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Once you start preparing for a relocation, you become aware of how many items there are in your house. Amongst many different things to pack, you will find piles of paperwork. Some are worthless, but some you actually have to keep. But, how to organize important documents at home? If you don’t know what to do in this situation, we suggest you look at our article – it can help you deal with this challenging packing task. 

When you start organizing important documents, you will probably be overwhelmed – papers will be flying everywhere around you. Where to even begin? Don’t worry, we know how to help you. Follow our tips, and your belongings will soon be well organized and ready to move to your new place in Sacramento. 

How to Organize Important Documents at Home and Prepare Them for Your Upcoming Move?

A crucial part of figuring out how to move efficiently, alone or with a family, is deciding where to store important documents and how to move them to your new Sacramento suburb adequately. If you have no idea how to approach this process, you are in the right place because we will explain everything to you and share our favorite moving hacks. So, what is the best way to organize important documents? 

Even though you can (obviously) do this however you deem necessary, there is a particular plan of action that most experts agree is the best. We won’t lie – this is pretty boring – still, it must be done, so it’s better to cross this off your moving to-do list as soon as you can. Take a deep breath, and let’s get to work. 

Do You Know What Is the Best Way to Organize Paperwork at Home?

How do I keep important documents at home? You probably rarely even think about all the various paperwork that’s been lying around your house for years. Honestly, no one does – that is, until it comes time for organizing before the move. Sure, you have found an amazing property in the best neighborhood in Sacramento. Congrats, but you will still have to pack countless items before you get to enjoy the benefits of moving. 

Packing books or clothes might be simple, but what about all that paperwork? The easiest way to safely transfer all your records is to categorize and store them in folders and boxes properly. The text below will explain everything in detail – keep reading to learn all the crucial tips and tricks. 

Hands behind a pile of papers, holding a sign that says 'help'
Do you need help organizing everything? Don’t worry – we are coming to your rescue

Which Supplies Are Required for This Task? 

Having all the tools required for any relocation task can lower moving stress, so we would advise you to gather the stuff that can help you finish your task easier and quicker. Naturally, the job ahead of you won’t require as many supplies as packing glasses will, but you should still have a few things by your side before you get to work.

  • Folders,
  • Binders,
  • Standard boxes,
  • Fireproof boxes,
  • Marker, 
  • Shredder,
  • Recycling bin.
Which supplies do you require to pack up all of your documentation?

Gathering All the Records in One Place is the Right Way to Begin

Most of us have a lot of paper in our houses, and its importance can vary a lot – from take-out menus to birth certificates. There will be so much information that it could be pretty demanding even to make yourself begin sorting it out. But, you will have to fight procrastination – that will be your biggest enemy in weeks before the move. 

We hope you don’t have to move in a hurry – if you do, you might not have enough time to obsess over neatly placing documentation into filing cabinets or boxes. However, if you’re not in a rush, put on some relaxing music and start slowly. First, you should go through every room of your residence and collect every paper that you see. Bring them all to one place where you can sort out files without any distractions. The kitchen table or your desk are some of the great places for this job – you must have enough room.

Divide Your Papers Into Five Separate Categories

Now that you have everything in sight, it’s time to go through everything and divide the pile into a few smaller ones. The documentation should be separated based on its use – you will later see why this is helpful. We know that this isn’t as fun as planning your moving-away party, but it’s still something that must be done. Here are the piles you should make:

  • Moving-related folder,
  • The throw-away pile,
  • Documentation that requires action, 
  • Household records,
  • Archive. 

Once you are done with this task, you can go through every pile and pay attention to every piece of paper. You will think carefully about the importance of the information in hand, and then finally decide what to do with it. This will likely take a while but think on the bright side – at least it is less stressful than packing plates

Woman holding papers, with one hand over a pile of documentation
Once you have separated all the documentation, it will be easier to work with it

Moving-Related Files – Here’s How to Organize Documents From This Pile

Planning your move means having an endless pile of documentation – these will be pretty useful in helping you stay on top of things and not overlooking the most commonly forgotten things to pack. So, what can usually be found in the moving folder? These are files like to-do lists, receipts from supply stores, packing lists, notes from your research on the best Sacramento movers, moving expenses checklist, and so on. You will use all this info every day before your move, and you definitely wouldn’t want to lose any of it. 

The best way to keep all moving-related stuff is to have it in one place – get an empty folder and put everything there, so it’s easily accessible when you can’t remember the next task on the list of things to do before moving. After filing everything, be sure to label the folder properly and keep it close – it will be your best friend until you and your family finally settle in the safest neighborhood in Sacramento

Woman carrying a stack of folders, preparing for a move with Sacramento local movers
A separate folder for everything moving-specific will help you be more organized

The Throw-Away Pile – Be Sure to Shred Anything That Contains Personal Information

Of course, you will run into a lot that you don’t need. For example, in these days of online banking, you surely won’t keep every single bill or bank statement that has ever arrived at your address. If you tend to save more things than you need, letting go can be a bit stressful but remember – the more you throw out, the less you have to pack. So, when deciding what to keep when moving, you must think practically. Moving is all about decluttering – you shouldn’t even pack all the pots and pans you have in the kitchen. 

However, there is something that you must pay close attention to. More than one record you are about to throw into the bin contains personal information about your health, finances, or work. Stolen identity is the last thing you need on top of all the challenges that relocation will bring you – it’s enough that you have to think about moving scams, right? So, what can you do to make sure personal info doesn’t come into the wrong hands? The solution is relatively easy – shred every piece of paper, and throw the pieces into the bin. If you don’t have a shredder, you can use the one in your office, and if that isn’t an option, you can always do some good, old tearing apart.

A pile of shredded documentation
Don’t ever throw away a record in one piece – you never know who can find it

Documentation That Requires Immediate Attention – How to Organize Important Papers That Require Action?

What is considered a file that needs action? This is most of your mail – it’s anything that requires an answer or any kind of action on your side after receiving the file in question. Now that we’ve mentioned mail, it might be a good idea to learn how to stop getting mail from previous residents – you will be thankful later. 

Even after the relocation day, you will be swamped with all those things to do after the move, so you might forget to pay some bills during all that chaos – it’s better to handle that now and avoid any overdue payments, right? Answer wedding or birthday invitations, and find a folder or a box where you will keep any new mail that will arrive before the moving day. Lastly, remember to put said folder (or box) somewhere accessible – your kitchen is one of the best solutions.   

A pile of letters, the one on top labeled as 'past due'
Pay the bills before the move so that you can avoid any overdue payments

Household Records – Learn How to Store Important Documents at Home So That They Are Easily Accessible 

Household records are all those things that can be found in any house – family recipes, notebooks that contain some essential info, old receipts that you saved for any number of reasons, or user manuals for electronic devices. We hope you keep them stored somewhere – for example, you will require a manual once you start packing a TV for your move). These can usually be kept in a filing cabinet, but it might be better to place them in a binder or a box for the purpose of moving. Check the video below to see how an expert would handle filing household documentation in the most efficient way possible.

Archive – What Belongs Here? 

If you think that getting your documentation organized is the most tedious task ever, and you’d instead pack dishes or shoes, we must urge you not to skip at least this part of the process. House archive is the most crucial pile of records in your place. Everything from the list below should be well taken care of and kept from any kind of damage. For those moving with pets and kids, this means storing a file out of their reach. Here’s what you have to be extra careful about:

  • Birth certificates, 
  • Documentation regarding health, 
  • Passports,
  • Tax records, 
  • Marriage records, 
  • Health insurance, 
  • House and car insurance. 

You Can Keep Any File From an Archive in the Storage Until the Move Is Over

Considering the importance of these items, one wouldn’t want to go through the trouble of replacing them with new ones. You obviously won’t be needing these in a few short weeks before the move, so our best tip would be to take these records to the storage facility – or even better, book our in- and-out-of storage relocation service and Sacramento local movers will transport everything for you. 

Storing these records will ensure you won’t damage them in the chaos of the moving process. However, we must mention that you should never keep a document in a regular box. A fireproof file cabinet is a way to go – it will save your document from fire and flood both, and it will be enough to ensure that storage conditions don’t affect the material inside. 

A man holding a passport
Your passport is something you don’t require during a local move, so better keep it safe

Storing Files Digitally Is Quite Practical and It Will Save You a Lot of Space

It’s the 21st century – why not store digitally if we can? Whatever you can keep this way, you should. It will make your move easier – the fewer boxes, the better. This is a commonly known rule. So, before you head to your new house in another Sacramento neighborhood, replace physical copies with digital ones. 

Online Storage Account Is a Quick and Easy Solution

If you are wondering how to keep important documents organized on your computer, the answer is simple – they shouldn’t even be on your computer. It is easier to make yourself an account for online storage and neatly store all your documentation. After you are done with that, you can proceed to pack a computer – after all, you will have to pack it soon anyway. 

A man sitting on the grey couch, typing on the laptop
You will see that storing online is quite convenient and simple

If You Want an Organized Move, Our Moving Company in Sacramento Can Help You 

Another aspect of an organized local move is having professional assistance by your side. Residential relocations aren’t simple, and having professional Sacramento movers handle difficulties is of utmost importance. Amongst countless moving companies in Sacramento, ours stands apart from others with our practical and efficient approach to house and apartment moving. You can count on our movers in Sacramento, CA, to deliver every box in the perfect condition and move large items effortlessly. 

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