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So it’s finally happening – you bought a new house and it is time to move in. However, you have no clue how you are going to pack up without sacrificing your budget or damaging half of your belongings. We know the best tips and tricks to minimize stress on the day of your move, make it simple, easy and seamless – and most importantly – successful!

Moving is not an easy task, as it is extremely stress inducing and overwhelming for most people going through the process. However, you need to remember that hiring professional movers is only half of the solution, and great planning can only guarantee the success of your upcoming relocation!

1. Make a plan

It is important to sit yourself down before your move and make a thorough moving plan. Simply because you can’t remain organized without it. A moving plan should include your budget, deadlines for packing and organizing, a list of packing supplies you need to purchase, etc. It should also include a list of items that you should create while you are packing and preparing for your move. Making a comprehensive plan for you to follow during the moving process will help you stay on track. Organizing everything to perfection will enable you to sit back and relax.

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2. Look up movers near you

Doing research isn’t the most exciting task in the world, but it is vital if you are looking to hire reliable movers that won’t break your bank – or most of your house. You need to find movers you can truly trust with your possessions and make sure that they will be handled with utmost respect. Caving into the first well-reviewed company you see on Google, just isn’t gonna cut it. Your moving company needs to be completely licensed and insured, double checking this information is always important. Finding a reputable company with great customer services will help you get one step closer to a successful, stress- and hassle-free moving experience.

Digging through reviews of the companies you are planning to call up for a quote can be a great way of knowing what to expect on the day of the move when your crew arrives. You will also see how each company handles it’s business and deals with numerous issues that are commonly known to arise during a moving experience. If the company is professional and friendly, offers great customer service – you know you are on the right track to find the best local movers near you. Hiring a reputable company means less hassle on the moving day, meaning a much better moving experience for you.

3. Choosing the right moving date is essential

Choosing a moving date is extremely important when you look at the total cost in the end. Not only do moving companies charge more during the weekends, but chances are – you will encounter higher rates during the beginning of each month – and during the end. Choosing a random weekday that is in the middle of the month can secure you the cheapest possible rate with your moving company, and on top of that, your movers won’t be overworked from the Saturday chaos. Make sure to hire your movers at least a month in advance, so you can ensure that they have your preferred date and time available. 

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4. Find the best route to your new home

It is important to figure out the best ways of getting to your destination address to avoid any traffic or confusion on the day of your move. You don’t want to risk anything going wrong on this important day. You need to know of any traffic, detours and stops along the way so you can take them into account and plan your moving project accordingly. It is also important to think about the parking situation not only for you, but for your movers and their truck once they arrive at the destination. 

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5. Utilize your calendar 

This additional step can make your moving tasks feel a lot less overwhelming and a lot more manageable. Putting tasks on your calendar and organizing them by the day of the week will make your entire process of moving seem simpler as it will be completely broken down into smaller tasks. You will know exactly what needs to be done each day and you will have everything done in a much more organized manner than simply going with the flow and not following a structured plan for the process.

6. Visit local businesses for free boxes

There are tons of local businesses where you will be able to score boxes completely free of charge. You can save money and buy boxes that are actually well enough to use to pack up for your move. Your local liquor store probably has compartments for bottles which can be a great way to pack up a variety of items and secure them with the added structure. Make sure to only take boxes that are in good condition and not too worn as you don’t want them to rip and damage your belongings on the day of your move.

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7. Purchase extra supplies

Forgetting to buy tape when you’ve already visited the hardware store three times can be extremely stressful and infuriating. This is why you need to make sure you put everything you can possibly think of on a detailed and thorough list before you actually make the first trip to the hardware store, and make sure to grab some extras as well. Purchasing more supplies than needed is better than going to the store over and over again for the same thing. 

8. Ask for help in advance

If you need someone to help you out with babysitting your kids or sitting for your pet – make sure to give them a call at least a month in advance. If someone’s helping hand is needed during the move, it is important to let them know at least one month before so everyone can be prepared for the day. Everyone should be on the same page so you can move with no added stress on your mind.

9. Give yourself time

Leaving the process of packing for last is one of the worst things you can do when it comes to your move. Starting early and packing in smaller portions can be a much more manageable way of completing this process and not completely burning out. Start packing the items you don’t use first, and move onto the next room according to importance once again. Your attic and guest bedroom for example, are the first rooms you should start packing up.

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10. Make sure to change your address

This is one of those things everyone forgets to do until they’ve moved in and happily settled into their new home. Don’t be one of these people, as this can affect a lot of things and cause further complications to your life that you probably don’t need at this moment. Change your address ahead of time so your bills, credit card statements, and packages can arrive on time and without any confusion. 

11. Labeling boxes can save  the day

Easy moving and unpacking can be done only when you label boxes properly and how they are supposed to be labeled. Not only do you need to label which side goes up, but which room your box is supposed to go into, if it contains fragile belongings, and a brief description of your item. Color coding your boxes and doing the same for the doorways of your new home according to the box colors can be an amazing way of pushing the efficiency of your relocation to another level. Be created and buy tons of supplies to use. The better the labels – the easier the move will be for you and your family!

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12. Use packing tape, not duct tape

Packing tape is not the same thing as duct tape and that should be heavily noted. Packing tape is amazingly strong and sticky tape that will secure your boxes and ensure they don’t open in the middle of the move. Make sure to tape each box shut after you’ve packed it, and have every box taped up once your movers arrive. They will not load open boxes onto the truck due to the fact that your items might shift during transport and break. 

13. Use shrink wrap for bottles and liquids

To prevent your liquids from leaking or spilling all over your precious belongings during the move, you need to secure them with some shrink wrap before placing the corresponding caps back on and packing them inside the box. It definitely works, it’s simple, takes only a few minutes to do, but will help you a lot during the moving process.

14. Pack your essentials

Packing a suitcase, box or tote with your most important items can be a smart way of not having to dig through your boxes during the first night in your new home. Pack items you will need immediate access to once you’ve settled in like toilet paper, hand soap, towels, sheets, snacks, medication, a change of clothes and your toothbrush. Having these essentials by your side during every step of the way can help you feel more at ease during the entire moving process, and after it as well.

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15. Use your luggage

Figuring out how to pack awkwardly shaped items like baskets, bins and suitcases can be a nightmare, so why not kill two birds with one stone and make everything more efficient by simply packing things inside of these items. Clothing, shoes, pillowcases and towels can easily be packed in suitcases, bins and baskets so put these to good use during the move and ease the unpacking process, too!

16. Make copies of important documents

Packing a separate box, or bag with copies of your important documents and taking them with you is one of the most important things you need to do before your move takes place. Your moving company will not be held responsible for losing these documents during the move. Scan or copy every birth certificate, passport, social security card, proof of insurance paper, and tax claim, so there are no chances of you losing your important documents in transit. 

17. Don’t pack your cleaning supplies

Make sure to not pack your cleaning supplies so you can have access to them on the day of the move. Set aside a dustpan, mop, broom, sponge, various cleaning products, towels and rags for taking care of all the surfaces in your home you couldn’t clean with everything in the way. You can also clean your new home before your movers start moving everything in – this is the best opportunity to do so. 

18. Heavy items are supposed to be loaded first

Loading your heaviest items first onto the truck and moving onto the lighter ones so you can use up the space more efficiently is one of the best hacks for your move. Your movers probably know this if you’ve hired a professional moving company to take care of your relocation. However, if you are moving on your own or giving them a helping hand during your move, you should know that beds, couches, and sofas go first, while boxes and light furniture are always loaded last for the most logical loading of the truck. You will save a ton of space during the process and secure your items for the trip.

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19. Take photos of your new home

If you are moving into a rental home or even into your new home, snapping some photos before stuff is being moved in is a great way to prove damage to your property if anything comes to happen during the move. You will be able to file a claim with your moving company and prove that the damage was caused after moving the furniture in and receive compensation for the damage in question. 

20. Tackle the bedsheets first

You will probably be exhausted from everything going on that day, so making the beds as soon as your movers leave so you can crash as soon as you feel like it can be a very smart idea so you don’t have to look for sheets through your boxes when all you want to do after the day is lay down and rest. 

21. Be kind to your movers

Make sure you pack some snacks for your movers, friends, family or anyone helping you out with the move, along with some water bottles. It takes very little to be kind and thoughtful, and everyone involved will be extremely happy and thankful for the gesture. If you don’t have time to prepare snacks, you can organize a coffee break or order some pizza during the move to make the overall experience all the more pleasant for everyone involved in the process. 

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