Everything You Should Know About How to Pack a Computer for Moving Within Sacramento

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An average US household is home to at least two computers. And calculations show that 13% of Americans move annually, meaning that a huge number of computers will be relocated every year. Thus, it seems that knowing how to pack a computer for moving is a valuable skill to have. With our easy-to-follow, expert tips, you too will learn how to transport a PC in no time.

Is It Bad to Move a Desktop Computer?

Packing electronics is a tricky process. A lot of devices and their additional parts can be considered fragile items, as they can easily be damaged in transportation. Even though desktop computers are somewhat sturdier and can endure much more than many other devices, they do require special attention. To answer your question: No, it’s not inherently bad to move your PC. However, it is so crucial to be careful and meticulous when going about this task.

Lucky for you, even if you decide not to hire movers in Sacramento, CA, to help you out, you won’t be going through this process all on your own. We are here to help with the best relocation hacks and tips and ensure you safely move your PC. All you have to do is follow our to-do list, and you can be certain there won’t be any relocation stress for you.

Learning How to Transport a PC Safely Requires Going Through a Few Steps

Basically, there are going to be a few things you’ll need to do before you can move your device safely. First, you’ll have to obtain adequate packing materials, and then you can go on to prepare your hardware and software for relocation. Groundwork is key, so only after you are sure everything is ready, we’ll go on to answer the million-dollar question: How do I pack my computer to move? Buckle up, and let’s get to it.

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There’s no reason you shouldn’t move your PC. However, you have to be careful about how you do it

The First Step Is to Obtain Adequate Packing Supplies

The first task of any efficient move is to get the adequate supplies and equipment for the relocation process that awaits you. Ideally, you would want to use the original packaging of your PC. If that isn’t possible because you threw out the container after buying the device, here’s what you need to buy:

  • A computer container and smaller cardboard boxes for additional storage,
  • Cord organizers and ziplock bags for peripherals,
  • Packaging paper and bubble wrap in abundance,
  • Styrofoam blocks and multiple foam sheets,
  • Sharp scissors and tapping materials,
  • Markers in vivid colors for labeling.

If You Don’t Have the Original Packaging, Measure Your Device to Create a Custom One

As previously stated, the best protection for electronics is their original packaging. However, there are ways to go about packaging if you haven’t saved the primary one. First off, you have to measure your PC, including the tower and monitor. You’ll want to obtain boxes that fit your devices almost like a glove

Before you get to spending funds from your relocation expenses checklist on pricey packaging, we recommend checking out the Sacramento Freecycle group to see if there you can find something suitable for your PC tower and monitor. If it turns out that this isn’t possible, acquire cardboard parts, cut them out according to your measurements and create your own PC kit. With a desktop computer and all of its accessories, you’ll be relocating relatively large items, so it’s important to have their packaging as optimal as possible.

A photo of packaging materials professional Sacramento movers provide.
Quality materials are important assets of an efficient move.

Preparation Is Key When Learning How to Pack a Computer for Moving

Once you’ve obtained all the necessary supplies from your packing list, it’s time to secure your device. While the task at hand is a bit more complex than preparing pots and pans for relocation, it’s no rocket science. All you’ll have to do is back up your files on an external storage and assure all peripheral devices are well secured. And once you’re sure these commonly forgotten things are safe and sound, most of the heavy lifting will be out of the way.

Find the Product Manual and Have It by Your Side the Entire Way Through

First off, though, before you start taking out cords and peripherals, you should consult the product manual. So, to ensure yours are well taken care of, go to the source. If you don’t know where your manual is, try going to the manufacturer’s website. More often than not, manufacturers will provide you with a free pdf format of the manual so that you can consult it even if you no longer own the paper version.

The First Step When Packing Your PC Is to Back Up the Device

Basically, when it comes to your PC, you want to do the opposite of move-out cleaning. To avoid accidentally having your entire memory swept, you’ll want to back up your device. Too often, people forget to do this when they move and end up regretful after the relocation is complete. To avoid any lingering tears, put your files, photos, e-books, and the rest on a physical hard drive you’ll bring to your new home, as well as on online cloud storage. That way, there’s not a chance in this world anything might happen to your treasured database.

Many People Make the Mistake of Disassembling a Computer Before Moving It

Beware, there are limits to how much preparation your computer tower and monitor can endure, especially when it’s coming from someone who’s not a certified technician. If you are not a licensed professional, try to steer away from opening your tower. Not only can the disassembling process damage your computer, but once its parts are out of the case. Rather than wasting time figuring out how to become a tech support assistant, it’s better to spend your hours walking around Sacramento suburbs.

A guy studying in front of a computer
A move is a great time not only to back up your device but also clear your recycle bin and refresh its memory

You’ll Want to Remove Any Additional Electronics and Peripherals Safely

Before you actually start boxing up your device, you’ll have to disconnect any additional accessories. Most PCs require things such as the mouse, keyboard, internet connection, and cords for adequate use. Before ejecting any USB cables, make sure to use the ”safely eject” option so that you don’t end up having to format these devices. The majority of devices will have about seven to ten cords and cables you should safely remove, wrap and pack. 

Make Sure to Take Photos of Your Setup Before Sacramento Local Movers Reach You

A lifesaving hack any professional mover will recommend is to take photographs of how your devices are set up. Even if you feel like you know your PC inside and out, taking a picture before removing peripherals can save you a significant amount of time later on when you get to the unpacking phase. Although most of your USB ports are probably located in the front of the tower, make sure to photograph the back of the device as well. Actually, that is where most of the complications could arise, so it’s good to have a photo as a reminder of where things should go – just in case.

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A Short Step-By-Step Guide On How to Pack a Desktop Computer for Moving

So, now that you’ve disconnected and prepared your device and its peripheral parts, as well as obtained everything you need to pack it up, it’s time to answer the question: how do you safely pack a computer? If you want to be certain the process will be easily and quickly done, follow this easy guide:

  • Step 1: turn off the computer and unplug the cables – This step you’ve probably done, but it is the initial one. Safely turn off the computer, so none of your work gets lost, and you can proceed to deal with it, just like you would box up a TV.
  • Step 2: wrap the tower and monitor with wrapping materials – Take a few sheets of paper and cover the device in it. Tape the edges together, so they don’t move. You can only protect your computer from surface damage with paper, so cover it in multiple layers of bubble wrap as well, and tape it in the same way.
  • Step 3: provide the box with sufficient padding – Use tape to strengthen the floor of your container, and afterward, put multiple layers of bubble wrap or even cotton materials such as towels and the bottom.
  • Step 4: put the device in the box – Have your box and computer in an upright position. Slowly put the computer in the container so that it doesn’t fall down.
  • Step 5: ensure there’s no leftover space in the container – If you see any leftover space, fill it up with crumpled paper. Slowly lift the box up and carefully move it around to see if there is any movement. If yes, put more cushioning inside.
  • Step 6: secure and label the box – Once you are certain nothing is shifting around, you can go ahead and tape the box. Be certain to label it, and write up ”fragile” or ”top load only” on all of its sides, so that the employees of moving services in Sacramento know to handle the package cautiously.

Wrap and Secure Additional Parts So None of Them Get Lost or Damaged 

Use the aforementioned steps to enfold and package all the additional devices. Sturdy ones, such as the mouse, keyboard, and USB camera, should be placed in secured boxes that fit their size. Prior to it, they should be wrapped in a sufficient amount of bubble wrap. Be certain to watch out where you place them in the truck, as these items can be easily damaged or even irreparably broken. 

After that, it’s time to organize and package cords and cables. You’ll want your cord organizers and ziplock bags next to you at this time. If you don’t want to buy special organizers, carefully place the cables in circles and divide them with plastic twist-ties. You can place all your electronics and accessories in one place, with sufficient packaging paper inside. That way, not only will all these items be in one spot, but there’s a lesser chance they’ll get damaged.

A labeled container moved by movers in Sacramento
Never skip out on labeling – it doesn’t take long to do it, and it could save your device from being mishandled.

How Do You Transport a Desktop Computer?

You can transport your computer via a car or a relocation truck. If you do put it in the latter, be certain it is secured and can’t move. Trucks have special belts that can stop a container from shifting around, so it’s not a bad idea to use one to station your PC. If you have space in your car, you could place your packed device on the backseat of your car and call it a day. With fragile (not to mention expensive) devices, you might sleep better if you keep them in your eyesight while you move. However, professional movers in Sacramento will know how to transport your PC safely if you can’t do it yourself, so there is no reason to worry.

How to Pack a Computer for Shipping?

If your computer was on the declutter list, and you’ve managed to sell it, you might have to ship your PC to a different state. Because the device will go through more routes, vehicles, and hands, you’ll want to really be certain it’s safely packed. So, just double up on the wrapping, and you’ll be good to go. If you still feel like you would like more info on shipping a PC, we recommend checking out the following video. It’ll tell you all you need to know:

How to Pack a Laptop for Relocation?

If your computer is a portable one, you probably won’t have to do much. Most often, people own padded bags for taking their laptop with them, wherever they go. So, if you own one of these, you won’t even be needing supplies. If you don’t have a sleeve, a backpack, or a handbag designated for your laptop, you can put it in a box. Just ensure that the box is well cushioned with cotton materials and bubble wrap.

While laptops are not on the list of items movers won’t move, we would still recommend relocating the computer by car. Although they are meant to be moved around, laptops are more fragile than desktop computers and shouldn’t be placed in a truck. 

Double Check if Your Chargers Are Safely Stored

A move to one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento will have you feeling all kinds of ways – excited, stressed, happy and sad. And when one is overwhelmed, it becomes that much easier to forget about crucial tasks – one of them being to pack your laptop charger. So, before you officially change your address, ensure your charger isn’t sitting in one of the electrical plugs. Wrap it up in a circle, and store it in a side pocket of your laptop bag, and you’ll be good to go.

Alt-text: A man and a woman sitting at a laptop
The size and portability of laptops make them ideal for transport. However, they still require special attention as they can be easily damaged

Why Go Through the Trouble of Learning How to Move a Desktop Computer, When Professional Sacramento Movers Can Do It in the Blink of an Eye?

There’s no reason to learn all these steps and tricks when hiring one of the moving companies in Sacramento could save you so much effort and time. All you have to do is dial one phone number, and you can already consider your device packed – as well as the rest of your home. Trust us, there’s nothing more satisfying than having employees of one of the reputable Sacramento moving companies helping you with your residential move. And if you don’t know which moving company in Sacramento to hire, you’re in luck – because we do.

Professional Sacramento Movers is the ultimate company to hire for any Sacramento moving services, whether it’s a commercial relocation service you’re interested in or a good old labor-only relocation service. Our professional packers and movers will ensure all your items are handled with care, and they’ll do it at a more than an affordable price. All you have to do is contact us today to obtain your free quote and hire the ultimate packing service providers. We’re waiting for you!

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