How to Pack to Move in a Hurry: Last-Minute Moving Tips

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Relocations eat up a lot of time, and proper packing is one of the biggest culprits for that. If you’ve suddenly decided to relocate, it’s time to learn how to pack to move in a hurry without getting lost in the process. Read our tips and avoid forgetting or damaging something along the way.

There are many scenarios that might lead to the question: How do I pack and move in 2 days? This could cause you a lot of relocation stress and panic and ruin the whole experience for you. The right answer to How soon before moving should I start packing is at least three weeks, but if you do not have that time, try our tips for packing to move in a hurry. With the right advice, your move will seem effortless.

Learn What the Best Way to Start Packing for a Move Is

Even if you do not have the weeks that are needed for good packaging, it’s still possible to do everything right. The key to how to move efficiently is organizing. Start ASAP and stay focused, so you don’t miss some of the tasks that have to be done. Instead of just getting boxes and putting random things inside, you should make a plan and stick to it.

The First Thing About Organizing and Learning How to Pack to Move in a Hurry Is the Logistics

Decide if you want to hire a company to do some of the tasks for you and create a relocation to-do list according to that. No matter if you are renting a truck or hiring a team of professionals, book your spot right away. Relocation companies usually have tight schedules, so make sure you reach them as soon as possible. Now that there’s no time for a moving away party, you have to be as quick as you can, especially if you decide to handle the move by yourself. That choice will prolong the process of packaging. Hiring professionals is one of the top relocation tips for a smooth move.

Trained movers in Sacramento, CA
Having professional Sacramento moving services will help you a lot

Avoid Packaging Items You Know You Don’t Need

The most important of all relocation hacks is to purge. You will have less work to do, and you’ll be very grateful to yourself once you finally get rid of clutter. The shipment will also be smaller, which means that you’ll have less stuff to carry with you, and you will have to spend less on the move and packaging supplies. You probably don’t have enough time to sell unwanted stuff online or to organize a yard sale, which leaves you with three categories – throwing away, donating, and taking with you. Be very strict and rational when doing this. Keep in mind that there are some items movers won’t move such as flammable, corrosive, or explosive materials. If you own anything that fits this description, make sure you get rid of them before relocating.

Once You’re Done With Decluttering the House, Deal With Things You Don’t Use Every Day

The best answer to How do you pack a last-minute move is to begin with all the stuff that you still need, but you don’t use them often. Not frequently used things can be your off-season clothes and shoes, or you can go on and pack your books for relocation. If there are some pots or pans you know you won’t be using, learn how to pack dishes for relocating and set them aside. If there’s enough room, have a designated corner in your home for all the stuff that is packed so that you don’t trip over the boxes on the floor. Use all the packing tips and tricks you can find, and do not forget to label the boxes. Tape them well and keep track of what is packed. You can also color code the packages to make it easier to follow what is where.

A napkin with decluttering options written down
Your options on what you will do with unwanted stuff plummet when there are not enough days before the move

Estimate How Much Supplies You Need and Get a Bit More Than That

After taking a look at how much stuff is waiting to be packed, you will be able to determine how much paper, bubble wrap, tape, and boxes you require. If you want to be completely sure that you’ll have enough supplies, get a bit more than you estimated. This will ensure you avoid the stress that can happen if you realize in the middle of the process that you are out of material.

It Would Be Best to Buy New Packaging Supplies

Since your relocation day is around the corner, you probably can’t go around the neighborhood searching for used boxes. That would save you a few bucks, so if you know someone who can give you free cartons, you should take them. You can also save money by checking if you still have some of the original boxes of your electronics or appliances – that would be very helpful.

However, having new boxes means you won’t have to lose time checking if there is damage to the cardboard, and if the newspaper will leave stains on your belongings if you decide to use it instead of packing paper. You will have packages that are ready to be assembled, taped, and loaded on a truck. Having new packaging materials will also mean that your items will be safe during the transport, and you won’t have to deal with broken stuff. You can order them online or just go and pick them up from a local hardware store or a Home Depot.

Cardboard packages from a moving company in Sacramento
Buying new packages is the safest way to ensure your items’ safety

Pack Rooms One by One

Another great way to figure out how to pack for a move quickly is to go room by room. Starting everything at once can get you overwhelmed, stressing and panicking about the move, and it can turn everything into a nightmare. The perfect way to avoid this is to start at one place and not move on to another room before you’re completely done with the one you tackled. Take a look at the video below to see some suggestions on which rooms should be packed first.

A Crucial Part of Learning How to Pack to Move in a Hurry Is to Leave the Essentials Last

It’s not all about how to pack quickly; it’s also important to know which items will be left for the end. If you pack all of your clothes without thinking about what you could wear soon, you’ll be left with nothing to change into. Get a suitcase and pack it as if you’re going on a vacation. Leave enough food, clothes, and toiletries for the days before the move, during the transport, and for a couple of days before you unpack.

Make sure your documents, money, chargers, keys, and other essentials are in a visible place. Sort them out and keep everything in one spot. If you happen to accidentally pack something you need later, it will take you hours to find it in all the mess. In case you’re relocating with pets or with kids, leave their essentials aside as well. Everyone should have a bag with their necessities.

A cat sitting on a sofa surrounded by packed stuff
Do not forget about your pets needs in all of this rush

Be Sure Your Breakables Are Safe During the Move

Delicate items aren’t simple to pack if you have no experience. If you wish for your belongings to survive the trip to your new home, you should consider learning how to pack fragile items before you start wrapping them. Different breakables have different methods of protecting, so packing plates for relocating is not the same as tackling wine glasses. The same applies to your TVs and monitors. Everything should be safely covered and tucked in so that all of your possessions arrive in one piece. Once you tape the packages, do not forget to label them with “fragile” and “this side up” stickers. The label must be visible from all sides of the package so that you make no mistakes when carrying, loading, and unloading your shipment.

A fragile package
Labeling might save your fragile things from breaking

Some Extra Hacks for Quick Packaging

There are a few more useful things you can do when learning how to pack quickly for a move. Since you won’t have days to focus on packaging your clothes, it’s best to just leave everything on the hangers, get a garbage bag, and tie it up at the hooks. Then, you can just move all the clothes effortlessly, hang them in your new place, and simply take the bag off. Leaving the contents of your drawers inside can also be a good idea if you’re going short distances. You can just take the drawers off, wrap them with plastic wrap, and move them separately. This tip can save you hours. If you’re trying to save money on materials, you can always improvise with the things you already own. For example, your soft sweaters, blankets, towels, or clothes can be used to protect fragile items. Another good idea is to take your bags for traveling and all the suitcases and to use them as containers for your relocation.

The Most Important Tip of All Is to Get Help

Do not hesitate to call friends or family to give you a hand with this process. The more people participate, the faster it will go. If you have kids, remember that they can be involved as well. You can delegate the tasks and make all of this a lot easier. Suppose you can’t get anyone to help out or simply want professionals to take care of your possessions. In that case, there’s always an option to research the recommended moving companies in Sacramento and choose the one you like the most.

 Employees from Sacramento moving companies carrying a fridge
An extra pair of hands is priceless if you’re in a race against your timeline

Hire Sacramento Movers and Let Us Help You Have the Best Moving Experience

If you’ve checked your relocation expenses checklist and realized that it’s more than worth it to get moving services in Sacramento, feel free to contact us. Professional Sacramento movers can relocate you to all of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento and the safest neighborhoods in Sacramento. Having professional Sacramento movers to help you out also means that you won’t have to break your head learning how to move a piano or some other difficult to handle objects. Sacramento local movers can provide you with residential moving and even commercial moving services, and the best part is, there is a packing service too. Call movers in Sacramento and get the best relocation services.

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