The big relocation day is getting closer, and you are still unsure how to pack glasses for moving? Well, you are in luck because our Sacramento moving services’ experts compiled a list of easy steps to get the task done in no time. Let’s go through the guide together, and soon enough, you’ll be ready to safely and smoothly pack your glassware.

Why Is Packing Glasses Such a Venture?

Whatever your drink of choice might be, you can bet that there is a glass to accompany it. From champagne flutes to beer pints, we presume there is a variety of glassware in your kitchen cabinet. And if you value your belongings, you’ll want to provide them with special attention and a light hand. You don’t want to break anything while you’re handling it, nor do you want it to shatter inside the containers while transported.

Besides, glassware is so beautifully personalized and decorative, and not to mention expensive. Even if we are talking about your standard water cups and not-so-fancy stemware you’d take out for the nightcap, these still deserve to make it to your new home. Whether your glassware collection is vast or minimalist, we’ll get you to safely package these fragile items without getting overwhelmed or breaking anything. So let’s begin.

Glassware on a table
Whatever your drink of choice might be, there is a type of glassware for it, and more often than not, it’s super delicate

#1 Step: Purchase Essential Materials for Dishes

Whether you aim to package dishes or wish to package books, the first item on your to-do list should be to acquire the essential materials and equipment you’ll need for the job. However, when you are facing the task of packing glassware, you’ll first have to figure out what materials will suit what type of glass. The size, type, weight, and fragility of items at hand will all impact the route you’ll take as the best way to pack glasses. Check out the list of best packaging shops in Sacramento to find the one closest to you, where you’ll be able to get the following essentials:

  • Cardboard containers in multiple sizes,
  • Specialized moving boxes for glasses for extremely fragile glassware,
  • Wrapping materials like packing paper and bubble wrap,
  • Tape to seal your cardboard containers,
  • Permanent markers and labels to mark each container.

Saving Up on Materials 101: How Do You Pack Glasses for Moving Without Paper?

If your relocation expenses checklist has you in a bind, and you can’t purchase brand-new equipment (especially expensive things like packaging paper), don’t worry. Our job here is to help you avoid relocation stress and present you with alternatives that actually work. The first one, of course, is to hire packing services from one of the Sacramento moving companies to provide you with materials and expert labor. If hiring Sacramento local movers isn’t for you, consider if some free packing alternatives might be.

When you are unable to afford packing paper, a great free alternative is using good old newspaper sheets. You can utilize newspapers to coat the bottom of your containers, to wrap the dishes, or fill them up. Beware, though, there is a reason why alternatives are alternatives – and it’s because they often have a flaw. Although newspapers are free, readily available, and do the job just fine, there’s a chance that if your glassware is not completely dry, it could get ruined by transferred ink. So make sure to wipe it properly before covering it with newspapers.

What Other Readily Available Free Alternatives Can Be Used to Package Glassware?

If you want to move efficiently, you should be ready to employ a relocation hack here and there. One of the things you do before relocating is to check out where you can save a buck or two by using free materials and items you already own. If you have to pack to move in a hurry and don’t have the time to go shopping, this list might do you good as well. Here are our top alternative picks:

  • Use cotton materials and kitchen cloths for wrapping -As you’ll see soon, wrapping is a critical step. These soft materials will ensure the safety of a glass that otherwise might shift and fall while transported.
  • Socks and face towels are perfect for filling up dishes – To fill up the insides of your glassware, use sports socks or tiny towels, and simultaneously save up space when you pack clothes.
  • Reuse boxes you already own – Maybe when you got to pack up shoes, you decluttered and found yourself with numerous empty containers, or you have children whose toys came in reusable packaging. Anyway, look around your home for alternative boxes.
  • If you have a few suitcases, use them as containers – For those who love to travel and have an array of suitcases, a great hack to package plates, glassware, and utensils is to put them in a suitcase. These are already soft inside, so they naturally work great for fragile stuff.
Delicate glasses on a table with packing materials
Adequate cushioning will ensure that your glassware survives the move

#2 Step: Preparation Is Key When Learning How to Pack Glasses for Moving

Before we answer the question of how to pack glassware for moving, we have to direct you to properly organize your kitchenware. First, separate your glassware by fragility and weight. This will come in handy later on when you get to place them into containers.

If you don’t have the time to wash and dry your glassware, at least wipe them with a wet cloth. You probably had to package furniture in your dining area and move large objects such as your oven, fridge, and washing machine. This means dust, dirt, and hair from the pet you are to move with will be flying everywhere, so cleaning is a step you shouldn’t skip.

Secure the Box With a Protective Layer

The next thing you need to do is get your containers ready. Compare your glassware to the containers you compiled to figure out what objects will go where. Keep in mind that smaller containers will be easier to carry and are less prone to shatter your objects than larger ones, although one large box can be carried in fewer trips to the truck.

After that, take your padding and place it at the bottom of chosen containers. You can take anything from crumpled paper or newspaper sheets to cotton materials. These will increase the safety of your objects and ensure nothing delicate breaks.

Clear wine glasses on a table ready to be packed up by Sacramento movers
Don’t skip on washing your glassware one last time before you package it

#3 Step: Ensure Each Glass Is Tightly Wrapped

So what is the best way to pack glasses for moving? Well, it’s tightly tied to protecting the glassware. You want to wrap each item tightly, and you’ll do so by placing glassware vertically on newspaper sheets or bubble wrap. Take two sheets, place them on the counter, and roll vertically placed objects in them.

Once you rolled the item up, tuck the remaining parts of the sheets inside the object. Next, use cushioning materials such as crumpled newspaper or peanuts and stack them inside the glassware until it’s nicely filled up. Tape the sheet, in the end, to be sure it won’t move.

Extra Tips: How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving

Now that we’re done with the basics, it’s time to get to some professional-level packaging tips. Stem glassware is a going-away party staple, so time the packaging and partying carefully. The logic to packaging these is pretty much the same as the one we sketched out, but it does entail a lot more cushioning. Don’t be stingy with bubble wrap, and you’ll be good to go.

Visit one of your local best Sacramento liquor stores and see if they are willing to provide you with some free special containers for wine glassware if you haven’t saved the original ones. If you can’t find them, consider making your own ones. Check out the following videos on more ways your wine glassware can stay safe during a move.

#4 Step: Place Wrapped Items in the Box

Now that everything is secured, you can finally package your glassware. So, how do you pack glasses and mugs when moving? The best way to go about this is to position your things vertically inside the box, so the rim of each object is turned upside down – just like it would in your cabinet.

Depending on the size of each container, you’ll have to decide whether to take the stacking route or not. Stacking has its pros and cons. On the one hand, a stack has more weight to it, making it more difficult to shatter. On the other, if the glassware isn’t properly wrapped, it might chip due to friction.

Put the Heavier Objects in the Box First

You’ll want to get the bulkier glassware out of the way first. Whether you stack or not, heavier objects will give more stability to the stack and the box as well. If you learned how to package pots and pans, you know that weight plays an important role in protecting the objects from damage.

Make Sure No Glass Can Shift in the Container

If you used specialty containers that have cell dividers, your glassware is pretty much protected from all sides. Even if this is the case, there’s no harm in throwing a bit of additional cushioning materials on the sides. It’ll reduce the chance of the objects shifting and cushion the blow if any manage to fall down.

Extra Tips: How to Pack Glasses for Shipping

One of the important things not to forget to do when you move is to declutter and sell or donate your objects. In case you are reading this, you probably decided to do something about the extra objects you own, and now you need to ship them to their new owner somewhere across the state. So, how to best handle packaging when shipping? Well, even though we are a moving company in Sacramento that specializes in local moves, we know a thing or two about shipping out of the Sacramento suburbs.

We have some good news – the previously mentioned steps also apply when you want to ship your glassware out of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento. The only additional step you should take is to double-check if your glassware is glued to the container. Not literally, of course. What we mean to say is that if you are going to a post office in the safest Sacramento neighborhoods to ship a package, you should know that your container will go through a lot of tumbling and rumbling before reaching its final destination. So throw all the additional padding you can in the container, be sure that objects can’t move at all, and you can continue to the last step!

A table with boxes for shipping
It’s crucial that your glassware is nicely packed for shipping, so it doesn’t reach its new owner damaged or shattered

#5 Step: Label Each Container

You aren’t completely done answering the question of how do you pack dishes and glasses for moving until you’ve labeled every box. It may seem unimportant, but this is a crucial step, believe us. Seal the boxes with tape – ideally, one that says ”fragile” on it, or write ”fragile/ delicate/ breakable/ top load only” on your container. This will ensure that your movers in Sacramento, CA pay special attention to the container with delicate objects.

Extremely delicate and valuable glassware might not be among the things movers won’t move, but you may feel worried about entrusting it to strangers. In that case, you might choose to drive it to your new home with all those important documents you organized. However, don’t skip the labeling. It will save you a lot of time once you get to unpacking.

Boxes ready to be moved by movers in Sacramento, CA
Proper labeling will help both you and your movers know how to manage the containers at hand

The Final Step You Should Make Is to Hire the Best Professional Sacramento Movers

Employing one of the moving companies in Sacramento will save you a lot of effort, time, and ultimately money when it comes to relocating a home. This is why we always recommend hiring professionals to help you with a residential move. However, we know finding the right company among a sea of good ones, and, unfortunately, a lot of those that employ relocation scams, isn’t easy. To save you the trouble of picking and choosing, we have the best pick for you available – and it’s us!

We are a company that has been around for more than two decades, doing anything from commercial moves to providing the best labor-only relocation services available. Our professional packers and movers will not only offer impeccable moving services in Sacramento but will do it at an affordable price. So, contact us today to get your fair and free quote, as well as an answer to any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate, we are waiting for your call!