Moving Insurance

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Moving Insurance

Thinking about moving to Sacramento locally and in need of help from a professional? You are going to have a hard time finding the perfect company to trust since you might not trust just any company with your goods. Relocating can be done on your own, but there are so many problems that can happen along the way. These problems mostly occur to those that are new to moving. This is why you should find a dependable company that will be by your side throughout the entire move. To pick out a good moving company to work with, ensure that they will ensure your belongings. Our team at Professional Sacramento Movers will have all your belongings insured from the beginning of your move and until they are moved to your new home or unpacked by our professional packers. 

Additionally, we do not have full coverage of the goods that we are going to move for you. Some items according to our rules can’t be moved such as expensive goods, important documents, money, and jewelry. These items should be placed in a small box or envelope so that you can have them with you at all times to make sure that they get to your new home safely. 

Professional Sacramento Movers will try hard to make sure that your belongings are moved to their new home as safely as possible and that each of them has the right amount of attention they need so that there are no complications along the way. Unfortunately, sometimes accidents do happen even though our team goes through great measures to keep the damages from happening. Everybody in our crew will take care of everything professionally when the damages do occur and the cause of the damage will be determined together with both the movers and our customers. If we determine that our employees caused the damage in the end, then it is their job to try to figure out a way to fix it and if the damage is unfixable, the clients and the movers will have to agree on the price of the reimbursement. Once the reimbursement is agreed upon, the client will be paid for the damage on the spot. You still have to pay for the move according to the rules and regulations, even if you might not agree with it in the end. You will also be brought the opportunity to file a damage claim after the move is paid for 

If you wish to start planning out your move, feel free to call Professional Sacramento Movers to set the date of your move today! Additionally, if there are any concerns or questions that you may have to do with moving insurance or your move in general, don’t hesitate on calling us!