Learn How to Pack Fragile Items With These 4 Proven Tips and Tricks

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If you don’t know how to pack fragile items when moving to a new home, your relocation process can turn into a nightmare really fast. Luckily, there are some convenient tips and tricks you can rely on to upgrade your skills in this challenging process and go through your relocation much smoother and easier.

Another way to prevent any losses and damages that can be caused to your belongings if you don’t know anything about packing fragile items for moving is to hire professional Sacramento movers. They can assist you during the process and make your relocation experience much more comfortable and enjoyable.

What to Use to Pack Fragile Items?

How to pack fragile items for moving and what to use to protect them? This question often concerns even people who have moved several times already. In case you don’t know how to pack plates or how to pack glasses for relocation, convenient moving tips and relocation hacks in this article might be very helpful. You’ll learn everything about the best packing material for fragile items, how to operate with them properly and what techniques to rely on in order to protect your belongings.

Gather Quality Packing Materials

Moving fragile items is a nightmare without the right supplies. Most of these materials you can get at your local store, and you can even include some things you already have in your home instead of buying specialized equipment. Some of the supplies you should include in your relocation expenses checklist are:

  • Cardboard boxes,
  • Plastic containers,
  • Tape,
  • Bubble wrap,
  • Paper,
  • Cushioning,
  • Labels.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with relocation stress, there are some relaxing activities you can do by using these supplies after the process is over. In 2012, the Bubble Wrap brand organized interesting research that included participants of different ages, sex, and other demographic factors. In this short survey, most of them said that just over one minute of popping bubbles provided a stress-relieving feel that’s equivalent to a 33-minute relaxing massage.

Gather all the necessary equipment on time

How Do I Protect My Fragile Packages? Same Rules Apply for Storage, Relocation, and Shipping

How to package fragile items for shipping, you might wonder. When it comes to packaging fragile items, your number one priority should be your belongings’ safety, so once you gather the proper supplies, you need to follow some techniques to protect them.

Apart from wrapping each object individually, filling empty space in boxes with cushioning materials, and using smaller containers, you should also think about labeling every container. Each of these steps will be described in detail further on in this text. Check this interesting video that shows how to protect delicate objects for shipping.

#1 Find Small-Sized Cardboard Box

One crucial thing to keep in mind when shopping for boxes and containers is their size. If you’re planning a residential move and need containers of different sizes and shapes for different types of objects, you have to gather smaller-sized containers for delicate objects. This rule is important because these objects can be heavy, and you don’t want to put too many of them in the same box.

It will also be harder to protect each individual piece if they are pressuring each other in the same container. If you’re getting used materials from local stores instead of buying new pieces, ask them to give you smaller boxes if they have them as well. If you can’t get them for free, we strongly recommend buying them.

Try Not to Use Flimsy Boxes

Another thing related to the previously mentioned one is the quality of these boxes. If they are made of cardboard, and most of them usually are, ensure that this material is thick enough to handle the weight of objects you put inside. If containers aren’t made of quality materials, they can be easily torn apart under pressure. Not to mention if they get wet for any reason. That is why investing in high-quality materials to protect your valuable belongings should be your number one priority.

You should consider using smaller-sized containers

#2 Wrap Each Object Individually

How to wrap fragile items? Every piece should be wrapped individually with bubble wrap, paper, or other protective materials. Some of these materials you already have at home. For example, clothes, kitchen towels, and even blankets can be convenient for protecting larger objects such as TVs. Using these household belongings is a great way to upgrade your relocation budget by saving money on cushioning materials.

How do you wrap a fragile object? Once you decide which material you want to use, you need to place it carefully on a solid piece of this material and wrap it. After that, use small pieces of tape and secure all the edges and connecting points. While doing this, make sure protective materials are wrapping the object tightly. If we’re talking about something extremely delicate and valuable, adding an extra layer of protection will not harm.

How Do You Pack Fragile Figurines for Moving?

Same as any other delicate objects – the only difference is that figurines, because of their shape are a bit more tricky. And that’s completely fine. Just find the right-sized container and wrap the figurine by using the packing method described earlier.

Use an extra layer of protection to ensure each part is protected and place it inside the box. Once you do this, fill out the empty space with cushioning and secure the container with tape. This is important because things movers won’t move sometimes include valuable, delicate objects such as figurines. If you know how to protect them yourself, you shouldn’t be worried.

You Can Use Some Items You Already Have at Home for Free

If you wonder how to move in a hurry and want to move efficiently without spending too much money on equipment, there are some interesting hacks you can rely on to protect delicate objects such as glasses. You probably have many socks you want to relocate as well. Pro-tip you can use is to protect glasses with socks. Put each individual glass in a pair of socks before putting them inside of a container.

This will prevent potential damages and breakages that can occur if they bump into each other inside of the container. Another tip is to insert cardboard pieces between them as dividers. You can make dividers easily by cutting pieces of cardboard. You’ll only need to take some measurements to ensure your glasses fit inside and consider the size of your container.

Plates Should Be Placed Vertically

If you wonder how to prepare dishes for relocation, one of the key rules to follow is placing them vertically, instead of horizontally, one on top of the other. This is important because, even if you move locally, your vehicle could bump into something. Since even the slightest vibration can cause damage, the chances that all of your plates in one container will get damaged are higher if they are placed horizontally. If you’re moving with pets and want to avoid potential accidents, you should keep your pets in a separate room so they don’t get in the way of your helpers during the relocation process.

Be careful about plates position

#3 Put Heavy Objects at the Bottom

This rule is universally applicable no matter if we’re talking about inside of the container or inside of the moving truck. It is quite simple to achieve this – just think about the weight of your belongings, and make sure heavier ones are at the bottom, while lighter ones stay on top of them. For example, if you’re mixing large mugs with delicate champagne glasses, mugs go first, and champagne glasses go on top of them.

Once you start loading the truck, you should try to place containers containing delicate objects on top of other large and bulky objects. If you need to move a piano, ensure it doesn’t crush a box containing delicate objects. Also, make sure that labels are visible to movers so they can always know which containers they should handle with extra care.

Don’t Forget to Reinforce Each Box With a Tape

Another important tip to remember and put on your to-do list is to secure the bottom part of every cardboard container. As we mentioned earlier, they can be flimsy, but even if they are made of thick materials, it is important that you ensure they don’t open under pressure. Before putting anything inside, flip them around and tape their bottoms with wide and quality duct tape. Apart from doing this, you should also put a layer of cushioning material on the inside of the bottom instead of putting delicate objects on the cardboard directly.

Don’t miss out on taping the bottom of every box

#4 Ensure Everything Is Properly Labeled

When relocating delicate belongings, it is essential to ensure that boxes containing them are clearly labeled. One of the important rules when labeling is to rely on loud colors no matter if you’re writing with markers or taping some labels. Another thing to consider is the position of this label, it should be visible from more than one side.

You can also draw some instructions, for example, an arrow showing what side goes up, especially if you’re relocating television, for example. Your helpers should be aware of these instructions, so you don’t have to run around telling them what to do. This is also a chance that you’ll forget something important and miss out on some box that’s not clearly labeled.

Good labeling method is an essential part of every successful move

Hire Professional Movers in Sacramento for Help if You Don’t Know How to Pack Fragile Items

Once you find one of the best neighborhoods in Sacramento that’s perfect for your new home, it’s time to contact a reliable moving company in Sacramento. Professional Sacramento Movers is a highly-rated company in this area, so you won’t get disappointed if you decide to trust us with your valuable and delicate belongings. Apart from packing services, our company can also offer you an excellent commercial relocation service.

In case you struggle with other inventory and wonder how to pack books or anything else, our moving services in Sacramento might help you. Contact us today if you have any questions and book a convenient date for your local move. We can even offer you a free quote, so you’ll know our services’ potential price right away. Apart from this, we can assure you there won’t be any additional charges at the end of the process.

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