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When you start getting ready to move, one of the problems you will face is how to pack fragile items. Many people fear this, but it doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. Check out some of our hacks and learn how to pack plates for moving like a professional mover.

Packing plates for moving isn’t as complicated as it may seem. There’s plenty of ways to transport them safely and tips on how to get to your new kitchen without losing any pieces from your favorite set. You just have to choose which way you want to go with.

Packing Supplies You Will Need for the Task

A wide variety of supplies is available for packing dishes, some you already have at your place and some you can buy in stores that sell supplies. Whichever you decide, it doesn’t matter since they can all do the job, just as long as you are careful and follow some standard guidance on how to pack plates.

Packing Papers Are Essential

Packing paper is almost unavoidable if you want to pack a dish. It is cheap, and you can get it in virtually any supply store. It is best to get it in bundles and get slightly more than you think you should since most of us can’t correctly predict how many supplies we’ll need. Instead of supply stores, you can check if your relocation company offers papers as they likely do.

What About Bubble Wrap?

How do you pack dishes for moving with bubble wrap? The answer might surprise you – you don’t do it at all. It sounds ridiculous, we know. Bubbles must be the best way to protect delicate stuff, right? Many people seem to think so, but it’s not actually. No one can argue that it is efficient and it can do the job perfectly, but you must consider two things before you buy a ton of it. First, bubbles are not cheap, and second, which is more important, is the fact that bubbles are not environmentally friendly and they are hard to recycle. Let’s not be an accomplice in destroying our planet when we can use better materials instead!

Which Moving Boxes Should You Get?

If you feel like cutting down your relocation expenses list, you can simply get standard boxes that you can find for free in plenty of places. However, we all have a few things we would like to be transported extra carefully. Maybe they were a wedding gift, something you inherited from your parents, or something new. If you want to take all precautions to be sure this doesn’t happen, we suggest you head to the supply store.

A package designed specifically for carrying dishware is called a dish barrel, and you can find it in any supply store, but for a price that’s a bit higher than that of a regular one. What makes a dish barrel unique is that it was made to carry delicate and heavy objects. The dish box has a firm bottom that won’t give in to the pressure, which is a highly desirable feature. If you decide to go for standard packages, after all, find those of medium size and don’t stack them to the top, so they’re not extremely heavy.

Buy High-Quality Tape

Don’t forget to buy tape to secure all the packages. You will have to tape boxes quite well and taping the bottom is something you should never forget, but sides are important as well. You should tape the bottom third, or even half if you’re feeling extra paranoid. Get a taping gun to speed up the process and make it easier if you’re relocating in a hurry.

Man is taping a box and woman is standing behind the pile of boxes
Quality tape and thick boxes are extremely important

Follow These Instructions for Packing Plates

Once you have assembled all the supplies for this task, it’s time to get to the actual work. It is relatively easy to do this, and you have no reason to worry about anything breaking if you have wrapped items correctly and stuffed them in the package the right way. We have faith in you, you’ve got this!

Time for Wrapping the Kitchen

You should find a flat surface for wrapping, and lucky for you any kitchen has this. Remove everything from the kitchen table and prepare the papers or your alternative supplies. We’ll take you step by step through the process:

  • Lay a piece of paper (or other supply you plan on using) on the table,
  • Put the plate over that in the middle,
  • Pull the edges of the paper, so they meet in the middle, above the center of the plate,
  • Tape them slowly to secure that they stay in place.

Do this carefully in order to avoid breaking anything. When you’re done, time to move to other types of dishware. Check more of our tips on how to pack dishes.

Prepare a Box

Tape it carefully and don’t spare any tape. Better to tape more than not enough. Keep in mind that we are talking about breakable items and that they want any kind of protection they can get. After that, what you want to do is crumple a few papers and place them at the bottom of the box. Put about a six inches thick layer for the most efficient anti-breaking effect. Don’t just fold the paper and lay it down, this doesn’t do as much as a crumpled one. Done? Good, now it’s finally time for wrapping.

Filling the Boxes Is the Next Step

All there is left to do is stack vertically in the packages for transport. Feel free to add additional papers or any kind of material that can separate stuff if you think that the wrapping you already have is not sufficient. We suggest using styrofoam platters if you have any left from your last party. Maybe you have something left if you organized the going away party? It’s important to emphasize that you should never overpack a box with dishware, be careful and avoid this mistake.

Secure the Packaging and Head to Your New Home

Packages are almost ready, just a few more steps. Before taping them shut, you must insert crumpled papers in all of those small pockets of space that are left, and don’t forget to put some more on the top, so there is basically no space left, and nothing can move. Now it’s time to close the package with a lot of tape. The last task for you is labeling. Write “fragile” somewhere noticeable on the box, and mark which side is up. You can draw an arrow or simply write “this side up”. Now it’s all done.

Mover sitting on the couch in front of boxes
Always label the boxes as “fragile” so the movers will know

Basic Tips on How to Pack Plates for Moving

The kitchen should be the last room you prepare for a move. It’s logical, you are using it every day, and it’s just not wise to wrap it up in the beginning when there’s still quite some time left before the relocation day. Starting from the kitchen will cost you a lot of takeout dinners.

Don’t Do Everything in One Day – No Point in Rushing

If you try to fill all the boxes in one day, the chances are that you won’t do everything carefully and there will be some broken stuff when you begin unpacking in your new home. Dishware requires a lot of time and dedication. Besides, rushing will just put you under a lot of pressure, and you for sure don’t want that. The relocation stress is enormous even without the additional problems you can make. So, take your time and pack step by step, and you’ll see that’s way easier and simpler.

Platter First, Smaller Dishware Later

Since they are among the heaviest dishware we own, it’s probably for the best if you start with them. Why is that? Well, wrapping things in protective supplies does require some kind of a technique. Before you get a hold of it, it’s better to practice with large things, as you will be less likely to break them. They are not as breakable as stemware or small glasses, so they are perfect for a start. Once you become a pro, you will be confident enough to wrap wine glasses and expensive china.

One of the Ultimate Tips – Always Pack Plates Vertically

Stacking vertically is probably the most crucial piece of advice we can give you regarding this topic. Without it, all your preparation and hard work will be for nothing. You absolutely must do this, otherwise, your stuff is bound to be damaged in the transport. They will be bouncing around, and if placed horizontally, they’ll easily break one another. What you want to do is this: imagine you are filling the dishwasher. This is precisely how you want to place them in the packaging, it gives them the most protection possible. Check out this video for more hacks and tricks for relocating your kitchen.

Alternative Supplies That Work Great

Considering the shape of a plate, there are some things we can use specifically for transporting them, such as buckets. It doesn’t matter where you get them, only make sure that they are clean and you are good to go. Their round shape is perfect for a plate as it allows it to move minimally and therefore stay intact during the ride. Also, buckets have another advantage – they are made of plastic, and there is practically no chance they can break, which we can’t say for cardboard. Plus, you have less to tape! The only difference is that when you’re using buckets, you stack them horizontally.

How Do You Pack Dishes Without Papers?

If you don’t want to spend a lot to wrap everything fragile in your home, you can save by using items from your closet as a substitute. What can be suitable for this task? Whatever old clothes you don’t like anymore, any T-shirts you can find, it doesn’t matter. Also, you can use towels, they are perfect for cushioning since they are really soft and big. You can consider pillowcases as well, but towels are probably a better option. Blankets work the same as towels, but considering their size, we would likely go for the towels this time as well.

Pile of towels on the table, next to a pot plant
Towels are great for wrapping plates

More Tips for Protecting Platter and Other Dishes

If you end up having to work without blank, high-quality papers, we suggest you use the options we talked about above. There is only one absolutely wrong supply you may consider. When wrapping dishes, using newspaper is a really bad idea. The ink from the pages can transfer to the dishware sometimes, and it is not guaranteed that it can be washed off. Don’t risk staining your stuff permanently.

Other types of dishware won’t be hard to deal with after this. For bowls, you can do everything exactly the same. Glasses require some modification in the technique, but nothing you can’t handle. Stemware is where you need to be extra careful. If you’re wondering what should you not pack when moving your kitchen, the answer is food. Residential relocation services don’t include relocating food, that’s among items movers won’t move, so you better empty your fridge and freezer before it’s time to go.

A pile of newspapers
You should never wrap dishware in the newspaper

You Can Make It All Easy With Us by Your Side

Even if you know how to pack plates for shipping like a pro, the actual best way to pack plates is to hire movers in Sacramento you know you can trust. We offer packing services that are amongst the greatest. Call your favorite professional Sacramento movers for an excellent local relocating experience. Anything you need, feel free to contact us to book your move, and we’ll do everything in our power to be sure you’re happy with the results!