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Preparing for a move is a daunting task itself, but there is no bigger question than the question of how to pack books for moving. Especially to book lovers who have a sizable collection. Titles are not only heavy, but they can be new, antique, and valuable or simply hold emotional value to the owner, so you will want to have them all adequately protected.

How to Pack Books for Moving? Plan Ahead

You shouldn’t wait for the last moment and pack to move in a hurry. Your titles should be among the first items you tackle when packing for a move before you even start thinking of packing plates or choosing the right supplies for packing fragile items. Today, we will share all the relocation hacks and tips so you can get your collection packed like a pro.

As we said, this task shouldn’t be done in haste or left for the last minute. So, put it on top of your to-do list as it will require time and dedication. Your titles aren’t something you will need until the moment your Sacramento movers arrive on the move day. Plus, they are heavy and require lots of preparation and just the right equipment, so it’s best if you put your mind to it as soon as you learn you will be relocating. There are certain things you should do before you start boxing them up, and the first one is sorting them out and figuring out what you want to keep. Here’s how to do it.

Set Aside Parts of Your Book Collection You Will Sell

This is prime time to bring some order into your collection as there are likely tons of titles you don’t want to keep. There is no point in bothering to carry them all and unpack later, and you will appreciate the extra space you get on your shelves. So, take aside what you want to keep and what’s in good enough condition or has a good value to be sold. You will use the extra cash as we are sure that your relocation expenses checklist is only getting longer. You can organize a garage sale and sell your titles along with other items you don’t want to keep. Or you can just sell them online on sites such as Craigslist.

Donate or Give Away the Others

Another great idea is giving away or donating your volumes to others who will cherish it as you do. You can ask your friends if they are interested in any, or you can donate them to donation centers. Friends of the Sacramento Public Library is a great place to contribute to as you are sure your titles will end up in the right hands. But, there are other charities and organizations that accept book donations throughout our city – you just need to find a cause close to your heart. And check in advance what kind of donations they accept as different places have different requirements, and you don’t want to drive all the way to a place only to be returned along with your donation.

Put Them in Storage

If you are not feeling like giving any of your titles away and you have a sizable collection, it would be of great use to put them in a storage facility for a while. You can do that before you start getting ready for a move and have it out of the way. Then, when you are ready, you can call your movers in Sacramento and request in-and out-of-storage service, and they will transport the heavy load to your new home. If you choose this option, there are some things you should have in mind.

  • Ensure your collection is clean and free of any dirt,
  • Ensure the storage facility is clean and climate-controlled,
  • Wrap your volumes in acid-free papers instead of the usual ones,
  • Ask if the facility uses pest control services,
  • Don’t leave any openings on the boxes.
Units for storing
There are some things you will want to pay special attention to when storing titles

Clean and Categorize Your Collection

When you figure out what titles you are keeping, it’s time to clean them and sort them out. Free them of any dirt or dust particles to avoid moisture developing while in storage. After that, get on to sorting. While this sounds like a time-consuming and difficult task, it doesn’t have to be. You can simply organize them by type – paperback and hardback. It can be as simple as that, or you can throw the size, weight, and importance into the equation.

You can even categorize them by types like fiction or nonfiction or align them alphabetically if you want to make your unpacking easier. The question of how to categorize your book collection is totally up to you and how much time and effort you are willing to spend on this task. If you thought that cleaning would be challenging, we have some good news. Take a look at the following video to learn a handy trick.

Get the Right Kind of Boxes for Books

It’s one thing to put three titles into a box, but what when there are more than ten? It’s a whole lot of weight. So, you should choose the boxes for this carefully. Don’t extort to reusable ones for this kind of load if you want to move efficiently. Save those for other things and get yourself proper packages for your beloved collection. You can even get creative and put some of your collection into suitcases with wheels – that way, it will be easy for you to roll them inside a truck and back into your new home, and you will use your suitcases to the fullest.

What Is the Best Size Box for Moving Books?

The general rule of thumb when it comes to the question of how to stack books in boxes is that you go with smaller, sturdy boxes as opposed to the bigger ones. That way, it will be easier for you to carry them, and it will be harder for the cardboard to break under the pressure of the heavyweight. However, you should still reinforce the bottom with layers of tape for better protection.

How Do You Pack Books Without Boxes?

The best way to pack books for moving is in smaller, sturdy boxes. But, if you don’t want to spend money on these sturdy boxes and aren’t going that far away, there are other ways you can go about this. As we said, you can put them in suitcases or briefcases as they are strong enough to handle the heavyweight. You can also put them in baskets or hampers and even in backpacks, depending on how many you have. If it’s a small collection and a small move, you can even use garbage bags, but don’t place too many titles inside, but rather divide the collection into more bags.

Cardboard packages
Small, sturdy packages are the go-to option

How to Pack Books in Boxes?

It’s essential to properly prepare each container before you start placing your volumes inside. To do this, reinforce the bottom by taping it with layers of tape. This will make the bottom even stronger and harder to break under pressure. Then place crumpled papers on the bottom to protect your volumes. Then you will start putting titles inside, heavier first and lighter paperback ones on top, as it’s the general rule of thumb that heavier items are placed first. Make sure that the weight of each package doesn’t exceed 20 pounds.

How Do You Pack Paperback Books for Moving?

When it comes to how to protect paperback books, there are multiple ways you can have them packed and lay them inside the box. You can simply place them flat inside a box, which is the easiest and possibly the best way. Or you can stack them spine first with paper edges facing upward. If you place them with the paper edges facing down, they can bend warp. And if they stay like this in a storage location somewhere for a longer period of time, they will be permanently damaged. Place tissue paper between the gaps and at the top of each edition for better protection. You can also cover the top with bubble wrap once you are done and reinforce the cardboard with tape.

Tips for Packing Your Hardcover Book Titles

Your hardcover titles will need a little more preparation and care. Wrap each book in paper before you place it in a box to protect its covers. Then place them inside the box as you would on a shelf – with their spine against the box’s side. Don’t place them too tightly as they can be damaged when getting them out later on. You can add an extra row if there’s enough space. Put papers or towels in between so there’s no empty space and when you’re done, put silica gel on top before you seal the package. That will prevent any moisture from getting inside.

How Best to Pack Books for Moving?

When you’ve packed and boxed all your titles up – it’s time to get them inside a truck from one of the moving companies in Sacramento. Your titles are heavy, so the only place you can put them on the floor of the truck as opposed to on top of other stuff. If you place them on top of other things, you risk your titles falling over and damaging something, like your fragile glasses or plates. You can put them under a desk or table, but ensure they are on the floor of the truck.

Boxing up for a move
Show some attention and care to your titles when boxing them up

Label Away for Easy Unpacking

Much like with packing dishes or pretty much anything else – labeling is a lifesaver. It will make it easier for you and the crew from your moving company in Sacramento to know where to place the box inside the truck. You wouldn’t want your heavy book collection to end up on top of the plates, would you? And it will be much easier for you to unpack it when the time comes and know where they are going. So, write on cardboard what’s inside and to which room it’s going to.

Labeled cardboard
Labeling will make things so much easier for you in the long run

The Don’ts of Packing Books for Moving

We told you everything you should know and do when preparing your titles for your new library in some of the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento. However, there are some things that may seem like a good idea or some others you wouldn’t even give a second thought that could do damage to your beloved collection. So, here are some tips on what not to do when relocating your library into a new home.

  • Don’t put them in second-hand or large cardboard packages or the ones previously used for storing food,
  • Don’t place them with their spine facing upward or at odd angles,
  • Don’t place them too tightly against each other,
  • Don’t forget to use protection,
  • Don’t exceed the limit of 20 pounds per package.
Girl covering her face with a book
Do the dos and don’t the don’ts

Find the Right Sacramento Moving Services

Hopefully, you have found our tips helpful, and you feel empowered to tackle this task. If you would rather hire professional Sacramento movers to get you packed instead, contact us and choose our packing services. If you want to reduce your relocation stress to a minimum, choose our residential relocation services in Sacramento and avoid relocation scams and unprofessional relocators. We are proven professionals that can move you to a home in some of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento easily and successfully. Contact us to get your free quote, see how you like and if you do – leave it all to us and get on to planning your going-away party.