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Richards or Southern Pacific, how it’s also known is a neighborhood in Sacramento with a population of just 270 people. If you are looking for a cute and quiet place to live where you will get to know all of your neighbors, this might be the place for you. This is one of the American neighborhoods where people don’t even lock their door during the night because everyone knows everyone. Most of the residents are renting their homes and the average rent cost is around $600, which makes this neighborhood one of the most affordable in the Sacramento area. This neighborhood is located on the Sacramento River as well and it is basically located next to downtown Sacramento, so you will have access to everything that you have been looking for just a few miles away from home. There are many companies that offer nice job opportunities.

What to do in Richards

Thanks to the location of the neighborhood, you will have access to everything that Sacramento downtown can offer, but let’s talk about the neighborhood itself.

Since it is located next to the downtown, this neighborhood is packed with hotels, so you will have many tourists around.

There are also many food options here. Besides the food is delicious, it is diverse as well. You can eat standard fast food, such as McDonalds or enjoy Mexican food, whatever your heart desires.

In this area, you can find a Museum of Science and Curiosity where you can take your kids for family fun, while they are learning.

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, check out Matsui Waterfront Park where you can relax, walk or jog. On the other hand, there are picnic areas in the park where you can relax with your family after a long working week.


Moving to RIchards

Are you planning a local move soon? You may be thinking about relocating from Richards to live in a new neighborhood of Sacramento, or your plans can be to stay in the area. Whatever you decide on, know that you can use all the help you can get. Relocating locally, even if it means across the street can lead to complicated situations, especially if you’ve never moved before. To avoid these problems, look for a local moving company that best suits your needs. Our crew as your Richards Movers has been in the moving business long enough to be able to perform any request you may have for relocating locally. Professional Sacramento Movers will assist you with any type of local move you may have coming up, so be sure to check out all the moving options we have to provide for you down below!

Residential Moves

If you are planning a residential move in the near future, then go ahead and have a look at the moving services that we as your Richards Movers have to offer. We will begin the moving process by planning out every aspect of it and coming by to pack up all your belongings and transfer them to your new home in the Sacramento area on moving day. During the packing process, you can have our staff provide you with moving supplies just to be on the safe side. They will help keep all your belongings intact on the way to your new location, wherever you decide for it to be. After we have made sure that all your household goods have safely arrived at your new home, our staff will arrange your big furniture around.

Commercial Moves

Do you have a corporate move coming up soon? If so, then know organizing the process accordingly is the key to avoid inconvenient circumstances. Your aim is to avoid interrupting your workspace and your fellow colleagues, which is why our crew as your Richards Movers can help you out! We will plan out your commercial move in a way that there won’t be any interruptions, and your office or business will be transferred to the new location in no time! When you have had a look at what we offer for both residential or commercial relocations, be sure to contact our representatives to start the process. You can receive a free quote that will help you set up your move. Your task is going to be to fill out your moving details, and stay in touch with our team! After the moving process within Sacramento is set, Professional Sacramento Movers will start the journey for you! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions that you are unsure of. Our staff as your Richards Movers are thrilled to be helping you out on the journey to your new home! What’s stopping you? Reach out to us today!

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What Our Clients Say

Fantastic and professional service!!

nise C.on 21/03/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Sacramento, CA. Source: Site

Oleg, Roman, Dennis & Dimitry moved our entire 3bd/2ba house from Sacramento to Davis last week and did a PHENOMENAL job for a very reasonable price. It only took them 6 hours which is very impressive since we had a ton of furniture and they had to disassemble/assemble three beds. They wrapped everything with exceptional care and were very friendly and professional. Not one thing was damaged, including the walls/doors of either house (and they had to do some tricky maneuvers to get a few pieces out!). I can't recommend them more!!

Noelle R.on 23/08/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Dixon, CA. Source: Site

I am thoroughly impressed with this company. I called at 11:30am for moving help around 1pm the same day - since my moving plans fell through - and they were able to fit me into their schedule. I was told the movers would arrive between 2-5 and they came at 3 and were very friendly and professional.

Mariah F.on 16/04/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Redwood City, CA. Source: Site

After another moving company cancelled on my friend, this company was quick to pick up the slack and came the day of the move. They were super careful with everything and even took the time to play with my dog after we were all done.

Katy C.on 16/04/2018 from Sacramento, CA to East Sacramento. Source: Site

Mason and his crew did a wonderful job! First, the booking process was really easy and I always received quick responses for all of my questions about the quote. They ask for pictures of your larger items to ensure they can transport everything. The crew worked really quickly and did a nice job packing up a lot of my kitchen items, which I dislike tackling myself. They took great care to move everything in to my our new house without causing any damage (perhaps could use a few blankets to cover the stairwell but that's just being if I had to be picky). The totally move (2-3 bed 2 bath worth of stuff) took less than 4 hours, which was speedy. In addition, kudos to Mason because he had the very difficult and annoying job of taking apart and putting our bed back together (which has a lot of screws). Would definitely recommend these movers!

Mel I.on 31/08/2018 from Sacramento, CA to Sacramento, CA. Source: Site