How to Pack a TV for Moving to a New Home in Sacramento

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Your relocation day is quickly approaching, and there are many tasks that you have to complete before Sacramento local movers come to load your items onto the truck. One of the difficult ones will be wrapping a flat-screen TV – do you know how to pack a TV for moving? If you have no clue how to approach this, you have come to the right place – we’ll explain everything you need to do in order to move your device safely.

How to move a TV without damaging this sensitive device? Even at first glance, you can see that a flat-screen can break easily – and the truck ride seems like an impossible thing for it to survive. However, if you know the basics of wrapping, nothing is impossible – we can teach you how to pack TVs for moving like a professional. You’ll see that it’s actually way easier than it seems. 

How to Pack a TV for Moving and Safely Transport It to Your New Place in Sacramento?

Even if your new Sacramento suburb is close to your old home, you will still have to wrap electronics properly so that they can arrive at their destination in one piece. A part of learning how to move efficiently is figuring out how to move fragile items such as this one. Don’t be worried about this task – it’s nothing that you should feel relocation stress over. Get yourself a nice cup of coffee, sit back, and relax. You will learn everything in no time, we can promise you that.

How Do Moving Companies Move TVs?

The short answer to this question would be – easily. Or, at least our Sacramento movers have no difficulties with the job in question. It’s something they do every day, and they are quite good at it. They use efficient techniques, and they are pretty careful with screens. Because packing computers is similar to wrapping TVs, and our teams often do commercial relocations, it’s no wonder that this is an effortless thing for them to do. 

Two movers in Sacramento lifting a TV
You can move a TV on your own, or you can book our Sacramento movers to handle it all

Which Supplies Do You Need for This Task? 

If you want to successfully move to the best neighborhood in Sacramento, buying proper supplies is an unavoidable part of your relocation to-do list. When transporting a television device, the safest way to move it is undoubtedly to pack it into its original box. However, most people don’t save this packaging after their purchase – if you are one of those, what will you do? 

Which Supplies Should You Use If You Don’t Have an Original Packaging?

Losing or throwing away an original box isn’t a big deal – you can still manage to move your precious device without breaking it, but you must gather the necessary supplies. Without them, the whole process is set to fail – and trust us, you wouldn’t want to add purchasing a TV to your relocation expenses checklist. The move is going to be pricey enough. Here’s what you should have by your side before you start wrapping the television:

  • Bubble wrap,
  • TV kit or a regular box,
  • Tape,
  • Twist ties,
  • Plastic bag,
  • Padding materials. 

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Do You Really Need a TV Kit? 

TV kits are pretty popular these days, which comes as no surprise, considering how practical they are. They contain everything you require for wrapping a device like a pro, but in all honesty – they aren’t mandatory. You can still pull off a local move with regular boxes and quality padding materials instead of the kit, but we must emphasize one thing. TV kits contain corner protectors, foam pieces adequately shaped to keep corners from scratches. If you don’t get the kit, make sure to find corner protectors at the very least – you can buy them in any supply store. 

Woman's hands holding a roll of a bubble packaging
Bubble wrapping is one of the essential supplies required for his task

How to Prepare the TV for Transport?

Whether your TV is being moved to another house or going to a storage facility for a while, you will have to prepare it for the journey. Before you start worrying that this will take a lot of your time, let us tell you that it’s a quick process. You’ll be done quickly, the TV will be packed soon after that, and you will be able to start wrapping dishes the same day. 

Unplug the Cables and Store Them Properly 

We can’t even say that this is a relocation hack – it’s more the question of common sense. Of course, you won’t move a device with a billion cables attached to it, but you might be so overwhelmed with the move that you’ll overlook them. It happens, so we thought it best to emphasize this. So, be sure to remove the cables and then secure them in place with twist ties. We suggest you transport them in plastic bags. Also, remember to label those bags, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the right cables once you start unpacking. Here’s a video that can help you organize your cables after you move to the safest neighborhood in Sacramento.

Be Sure to Remove the Legs or the Base of the TV 

The base and legs of the device will only make it harder to move. Not only will it be more difficult for wrapping, but it will also be prone to damage during the truck ride. You can avoid all the complications simply by detaching these parts – you will require a screwdriver and a product manual to do this. Luckily, this is way easier than disassembling furniture, but wrapping furniture for the move is a problem for another day. 

A black TV on the shelf, coffee table with someone's feet on it in front of the TV
If you want to continue watching your TV, you must prepare it for the move properly

Here’s How to Pack a Television for Moving the Right Way

Okay, you have finished the prep – but how do you pack a flat-screen TV for moving? We have finally arrived at the big question. This will be the right moment to entirely focus if you haven’t done so already. You wouldn’t want a lousy wrapping technique to cost you your device, right? Let’s handle this, so you can finally check wrapping TV off your packing list

This Packing Method Will Bring You the Best Results

Although you can approach this in many different ways, the tips we are about to share with you are the best ones. Most experts agree that this is the most efficient way to protect easily breakable screens from bumps on the road. The first step is protecting the corners – get those foam protectors we’ve mentioned above, and put them on the device’s corners. After that, cover the TV with bubble wrap on all sides so that it is fully protected. 

You can use as many layers as you want – the more, the merrier. Additional protection undoubtedly won’t hurt – you wouldn’t want to bother removing scratches from a TV after your move. Also, using pieces of tape to secure the bubble wrapping is a good idea. This method will ensure your device arrives at your house or storage facility intact.

A TV on the white shelf, a white wooden table in front of it, and a stool on both sides
With our tips, this beautiful device can arrive intact to your home

Do You Know How to Put the Device in the Package? 

After you have done everything according to our tips, the rest won’t be an issue. Luckily, placing the device inside the package is more straightforward than putting wrapped plates in boxes – that requires some skill, but lowering a TV in the package requires only your attention. You must be careful while doing this – the worst possible thing that can happen is you dropping the precious device. In that case, you can only hope that using bubble wrapping was enough to keep the TV intact. So, do your best to put down the TV slowly – let’s avoid the damage even before the relocation day, shall we? 

A Crucial Thing to Do After Your Television Is Safely Placed in the Package

Those who have to move in a hurry might overlook the last but not least important step, which is filling out the residual space in boxes. Using padding materials such as styrofoam peanuts is an absolute must. Without this crucial material, all your hard work can go down the drain. Even the most carefully wrapped devices can be damaged during transport if they have enough space to tumble around during the ride on the truck – not even the most professional Sacramento movers can prevent this from happening. This principle can apply to all items – from wrapped glasses to books or living room decorations. 

A TV on the white shelf, a plant in the white pot on the left
Carefully put the TV in the package, so it can continue to decorate your living room

How to Move a Flat-Screen TV Without a Box?

You might think that nothing can be safely moved without packages, but that isn’t the case. Although we wouldn’t recommend you doing this if you have other options, relocating a TV on its own is possible. Even though it seems more likely to move a piano without any help than a TV without packaging, we assure you that it can be done. 

How Can I Move My TV Without a Box?

So, what to do in case you have somehow forgotten to buy a TV kit? Bubble wrapping is the Holy Grail of relocating breakable items, so you will have to use it. We strongly advise you to purchase foam corner protectors – we’ve mentioned that you can find them in all standard supply stores. 

These were the exact steps you would complete if you had a package, but what will you do now? The solution is simple – cover the device with moving blankets, and tape them, so they don’t slip off during transport. After that, your work is done, and all you can do now is hope that your Sacramento movers will carefully load the TV onto the truck (spoiler alert – if they are from our company, they will). 

Black TV on the white shelf, two plant pots left of the TV, and a plant left of the shelf
Are you brave enough to move this device without carton packaging?

Can You Lay a TV Down When Moving?

This isn’t recommended – a professional mover would never position a packed device this way. If you lay the TV on the floor of the truck or some other package, it is pretty likely to be damaged, even if the ride to the house or storage is short. Avoid the horizontal placing by all means, and if you see Sacramento movers who put screens onto the truck this way, you might want to do a double-check on them. This basic mistake can distinguish between professionals and those who are a part of a relocation scam

Protect the Flat-Screen By Positioning It Correctly in the Truck 

Anyone who understands how relocations should be done will tell you that the only correct way to move a TV is to put it in the upright position, ideally between sturdy items such as sofas or armchairs. If you do that, you can be optimistic that your device won’t shift during transport, and it will arrive at your house in perfect condition. 

Two Sacramento movers loading packages onto the truck
Pros will know how to load the device onto the truck correctly

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