How to Change Your Address When You Move – The Ultimate Guide

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So you are relocating to the home of your dreams and are wondering how to change your address when you move? Dealing with bureaucracy might seem daunting – it’s not enough that you have to pack all your possessions, research which of the moving companies in Sacramento to hire, but now you also have to deal with documents. Don’t worry, our ultimate guide will help you do so without any trouble.

Relocating a House Is a True Undertaking Yet Bureaucracy Mustn’t Be Avoided

When it comes to relocating, it can stir up many feelings – one of them being relocation stress. And once you get overwhelmed, you might feel like ignoring dealing with documents, putting the task under the rug, and avoiding it altogether. However, it’s crucial that you do this and that you do it before you move. That means that your relocation to-do list should have on it the following tasks:

Okay, now that we have this out of the way, it’s time to start the process. A part of every efficient move is to figure out which documents and bureaucratic instances you have to deal with and among them to find the answer to the question: how can I change my address? Let us answer the question for you – in a systematic way and with a few easy-to-follow tips.

Start By Creating a List to Make the Process Easier

We are big fans of organization, which doesn’t imply only creating a well-thought-out relocation expenses checklist. It is vital to organize and write everything down so you don’t miss out on anything important. Before we get into specifics of every task that has to do with your location info, here is a small list of things to keep in mind when you are to relocate:

  • Have all your essential information and documents on you before you start filling out anything,
  • Create a list of all service providers and institutions you should inform,
  • Ensure you haven’t misspelled anything,
  • Check out what you can get done online.
Two people filling up lists
Good organization is half the job

What Information Should You Prepare?

So how do you change your mailing address when you move? Well, first thing’s first. Before you start contacting your institutions and services, you’ll need to get all the essential documents and information in one place. Hopefully, you know how to organize important documents at home, and you don’t have to run around your house looking for them. So, what information do you need?

Be Sure You Have the Proper Info Before You Update It

With all the rumble about relocating, especially when you’re about to move in a hurry, mistakes are bound to happen. Before you officially make any updates, double-check if everything is correct. You are not used to your soon-to-be street name and home number, so you might create a spelling mistake or get the number wrong. Since you probably don’t want to deal with this again, it would be great to spend a few extra minutes to ensure everything is in order.

You Will Want All Account Numbers And Passwords Laid Up

From streaming services to healthcare providers and utility companies, the list of companies and people you should inform about the switch is long. Whether you do it online, via phone, or in person, prepare all the information in advance. To have the process go as smoothly as possible, have all these, including your passwords, laid out in front of you.

A woman looking at a binder
Have all the essential info laid up in front of you

When Should You Change Your Address When Moving?

Once you know what you should have with you, it’s time to figure out what to do when changing address. And it all starts with asking the right questions – the first one is when to start. The beginning is always the most challenging part – so let us get to it.

If you were wondering when should I change my address when moving, you should know that the answer is always as soon as possible. If you ask us, we would say that the latest date to inform anyone is around two weeks before your chosen moving company in Sacramento reaches you – that is, at least two weeks before you exit your former home. This way, you will make sure your essential mail or bills will be delivered to you.

A worried woman holding a box and thinking about calling Sacramento movers
Knowing when to start will take a lot of anxiety out of the move

How to Change Your Address When You Move?

So, where to change your address when you move? As we said, informing the US Postal Service (USPS) is the first instance you should deal with since the government postal agency deals with the majority of your post. There a few different ways you can notify this state agency, so choose the method which you find the most convenient:

  • Fill out an online form on their websites – It’s as easy as going to their website and the least time-consuming. However, you should pose the question: what do I need to change my address on when I move? In this case, you will require a valid email as well as a credit or debit card
  • Call them up by phone – There is another way to complete the process without traveling to the post office and wasting your precious time – just call them up on the following number: 1-800-275-8777
  • Fill up the 3575 form – Don’t worry, you won’t have to see many government officials with this method either. All you have to do is download the form from their official website, print it out, and mail the filled-out papers to the address on the card.
  • Visit the local postal service – You can also submit the COA in person. You will go to your local post office and request the Mover’s Guide Packet. In it, you will find the 3575 form and fill it up, after which you’ll leave it with the employees.

Are You Relocating to a New House Temporarily or Permanently?

When filing this request, the government asks you to specify whether your move is temporary or permanent. This means that if you are relocating for a period of 15 days up to 6 months, you are making a temporary move. If the period at stake is longer than six months – you are moving temporarily. Easy as that!

When Relocating to a New Home With Family, Make Sure to Update Their Info as Well

If you are relocating with a partner and/or children, be certain that their relocation is also accounted for. If you do not update their new info with the Post Office, they too can experience the trouble of misaddressed mail. This is especially important for the youngsters who can’t inform the Post Office themselves. Just include every name of those relocating when filling up the new info with the USPS.

 A USPS sign
You can deal with USPS online or by visiting their office

The Ultimate List Of Institutions and Places to Change Your Address When You Move

When it comes to places and people who should be informed of your move, your friends and family are not the only ones. Here is a checklist of the institutions and services that you should notify and that require to get a timely update:

  • Inform the government agencies first – State agencies such as the USPS, IRS, and DMV are the first that should receive the updated information. You’re going to want to avoid having your post misaddressed or your driver’s license and vehicle registration invalid, so starting with government agencies is crucial.
  • Your employer should be aware too – In case you’re changing your job, you should inform your employer a few weeks before, and give notice. If you are staying in the same position, still inform them – better safe than sorry.
  • Financial services and banks need to be updated – Next on the list are financial institutions, such as banks, credit card companies, and accountants. Your bills and statements have to reach the right place, so notify all of these.
  • Inform your utility providers – You will stop paying the electricity, water, internet, and telephone bills for your former home and start paying them for your new home. It’s only natural you inform all these agencies of the switch. You should be able to do all of this online.
  • Insurance agencies should be informed  – From car insurance to life insurance – even though you are staying in the same town, you might have to fill out a few extra forms to ensure your insurance is in check. Talking about vehicles, keep in mind that essential documents are something your movers won’t move via truck, so be sure you take them with you on the relocation day.
  • Don’t forget about membership accounts – It would be sad to stop getting the magazine you are subscribed to or that subscription box you look forward to every month, so inform these services too.

What Is the Best Way to Notify an Institution of an Address Change?

When it comes to how to update the address, it will mostly depend on the specific institution or service you are informing. This is one of the most commonly forgotten things to do. Maybe most people wouldn’t forget about it if they know that most institutions have a form you can fill out online, so it shouldn’t require too much effort, and you will most likely be able to do it out of the comfort of your home in one of the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento

Be Wary of Address Frauds

Relocation scams are not the only type of scam you need to avoid when relocating. If you decide upon updating your info online, be careful where you share your info. Security is always crucial. A person can commit fraud with only your full name and current place of residence, so don’t leave these at any website or subscription services you aren’t entirely sure of.

Envelopes on a table
Don’t get your post lost

What About the DMV?

DMV needs to be informed about your relocation within the first 30 days of the move, even if you are staying within the same state, as well as a city. However, please try not to leave this task for after relocating. While you’re updating your license and registration info, you can also update your voter registration info while at the DMV office if you choose not to do it through the website. You will want to do as much as you can on as few trips as possible. And a lot can be done at one local DMV.

 DMV website
One trip to the DMV can save you many hours

Dealing With Bureaucracy Is Hard Enough, Leave Everything Else to Our Professional Sacramento Movers

Many people think more about packing a TV rather than about dealing with bureaucracy, which is why so often, new residents have to figure out how to stop getting mail from the previous tenants. Investing in our moving services in Sacramento can help you not only move large items as well as pack furniture but make sure the process is less stressful altogether.

Our movers in Sacramento, CA, help many people by providing excellent packing services, and when figuring out how to pack glasses is too much for you, you should know to call us up. We offer residential relocation services too, that will help relocate all your possessions in no time. If you need your office computers packed up and moved, take a look at our commercial relocation service – it might be perfect for you. We also offer labor-only services when you lack the manpower. Contact us today to get a fair and affordable estimate or an answer to any relocation questions you may have.

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