Tips and Tricks on How to Move Efficiently

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Relocating is a process that might look straightforward, but once you’re approaching it, answering the question of how to move efficiently might turn out to be a bit trickier than you initially thought. That’s why we are here to give you the best tips and tricks to make your relocation smooth sailing. We will guide you through the organization, boxing up and relocating, to turn even a sudden move into the most efficient and the least stressful endeavor.

How to Move Efficiently? Start by Learning a Few Moving Tips and Tricks Before the Big Day

Relocating entails a lot of mental space and brain power. If you are wondering what is the most efficient way to pack for a move, the chances are you are relocating for the first time. In order to avoid a common enemy known as relocation stress, the important first step is to educate yourself on how to prepare for the move and to do it in advance so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Ideally, you want to start slowly planning your relocation process two months in advance.

Starting promptly will allow you to decide if you will be packing and relocating on your own, with the help of friends and family, or if your relocation expenses checklist allows investing in Sacramento moving services. If you’re to decide on the latter, you can dedicate yourself to scouting moving companies in Sacramento, finding the best ones, and avoiding any relocation scams. These are all crucial steps that will lead you to a fun and stress-free going-away party days before relocating to your new home, rather than the nerve-wracking hurried boxing up process. Do not worry – since you are reading this article, the chances are that you are on the right track and have started informing yourself on schedule.

A woman planning on the computer
Begin learning about relocating your furniture and breakables in advance, so you aren’t stressed before the move

Obtain All the Necessary Supplies at the Very Beginning

Before you get to boxing up and packing, you’ll have to organize properly. We propose two crucial organizational steps – get a planner and create a few lists. Here is everything you should know and get to have your move down to a tea before the movers visit you.

For Proper Organization, Use a Moving Planner

Planners are truly one of the best inventions when it comes to drafting your relocation plan. It is much easier to have all your to-do lists, receipts, important phone numbers, and needed documents in one place than to chase them around the house. Trust us, when you get to the boxing up phase of the move, you will want to have all of this bundled together. Here is a pro tip: get yourself a planner with a binder incorporated. Once the planner is in front of you, begin organizing. Like the true organizing professionals we are, here’s our list of lists to begin your planning with.

  • Start with a relocation expenses checklist. As already mentioned, you have to know how big your relocation budget is, so you can know if you’re going to employ movers and what things you can afford to purchase.
  • A list of packing materials is crucial before boxing up. You will want to see what items you already have. Things like cardboard, containers, scissors, tape, markers are something you’ll definitely have in your home. Afterward, you’ll know which ones you will have to spend money on – probably things like wrapping paper and other cushioning materials.
  • A list of items you will donate or sell. Relocating is a perfect occasion for a declutter – and a lot of your furniture can be donated, decluttered, and given away. Be sure to list each of these categories in your planner.
  • A list of institutions you should notify about the move. You need to inform your creditors, banks, and the USPS about the move so that you get all of your receipts and mail to your new home once you move.
  • A relocation day checklist for the day of your move. When the big day comes, you do not want to forget about anything, so create a list of all your boxes and containers and check them off as the Sacramento moving services place them in the truck.
Two binders stacked on top of each other
Stay organized for your move with handy binders

Get Rid of Unnecessary Items Before You Begin Packing

The process of weighing out what you will be taking with you and what not needs to happen before you start boxing up. As we already emphasized, people don’t take all of their belongings with them. Relocating means starting a new chapter in your life, and when that translates to your possessions and furniture, it means that you will want to keep some but also make space for new stuff.

Begin the purging process by checking out which items movers won’t move, and start there. This includes fireworks, paint, pesticides as well some everyday things such as perishable foods, nail polish remover, plants, jewelry, personal documents, and batteries with acid. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should throw away your passport or your beloved Dracaena plant, but keep in mind what can’t be placed in the truck and must be taken by your personal vehicle to the new address.

A Farewell Party Can Be a Life Saver

If you intend on organizing a party to celebrate the change coming your way, this can be an excellent opportunity for a declutter. You can use your farewell fiesta for a declutter to see what furniture might be appealing to your guests and thus begin giving away stuff you don’t want to take. Give your loved ones the first pick among the unwanted things, and check out the video below on best tips on how to approach decluttering.

Ask for Help on Time

Apart from asking the internet how do you move efficiently, you can also ask around in your immediate social circles. If you have friends and family who recently went through a move, one of our tips is to ask them how they organized their move, what Sacramento moving companies they used, if they would recommend them, as well as what mistakes they made so that you can avoid them. They might know the best tricks for packing plates if they’ve done it not that long ago, and if that is not the case, check out our article on boxing up dishes.

Get Your Loved Ones Involved in the Move

While you are talking to your loved ones about the move, see if anyone would assist you with specifics around it, such as taking care of your pet while you relocate (since relocating with pets entails extra tendance), or if they could be around while you work on boxing up and relocating your piano and other bulkier items you might want help with.

We know that you are scattered and thinking about a million things, but if you plan on asking for assistance, do it sooner rather than later. We propose you inform your loved ones at least two weeks in advance. You want to give them enough notice so that they too can organize and take out the time from their busy schedules to help you out.

Two girls sitting on the floor, boxing up and laughing
Create memories while preparing to leave your old home

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Pack for Moving?

Now that you’ve decided on stuff you are taking and organized your budget, get to boxing up. When it comes to things like boxing up, you’re going to employ our guidance to make boxing up and unboxing easy, as well as the essentials bag trick to turn the first night at the new address into a true vacation.

Place the Least Used Things in Boxes First

You want to start by boxing up items you use rarely. If you have some things stocked in the attic or a different storage area, begin there. Then, move to other seasonal, decorative, and artistic items you don’t really use daily. If you are a bookworm with lots of reading materials, you will want to box up your books since they can take quite a bit of space. Leave out only the book you are currently reading. The same goes for things like CDs and vinyl.

Get to Packing, Room-by-Room

After you’ve packed all these and are left with those that you require daily, you will want to take care of every room, one by one. Leave a day for boxing up each room. Since the kitchen is the main space you can’t avoid using, place its content in boxes last. Even there, you want to box up fragile items such as champagne glasses and fine china first and leave out only those dishes and furniture you will need for everyday consumption.

Be sure to place the boxes with the things that are least necessary at the back of the relocation truck since you will want to have all your important containers the most accessible so that they can be unloaded first when they get to your new home.

Don’t Forget to Pack the Essentials Bag

You will want to bring an essentials bag with everything one might need for a trip of a few days. There you will box up toiletries, a change or two of clothes, medicine, chargers for your phone and laptop, and maybe that book you are currently invested in. Bedding should also be easily accessible. If it can’t fit into your essentials bag, you will want to take it in a separate backpack or pouch. The important thing is that you can make the bed for the first night easily, without unpacking all of your boxes.

A woman putting medicine in her suitcase
Use a suitcase to pack all your essentials

Wonder How to Move Efficiently? Not Without Labeling All of Your Boxes

You do not want to finish your move only to find yourself going through boxes for hours to find that one thing you need. That’s why one of the most important relocation hacks is to label your box as soon as you fill it up. It might seem tedious, but trust us, this step is super important.

Make sure to label every container on multiple sides that is – on top, and both on one short and one long side. When it comes to unloading boxes from the truck, it will be so much easier to place them in the right room on your first try. Take colorful markers and sticky notes that catch attention for labeling – you want your labels to be nice and visible because otherwise – what’s the use?

A person taping ''fragile'' on their carton
Write up ”fragile” on all cartons that contain breakable things to have them safely moved

How Do You Pack to Move in a Hurry?

How to efficiently pack to move when you’re running out of time? Okay, so we laid out boxing up tips and hacks for someone who has time, but if you don’t have two months to organize, just box up and move. Having to move in a hurry is not ideal, but it’s completely manageable and doable. You should follow the tips we already laid out with some modifications.

Organizing, in the beginning, is crucial to avoid running into problems later on. You also want to be sure none of your valuables will break, so wrapping and boxing up properly is a step you should take time for, no matter how little of it you have. If you have to sacrifice a step, let it be the step of sorting out and labeling. If on a tight schedule, do not worry about what item you will place where, as long as everything is nice and secure. You can deal with it later.

When one needs to ask how do you move efficiently on a tight schedule, the best advice actually is to delegate some tasks. Get your friends and family to assist you and also employ some Sacramento local movers – you’ll be happy you spent money on this, trust us. Getting assistance is crucial for a hurried move because to do the job properly in less time, you’ll have to have more people to compensate.

Worried girl surrounded by cardboard
Do not worry. You can still move in a hurry and avoid stress

How Can I Make Moving Easier? Hire Professional Sacramento Movers and Get the Right Assistance

Talking about assistance – a professional one is there for a reason. Relocating is a lot! You begin by scouting the best neighborhoods in Sacramento, saying goodbye to your last place, and then organizing a party, buying, boxing up, moving, unboxing. The process is much less burdensome if you hire a moving company in Sacramento you can trust, one that is already equipped and has much experience with efficient local relocation.

Apart from apartment relocation, we also provide commercial relocation services if you are relocating your business to a safer neighborhood in Sacramento. We offer packing services too, as well as labor-only services. If you require movers in Sacramento, CA, contact us for any questions and services you need, and we will happily be there for you both via both phone and email.

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