Obsessive Cleaner’s Guide: How to Clean an Apartment Before Moving in Your New Sacramento Nest

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In the ideal case scenario, the new flat you’re about to move into is supposed to be cleaned before the new tenants arrive. However, since you can’t be sure if the place has been mopped up to your standards, you should learn how to clean an apartment before moving in so that it’s sparkling. A fresh start requires some fresh floors and surfaces, too, so that you truly don’t have to look back ever.

How to Clean an Apartment Before Moving In?

Cleaning an apartment before moving in is a crucial step to get you feeling comfortable in your new home in one of the best Sacramento neighborhoods. We have a few tips for you to make the most of the process with the least amount of effort. Of course, first, you’ll have to get the basic supplies. Afterward, we recommend cleaning each room from its top to its bottom since it is the most efficient way to ensure everything is sparkling.

Additionally, we would like to underline that taking care of an empty flat is much easier than dealing with a fully furnished one. This is why we would also urge you to get the space ready before you actually bring your stuff in. If you can afford it, consider leaving your boxes in a storage unit for a day or two, or however long you think it’ll take you to get the flat ready. Ensure you have some Sacramento local movers on speed dial so that they can provide you with in- and-out-of storage relocation services.

Acquire Cleaning Supplies You Need Before You Begin

Before you get to work, you’ll have to know what do you need to clean an apartment. Since the place has probably been cleaned prior to your arrival, you won’t need much more than the basic supplies. However, if supplies are something you’ve forgotten to pack, here is what we propose to use in order to turn your Cinderella dreams into reality:

  • A vacuum,
  • A mop and bucket,
  • Rubber gloves,
  • Multi-surface concentrate,
  • Bleach,
  • Dishwashing liquid and a sponge,
  • Disinfectant,
  • Microfibre and cotton cloths,
  • Oven cleaner,
  • Hand Washing soap,
  • Brush to scrub with,
  • Glass stain remover.
A girl with cleaning supplies waiting for Sacramento movers
The right supplies are half the job

How Do You Clean Before Moving in? The Best Strategy Is to Do One Room at a Time

As previously mentioned, you’ll want to tackle one room at a time. This will ensure you give each space enough attention so that it’s ready for use. We recommend starting with the most problematic one (that would be the bathroom, of course) and then continuing to the rest. Since the bathroom and kitchen are those rooms that cannot be exchanged for any other spaces, you should ensure they are deeply cleaned first.

Start With the Highest Surfaces

So, how do you deep clean an apartment without going back and forth? Well, in every room of your house, you want to work your way from the top of the space to its bottom. That way, you’ll ensure that there’s no dust or dirt falling down to surfaces you just finished with. So always start with spaces like walls, curtain rods, and window panes before working your way down. For more hacks to make the process as efficient as the move was, check out the following video:

Ensure the Bathroom Is Void of Any Bacteria

The bathroom is a room you want to tackle at the very beginning of the process because you’ll want to ensure you have enough energy to do it thoroughly. Bacteria such as E. coli, Campylobacter and Streptococcus are known residents of any bathroom tile. Although they are not lethal, they can get you to experience symptoms such as stomach cramping, nausea, and even vomiting. That’s why you want to scrub this room so well that in the end, you can eat off the tiles (although you really shouldn’t). So, take your disinfectant and get to tub scrubbing.

Wash and Wipe Each Small Thing Such as Towel Racks and Faucet Handles

Did you know that the faucet handle is one of the most dangerous spots in your house? You might think that the toilet handle would be a germier spot, however, the sink handle hosts up to 600 times more microorganisms than the toilet one. So, don’t just wash the tub and think you’re done with the heavy lifting. You want the towel racks, the sink handle, the door handle, and every other small detail to be glistening in the morning sun.

A person cleaning a toilet seat
 Properly scrub each nook and cranny of your bathroom

The Next on Menu Is the Kitchen

No one likes cleaning the kitchen, but it has to be done. Just think how much time you spent washing your dishes before you got to pack the glasses and other utensils. Luckily, you have a sink there with abundant warm running water, so once you throw the supplies into the room, there’s no reason to leave it until it’s sparkling. Wipe every kitchen appliance, wash the sink and check if the dishwasher is working properly. Afterward, there are only a few more things to do.

Enure to Thoroughly Clean Each Cabinet You’ll Store the Dishes and Pans in

Before you take out your packed dishes and place them in the kitchen cabinets, we recommend wiping them first. You don’t even have to be using any chemicals for this. Just create a concoction of vinegar and warm water and put it into a spray bottle. Spray around a bit and wipe the solution away after a few minutes. That should do the trick even with the grimiest cabinets.

Wipe the Stove Top and Oven, so They Are Void of Any Stains

You want the places you’ll be preparing food to be as clean as a whistle. If there are any leftover grease or dirt stains, they could change the aroma of your food once you get to preparing meals inside of it. That’s why you want to take the stain remover and oven cleaner and spray them thoroughly. You can even use the same solution you used for the cabinets for the stovetop. Although the task is not a particularly glamorous one, it’s not as difficult as it may seem.

Cleaning supplies in the kitchen
You want the kitchen glistening as it is where you prepare your food

Afterward, You Can Dust Off the Living Room and the Bedroom

These rooms require the least amount of effort, which is why we are leaving them for last. As they don’t have any ”specialty” objects, as the previous ones do, you just have to deal with the existing empty surfaces. If there are any cabinets that come with the house, ensure you wipe them the same way you did before taking out the decorations. Besides that, it’s just going to be a bit of vacuuming and scrubbing away.

Don’t Forget to Do a Thorough Scrub of the Walls

While the walls are not a thing you would normally consider whipping down, it is crucial you do once you’re to move into a home. Even if the previous tenants weren’t smokers, there is a chance their going-away party entailed some drinks and smoke in the living room. If you don’t want your walls reeking of smoke, you should consider scrubbing them a bit. Additionally, if you see any residue tape and leftover holes from nails, see with your landlord to fix that and maybe even repaint your walls.

A woman confused about where to start cleaning
Try to get your bedroom and the rest of the house ready before your boxes get there

Get to Cleaning the Floor As the Final Step

You’re almost done, so don’t give up just yet. Wiping the floor isn’t too hard, but you want to ensure it doesn’t get scratched, especially if you’re dealing with laminate. Laminate and hardwood floors are easily ruined in the cleaning new apartment process, so you want to stay away from harsh chemicals, and more importantly, from abrasive tools. Take a mop or a broom with soft bristles and go over it. If you are using a vacuum cleaner, ensure the attachment is one with soft bristles as well.

While we are talking about floors, we just want to remind you not to forget about getting your carpets from the dry cleaners. Believe it or not, visiting the dry cleaners is one of the most commonly forgotten things when relocating. You’ll want to ensure carpets are placed on the floors as soon as they dry in order to protect them from any possible damage.

A boy and a man cleaning hardwood floors
Turn the dull process into a fun family activity, and it will go by twice as fast

Consider Whether You Need to Hire Professional

Now that you know everything that goes into a deep cleanse, you should consider whether you want to go through it on your own. The thing is, after all the relocation stress that comes with relocating to a safe Sacramento neighborhood, you might not feel like scrubbing and washing on your own. After all, you wouldn’t want to get burnt out the second you reach your new place.

In Sacramento, the average house cleansing rates amount to about $179, so it shouldn’t create too big a difference when it comes to your relocation expenses checklist. Of course, there are services that go for more or less as well. The general range from low-end to high-end services is about $70-$375. Since an empty home means less trouble than a furnished one, you might even be able to additionally lower the cost.

Hiring Pest Control and Treatment Services Is a Wise Choice

You might be wondering: How do you disinfect an apartment before moving in? Well, even if you opt for doing everything solo, we do recommend looking into pest control. It is a really important thing to do before relocating. It will ensure you feel at peace and don’t have to worry about bed bugs tackling your mattress. One-time pest control is pricey, but if you can afford it, make sure you do. On average, it will cost somewhere between $300-$500.

It’s recommended to have an exterminator from one of the best Sacramento pest control companies visit your home before you move the large items in because pests have a harder time hiding in an empty loft. So, the sooner you tackle it, the fewer chances are they’ll make a colony inside of your couch. Once you already bring your furniture in, if there are any unfortunate creatures left, they’ll have an easy time attacking your things.

Sacramento moving companies are not the only professionals to make your move easier
Because you are probably already tired from the move, consider hiring professionals

Once You’re Done With Cleaning the New Apartment, You Can Get to Decorating

Congratulations, you’ve come to the absolute last thing on your to-do list and the funniest one, if we dare say so. Once the movers in Sacramento, CA, bring your things back to your place, it’s time to actually arrange the furniture and decorate your house. After so much work, ensure this step feels more like a reward than a chore.

Plan the Interior Properly Before You Start Arranging the Furniture

A crucial relocation hack we can give you is to properly organize and plan the interior before you actually begin placing your furniture in its corners and spaces. Of course, there will always be additional rearranging and switching up, but trust us that you’ll have much less work and stress in your Sacramento suburb home if you manage to plan everything properly.

Decorative light bulbs hanging in a room
After the hard work is done, you can get to be creative with the interior

Now When You Know How to Execute Every Part of This Tak, Go Ahead And Hire Professional Sacramento Movers for Some Expert Help

A local move is a lot of work – from its beginning to its end. That’s why we recommend hiring a moving company in Sacramento to make the job easier. Don’t let relocating on your own be a thing you think about after the move – and regret. Of course, while picking out the right moving services in Sacramento, do your best to avoid all those that employ relocation scams.

However, most Sacramento moving companies are great at all they do, from packing furniture to making sure your packed fragile items reach their destination safe and sound. And if you are not sure which of the moving companies in Sacramento to employ, we can guarantee you that our packers and movers will do a stellar job. We provide amazing Sacramento moving services that won’t break the bank. Anything from a residential move to the best commercial relocation services in town, you can get. So, don’t waste any more time and book your move with us today. Contact us for a free quote via phone or email. Our friendly customer support will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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