process, and you’ll avoid potential mistakes.

Do Movers Move Everything?

Unfortunately, not. Professional Sacramento Movers will accept to relocate most of your items, but some are forbidden for various reasons. Some potentially dangerous substances or weapons might cause severe damage during the relocation, so you shouldn’t experiment with this kind of risk. Some other stuff might get damaged during the relocation process or even lost, so professionals will not accept that kind of responsibility. If you’re interested in finding out more details about these belongings and fun moving hacks, keep reading.

What Items Will Movers Not Move?

Once you start making a to-do list and going through inventory you want to relocate, you need to stop for a minute and think – is this something that might explode on high temperature, or is this something too valuable for me to lose? Those kinds of belongings are definitely something you should consider relocating on your own and getting rid of if it’s potentially dangerous. Once you make a final checklist of your household and storage belongings, go through this text to find out if some things are forbidden, and you will not experience any inconvenience or moving stress during your relocation.

Will Movers Move Things Not in Boxes?

It’s evident that some of your belongings won’t fit inside the box, but everything you want to relocate should be appropriately packed and protected. If you don’t know how to pack fragile items, you can always rely on professional Sacramento moving services. Packing services that our company provides include packing all of your belongings with quality materials that will protect them from getting damaged. We use modern equipment and the best techniques, so there is no need to worry about something getting broken.

Guns on a table
Guns and ammunition are strictly forbidden

Any Hazardous Material Is Strictly Forbidden

One of the biggest and most dangerous mistakes people make during the relocation process is packing hazardous materials. These are usually some chemicals and flammable liquids we use daily in our home, and never think about how dangerous some of them can get under some specific circumstances and temperatures. Another thing to avoid is weapons, not to mention loaded ones. These are dangerous having around even in a perfect and safe atmosphere at home if it’s not secured from kids or pets. Just so you can get the wider picture of these belongings, here are some other stuff you shouldn’t move:

There are many things professionals won’t handle during the relocation.

Make Sure to Dispose of Hazardous Items and Materials Appropriately

Now that you know these belongings are strictly prohibited, you may wonder what to do with them, but don’t worry, we’re coming with the solution right away. Some of these can be given to friends or family members if they find them useful, and others shouldn’t be thrown away. But don’t just simply throw them away with all of your other garbage if you move in a hurry – contact authorities in your city to check where you can dispose of them.

Trash can
You need to dispose of your hazardous waste appropriately

Professionals Will Not Move Perishable Food

Once you get to your kitchen and start packing plates for moving, you might look into your refrigerator and think to yourself what to do with all the opened food and get the idea to pack it and bring it to your new home with you. But think again. This might not be the smartest idea because perishable food will probably get spoiled before you get to your new home, and not only that. Something might spill out and get smelly under hot temperatures and ruin your other belongings.

You Can Donate Perishable Food or Throw It Away

In order to move efficiently and prevent unnecessary food accidents, you should consider giving it away to your friends or donating it to those in need. If you see that something will probably get spoiled the next day, you should simply throw it away. Once you get to your new home, you can quickly add up all of these missing groceries.

 Bag with groceries
You need to get rid of perishable food

Valuable Things and Important Documents Are Among Items Movers Won’t Move

Do you have some old heritage jewels or paintings that have been in your family for decades? This might not be something extremely valuable on the market, but for you personally, it can be priceless. Art pieces and valuables are something you should be very careful about and check if your company allows it. Usually, they will not accept relocating them because they don’t want responsibility for something extremely important.

Moving Valuables and Documents By Yourself Is the Best Option

When it comes to important documents – the situation is quite similar. There is no need to pack all of your important documents such as marriage and birth certificates, bank account information, passport or mortgage documents together with some random books or other furniture. Some things can easily get lost during the process – that’s why you should always keep extremely valuable items and documents by your side. Pack them in your essentials box, and don’t lose them out of sight.

Jewelry on a table
Keep your valuables close to you

Moving Pets Is Also Something That Professionals Don’t Do

If you are relocating with pets and care about their well-being, it’s understandable that you want only the best for them. But think about this carefully. Is riding in a relocation truck full of other furniture really good for your pets? Of course not, and it’s obviously strictly forbidden. Professionals will not accept to relocate your pets instead of you under any circumstances.

You Should Relocate Pets Using Your Personal Vehicle

There are some better and safer solutions for those who are relocating with their furry friends. For example, if your relocation takes more than one day, it might be a good idea to leave them with friends or someone who can be responsible for their well-being. There is no need to have them around your home on the relocation day because pets running around the house might disturb movers or even you if they get in your way while you’re carrying heavy boxes around.

After all this chaos ends, you can pick them with your own vehicle and transport them to the desired place. Also, keep in mind that they’ll need some time to adapt to the environment at your new home, so don’t leave them alone for too long during the first few days.

Dog in a basket
Professionals won’t relocate animals

Plants Are Sometimes Forbidden Depending on Companies’ Policy

Did you know that plants are some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack for a move? Well, they are also on the list of potentially forbidden stuff. If your living room or garden is full of beautiful greenery and flowers that you deeply care about, it is natural that you want to take them with you. But keep a few things in mind – is the environment at your new home suitable for them? Do you even have a garden, or is the terrace too small for all of them? Once you decide about the conditions where you can keep them, you will decide if the relocation is smart or not.

Another thing to consider before making the final decision is the conditions and temperature inside of the truck. It is usually boiling in the back of the truck, and your beloved plants might have to stay there for hours. There is no need for you or for professionals to risk your plants’ survival in these conditions. Another important factor is that plants are sometimes parasite and pest transmitters, so the state law might not allow you to relocate them.

Give Your Plants Away If You Can’t Move Them on Your Own

If you are having a going away party before relocating to one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento, this might be a great chance to gather all of your friends and family and, once the party is over, give them some of the belongings you need to get rid of, and they might find useful. If some of your plants are too big for relocation in a car or they simply can’t fit inside your new home, it might be a good idea to give them to someone you love and who you know that will take good care of them.

Relocating smaller pots on your own, inside of your car, is always an option if you’re brave enough to start this adventure. You just need to gather some appropriate packing materials to protect your beloved flowers and greenery and minimize the risk of something getting damaged. Take a look at this video that shows some interesting tips on packing plants.

Hire Professional Sacramento Movers for Assistance With Everything Else That Can Be Moved Safely

Now that you’re aware of potentially problematic situations related to prohibited belongings, it’s time to find a reliable moving company in Sacramento. Professionals from specialized companies can help you transport all of your household and storage inventory to the desired location. Can you hire movers to move one item? Well, depending on the type of furniture, there are some convenient deals. For example, if you don’t know how to move a piano because of its size and heaviness, Sacramento local movers can assist you with that and transport it to the desired location. 

You can even get a free quote if you want to know the potential price of our local moving services in Sacramento and include that information in your relocation expenses checklist. We are a trustworthy company, so there is no need to worry about potential moving scams. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more details about our offer and start your move today!