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Most homes in the US certainly have at least one TV, computer, and many other electronic devices. They are as delicate as they are useful, so when relocating around Sacramento, you’ll want them to arrive at a new home in one piece. That’s why learning how to pack electronics for moving should be a top priority. Read through this article and see what you have to do to ensure the safety of your delicate belongings during the transport. 

Learning How to Prepare Electronics for a Move Is an Important Step in the Process

A survey from 2020 shows that the average family in the US has more than ten connected devices in their household. On average, each person has two computers and mobile phones. This shows us that video game consoles, PCs, and TVs are integral parts of a household. Meaning you can’t avoid them during the relocation process. 

However, as much as the devices have developed, they are still quite delicate and fragile. They can break easily during transport to one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento. That’s why to avoid increasing relocation expenses and making a huge dent in your bank account, ensure they are properly wrapped and packed before trying to move them. 

Luckily, this article can help you prepare like a pro so that everything goes smoothly, even if you are relocating in a hurry. We will help you answer questions like how do you package electronics and is bubble wrap safe for electronics? So, keep on reading, and you’ll learn how to pack fragile items without breaking them. 

Smiling man looking at the laptop
Before you start putting your valuables in boxes, learn how to do it properly

When Figuring Out How to Pack Electronics You Will Need to Use Different Supplies

One of the main things on your moving to-do list should be obtaining supplies. No matter if you are boxing up dishes or electronic devices, you’ll need plenty of materials. However, one of the smartest moving hacks is using the original packaging if you haven’t thrown it away. 

The original packaging comes with all the necessary materials (such as inside padding). It is also the perfect size, so you won’t stress about finding the right-sized boxes. However, if you have thrown away packages, head to Downtown Mail (just across from the State Capitol) and get some. Or, if you currently live in one of the Sacramento suburbs, you might want to check out stores like MyBoxStore in Elk Grove (you’ll avoid city center traffic jams and still get what you need).

While you are on a supply run, create a packing list and bring it with you to avoid forgetting the materials and equipment. The list should contain things like

  • Different sized tick carton crates, 
  • Clean brown paper,
  • Bubble wrap, 
  • A few rolls of plastic shrink wraps,
  • Corner protectors and styrofoam, 
  • Zippable bags, 
  • Strong and wide duct tape,
  • Blankets,
  • Twist ties or rubber bands,
  • Packing peanuts,
  • Labeling materials such as different color markers, big stickers, and labels.

Right Kind of Bubble Wrap Is Essential When Packing Electronics

You might already know that bubble wrap is a material most commonly used when boxing up glasses and other really fragile items such as plates. However, it has been known to damage some devices. This happens because bubble wrap creates electrostatic discharge when put around charged objects. 

Don’t worry. There is a solution if you are planning on using bubbles. Just buy anti-static bubble wrap. When you go to the store, just look for the material labeled ESD safe, and you are good to go. Keep in mind that not all shops sell this type of wrap, but you might try your luck in stores like Cogent and Landsberg. 

Different types of supplies gathered in one place
Each and every supply will come in handy when you are protecting your objects

Prepare Electronics for a Move to a Different Sacramento Neighborhood

Before putting objects in boxes, there are a few things to go through, especially if you have never moved fragile objects before. Keep in mind that these are some really delicate things, and the process of boxing up will not be the same as the one you have when packing books, for example. That’s why you should start by consulting the original product manual. Also, don’t forget to pull out all the peripherals and save up data, just in case anything goes south.

Backing Up the Data Should Be Done Before Anything Else 

We keep a lot of valuable info on our laptops and PCs. That’s why it would be a huge loss if they were to break because we would be left without some irreplaceable data. If you want to avoid losing the info, back up everything before the boxing up process starts. You can use different cloud storage platforms to do so. Many of them will allow you to quickly upload and then access the data no matter where you relocate to. All you will need is an internet connection. 

However, if you are not a tech-savvy person and you are unsure which cloud storage to use, try Sync, OneDrive, iCloud, or Google Drive. They will get the job done. Keep in mind that these free storage clouds might store the info for a while, but they are not exactly the safest solution. So if you want the data to be completely safe, be prepared to spend a bit of money. This means investing in an external hard drive and USB

Pack Cables and Other Items First 

Most devices come with at least one peripheral attached to them. That’s why before boxing everything up, you need to detach all the cables and other items. However, before you do that, turn off devices. When you are done, pull all the charges and power cords out of electrical sockets. Ensure that all of our cables, cords, and chargers are accounted for. Keep in mind that these are some of the most commonly forgotten things to pack and that you might easily leave them behind if they are not handled right away. 

Also, to keep the cables and chargers from tangling, coil up each and secure it with a twist tie (or a rubber band if that’s what you bought). When wiring is tightly fastened, place it in a plastic bag and put it near the device it came with. Additional pro tip – before detaching the peripherals, snap a few pictures of the device. This way, you’ll know exactly how to put everything back when you move into a new home. 

Woman looking at a pile of tangled cables
Tangled cables can give you a really big headache

When Figuring Out How to Pack Electronics for Moving Know How to Properly Secure Specific Items

You survived the preparation process, and now it is time to get to business. You are finally ready to start boxing up objects. Remember, even though you’ll be using almost the same materials for all the delicate things, the process itself might be slightly different. Feel free to consult the user manual if you can’t quite figure out how to wrap up a specific object. After all, we are not all professional Sacramento movers, so there is no shame in seeking help

There Is a Specific Way to Secure Your Big Home TV

People today mostly rely on their laptops and tablets when binging shows. However, TV is still one of the most essential parts of the living room. On top of that, it is also one of the most expensive objects you can own. That’s why it is important to do everything that is in your power to secure it from damage during transportation. Boxing up a TV starts with removing all the cables and taking it off the stand. 

Then you should grab a large foam sheet or cardboard and put it on display to keep it safe and scratch-free. After wrapping it all up with several layers of bubbles. Grab a wide tape and put it on several spots, ensuring that packaging won’t unwrap during transportation. Use corner protectors to secure sharp edges of the TV, and then cover it with a blanket before putting it in a container. When you are done, label the box and load it onto a truck in an upright position. 

There Is an Efficient Way to Prepare a Desktop Computer for the Move

Laptop owners have it easier than desktop ones. To transport a laptop, all you really need is a good backpack or a bag, and you are good to go. At the same time, boxing up a desktop computer requires a little bit more work. For starters, there are more components to it. You have to box up the monitor, and if you handled TV beforehand, just apply the same strategy. 

Then comes a computer tower. This specific item requires a lot of wrapping with bubbles. When you bundle it enough, add styrofoam on top and bottom before placing it in the box. If you want to learn a few additional tips on how to protect your expensive gaming PC, check out the video below: 

You Can Pack Your Stereo for Moving in a Few Easy Steps 

If you are wondering – how do I pack my stereo equipment for moving, wonder no more because we have the answer. The process starts when you detach the speakers from the receiver. And since speakers are a bit sturdier than the other electronics, you can just bundle them in blankets and shrinking plastic. That is if you can’t find boxes big enough to fit them. Receivers are a bit more sensitive, so you should box them up using the same strategy as you would when handling a computer tower. 

Black speakers in the room
Stereo can be boxed up in the same way as some other delicate objects

Prepare Your Electronics for Shipping to a Different Sacramento Neighbourhood

Be aware that you are currently not boxing up pots and pans or other sturdy objects but delicate, easily breakable components. That’s why you should make sure all the containers are adequately padded. The best material to do so would be bubble wrap, peanuts, and styrofoam.

When padding a box, don’t skim on the supplies. Keep in mind that they are the barrier that protects your delicate item from external vibrations and blows. So, put as much as you can in the box. When the initial first layer of padding is set, lower the bundled object in it and continue adding material until the container is filled. Then close it up with a wide tape, label it, and the package is ready for the trip. 

Labeling Will Also Keep Your Belongings Safe

Up your game when it comes to protecting delicate belongings by labeling each and every container they are in. Write “FRAGILE” or “THIS SIDE UP” on the top of the box, and everybody will know to handle the container with care. 

You can use labeling to make the unpacking process easier as well. Besides the fragile sign, you can write down what is exactly in a box (if the item is not in its original packaging). That way, you’ll know where everything is without playing hide and seek with your belongings. 

Girl labeling a container as fragile before her chosen Sacramento movers arriv
Labeling can save you a lot of trouble when you start unpacking

There Are a Few Things You Can Do With Devices You Don’t Want to Relocate

There are many reasons why people move. Maybe you are moving in with your girlfriend or starting a new chapter of the relationship with your boyfriend. If so, there is a good chance that you won’t need to bring all of the devices to a new home. 

This means that you need to figure out what to do with devices you no longer want or need. Overall, most of the time, you have a few options: 

  • Sell things like extra extension cables, old chargers that are still working, and even remotes, and earn some extra money. While cleaning before the move, you might have discovered that you still have an old working laptop or a Sony Playstation 2. Why not sell them? With the saved-up money, you can get the best moving services in Sacramento that will make your move go smoothly. 
  • Donate things that you haven’t managed to sell. Many organizations like Computers for Classrooms and Computers4Kids accept working laptops and desktops as donations. There are also national organizations such as Goodwill that accept different types of devices. 
  • Recycle some objects. Since it is against the law to throw away electronic waste into the trash, you should recycle. Not only will you be staying on the right side of the law, but you will also be keeping our environment eco-friendly. Luckily, there are more than a few recycling centers in Sacramento you can go to. From e-Waste to AllGreen, you can easily get rid of the belongings you no longer need.
A bing with recycling sign
When recycling, you are keeping Sacramento eco-friendly

If You Can’t Master the Packing, Let Our Professional Movers in Sacramento CA Do It Instead of You

With all said above, you can tell that preparing and boxing up sensitive devices for relocating to different Sacramento neighborhoods takes a lot of planning and hard work. Even though you are relocating locally, you have to think about all the devices’ small and big peripheral parts. And on top of that, you have to go out and buy all the necessary supplies without overlooking some. 

Since all of these objects are highly sensitive, failing to protect them might cost you a lot of money. Also, having to buy a new device will add up to the relocation stress you must already be feeling. That’s why, to avoid all the drama, if you are not sure that you can secure the items properly, it is best to hire one of many Sacramento moving companies to do it for you. 

Professional Sacramento Movers Are Just a Phone Call Away

A trustworthy professional moving company in Sacramento can offer you the services of equipped packers and movers that will do the job without a fuss. Sacramento local movers can also provide you with labor-only services if you don’t want to carry computers, TVs, and other devices and load them onto a truck. On top of that, no matter if you are having a residential relocation, or a large commercial move, hiring one of many moving companies in Sacramento is a must. That being said, if you want to move efficiently, all you have to do is contact us and submit a request for a free quote, shortly one of our professional and helpful representatives will give you a call.