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There is nothing harder than trying to prepare for a move if you don’t know how to pack dishes for moving. This procedure can cause you a lot of stress and problems if you don’t follow all the necessary steps and instructions. Luckily for you, this article will guide you through every step of the process, and you’ll learn many interesting tips and tricks.

If you don’t feel like packing dishes for moving is something you can do on your own, you should definitely consider hiring professional movers in Sacramento. A trained team of experienced employees can offer you convenient services and timely assistance during your local move. With their help packing dishes will be one of the easiest parts of your relocation. If you’re interested in finding out more information about this process, keep reading.

Where to Start Packing When Moving?

Whether this is your first time relocating or you already moved previously, you might still feel lost because every relocation process opens up new challenges. For example, maybe you moved before, but you left all your bowls, plates, and other things in the old apartment and bought a new set. But this time you want to take them all with you. Soon comes the moment when you realize that you don’t know how to pack dishes for a move, and then the relocation stress kicks in. 

But don’t worry – you’re at the right place. You can comfort yourself and enjoy your going-away party because in this article you’ll find many amazing relocation hacks. Where to start? Start by reading it and decide if you can learn how to pack dishes fast enough and gather the right equipment or you feel like professional assistance is more than needed in this case.

Pack Heaviest Pieces First and Go Step-by-Step

If you have to move in a hurry and want to relocate efficiently, you need to remember to do everything in the right order. This organizational tip should be listed on your to-do list. Once you decide which items you want to relocate, you can easily decide which are the heaviest, and those should be packed first. For example, pots and pans are usually the heaviest, so you should put them under delicate wine glasses or other fragile items.

People wrapping plates because they didn't hire one of the best moving companies in Sacramento
Heaviest items should be on the bottom of containers

Get Appropriate Packing Materials

Once you choose one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento for your new home, you can start making a relocation expenses checklist. This checklist should also include the cost of supplies you’ll be using. To protect your kitchen inventory in the best way possible, you should get some of the following supplies:

  • Packing paper,
  • Boxes,
  • Tape,
  • Markers,
  • Newspaper,
  • Cloths, towels, or any soft fabric for cushioning.
Packing supplies professional movers in Sacramento use
You should get quality supplies if you want to protect your belongings

Before Packing, Here’s How You Should Prepare a Box

What is the best way to pack dishes? Well, the essential part is to ensure that nothing gets damaged during the process. If you want to achieve this, you need to secure all of your boxes, especially if they are made of thin, flimsy cardboard material, or you found them for free online on websites such as Freecycle. Use duct tape to reinforce the bottom and edges to prevent the opening of the box and spare yourself from dealing with broken plates and glasses. Also, it is important that the cardboard is clean because you don’t want to spend time cleaning all of your plates, pots, and pans once you get to your new home instead of exploring some of the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento in your vicinity.

Boxes Shouldn’t Be Too Heavy – 45 Pounds Is Recommended Weight

One of the important mistakes you want to avoid if you don’t know how to pack dishes when moving is overpacking your containers because if they are too heavy, cardboard could tear, and that could be fatal for your cups and plates. It is estimated that a medium-sized box’s ideal weight is around 45 pounds, so try not to overpack your packages. They will be easier to carry.

When Packing, Fill Boxes to the Top

It is crucial to fill each container to the top with cushioning because this will prevent any unwanted movements inside. If there is enough room for your cups and glasses to move around, they can touch each other, start clinking, and in the worst-case scenario, break each other. Get some crumpled papers or soft fabrics, and tuck them in to ensure nothing can move inside.

Person taping a cardboard container
All of the containers should be secured from all sides

How Do You Wrap Dishes for Packing? Essential Tips That Will Help You

Wonder how to pack dishes for shipping and how to wrap them appropriately? Lay a piece of paper on a flat surface and put your dish in the middle. Then start wrapping by following the shape of your dish. After wrapping it, secure it all with tape and put your dish inside the previously secured and cushioned box.

How Do You Pack Dishes for Moving Without Paper?

If you don’t want to use paper or for any other reason you didn’t get the chance to find it, you can find many alternatives in your home. For example, an old newspaper is one of the best alternative solutions, but it can stain your dish, so don’t use it for those pieces that are expensive or have sentimental value. Another option is to use soft fabrics like towels or cloths. They are a perfect substitute for papers.

Person wrapping a glass with bubble wrap
There are some alternatives if you can’t get papers

Plates Require Special Attention

If you wonder how to pack plates, you should know that this process isn’t very different from previously described ones. Wrap each plate individually and once you start stacking them together, add an additional layer of protection between them. Ensure they are placed inside the box vertically because that will reduce the pressure that can cause them to break. Pro tip: wrinkled or overlapped papers provide even better protection. You can get some specialized cardboard separators or make your own by cutting pieces of cardboard. That is an easy DIY project you can do and make some custom separators that fit perfectly and protect your fragile items.

Person wrapping a plate
Your plates should be placed vertically

Pack Pots and Pans by Following the Same Rules

You might think that these types of dishes don’t require protection because they are sturdy enough, but you’re wrong. You need to use a lot of protection, especially for sensitive pans that can be scratched easily. Once you put the cookware on a piece of paper, you should fold the corners of the paper to the center of your dish. Another cool hack you can rely on when you are preparing your kitchen inventory is to use pots and pans as containers for smaller things such as spice containers, lids,  or glasses. Just make sure you insert plenty of cushioning. 

Many wonder how do you pack serving bowls for moving, but that’s quite easy. You can stack them by placing smaller ones into larger ones. Just insert a sheet of paper between each two. The same principle can be applied to pots and pans, and for more ideas on how to properly pack them, take a look at this video.

How Do You Pack Glasses for Moving?

Glassware should be packed first, and those light and fragile pieces should be the last ones to go in your box, on top of other things. One of the main rules to follow here is to cover the bottom of a box with a thick layer of cushioning as additional protection. While wrapping your glassware, you should cover it with paper and fill out the open end of it with more crumpled papers.

Every piece should be wrapped individually following the same procedure. Caution: If you put everything inside the box and hear clinking when you slightly shake it, this could be a sign that you didn’t add enough layers of protection, so you should redo this process and insert more cushioning materials. The ideal case scenario would be to insert cardboard dividers to ensure that two mugs can’t touch each other. Just don’t forget to add enough cushioning to each compartment.

Person with different supplies
Preparing glassware for a move is easier with the right materials

Carefully Load the Truck

When you or your helpers start loading the truck with these containers, some safety instructions should be followed. For example, containers with fragile items should not be placed under heavy and bulky furniture or other large boxes. They should be positioned on top of other bulky and sturdy containers. You should also fit these boxes tightly between a large container or a piece of furniture to prevent unnecessary movements and maybe even use straps to keep it in place. If you are relocating with pets, ensure they don’t get in your way while loading your truck because you don’t want to trip over them and drop your box.

Additional Tips: Make Sure Every Box Is Labeled and Positioned Appropriately

One of the most important steps when organizing fragile inventory for relocation is labeling. Every container with something delicate packed inside should be clearly labeled with loud color markers. These labels should be visible from all sides. If you follow the previously mentioned rule to place the heaviest items on the bottom, you should also mark which side goes up. You don’t want you or your helper to mix sides and flip the box so that heavier belongings crush the lighter ones.

Fragile glasses label
Ensure everything is labeled properly

If You Don’t Know How to Pack Dishes for Moving, Hiring Professional Sacramento Movers Might Be a Good Idea

If you still feel like you can’t go through this process on your own, you can always rely on professional moving services in Sacramento. Apart from excellent residential relocation services, our local Sacramento movers can offer you additional packing services for these kinds of situations and labor-only service if you need assistance with loading a truck. Our moving company in Sacramento can even offer you a free quote if you want to know the potential price of your move, so there is no need to obsess about potential relocation scams. You can also get some convenient services if you don’t know how to pack books or need assistance to move a piano. Feel free to contact us and check what items movers won’t move – everything else is our concern.